Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY Gathering @ Home

A small CNY gathering was held at our house and it was lovely that friends and relatives were able to come. It is good to jam up the house once a while with people making the home very “lau jua” and “ong” especially for this Year of de Ox.
A toss of "Yee Sang". And dinner is served..... Good old neighbour, Zelin with 2 beautiful daughters and her mum beside. Lee Siew Wah, Jan Chan with their mum. Patrick Lau & Family. Yeo & Kok Leong. Kids were having good time and still in holiday mood. Mahjong session in progress. People like Ung, Kok Leong, Siew Wah & myself at this table for drinks. Happy New Year.

Ong Ong Lai Lai for this Ngu Ni........

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friendship Rekindled - Hugh Yu-Soon Koh

On the 26 January 2009, I got a surprise email from a friend whom I first met in Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Kuala Lumpur in 1976. He is none other than Koh Yu Soon aka Hugh and is now residing in New York. Apparently he got my contact from the cyber world after much checking and surfing I guess. I have actually forgotten about this Yu Soon but now I am able to rekindle our friendship. Thanks to the power of INTERNET. The above is our Sixth Form class photo, he is seated on the 4th seat from the right.
And the best part of the story is that he married a girl from Lunas, a place in my younger years where I used to pass by on my way to school, Sultan Badlishah School, Kulim. Her name is Tan Phaik Lee, one year my junior and we have lots of common friends. These are photos they sent to me and I am blogging it.

Opening of Christmas presents at their home. Their lovely children. Somewhere in the city of New York.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good & Cheap Foods but Slow at Sg. Lalang, Kedah

After the short adventure @ the Tree Top Walk at Sungai Sedim, we headed towards Sungai Petani but not home yet. We went to Sungai Lalang for a dinner and a place very popular among the people in Sungai Petani called Lok Hiang. The place wasn't packed when we reached there but was fully packed after a while. It was a long wait for the food indeed nearly 1 ½ hours. I guess the other tables have pre-ordered and could come later when the foods were ready.This image can tell you the story, poor Jia Hui has lost his energy waiting. The kids were in the verge of bursting and patience were running thin but we persevered and went through the agony of the long wait. This restaurant in Bedong is also a meeting point for Hash House Harrier runners to drink & dine . A place if you got no time and patience, please stay away. Go somewhere else for your food. Yeaw Cha Koay with fish paste, Curry fish head. Sweet & sour pork ribs. Tofu with crab meat. Stir fried veges.

The last dish was steamed frog meat with 's Essence ofChicken (sorry, didnot take image of it). All these dishes for RM89.00 excluding drinks. What do you think??

The Tree Top Walk – Sungai Sedim, Kedah

I bet there are a lot of Malaysians including those residing in the northern states do not know of this wonderful place. Malaysia is full of natural attractions and this is one of the many we have. This one at Sungai Sedim, Kedah.
Extract from the website
“The frothy fast flowing rapids at Sedim River Recreation Park near Karangan, 30km from Kulim,
is a great eco-tourism draw for stressed-out minds and tired bodies. Picnicking is a popular family activity here as the recreational park has basic infrastructure and facilities such as chalets, changing
Rooms, public toilets and food stalls. Adventurous visitors can test their endurance by taking on the rapids with rafting, kayaking or canoeing while the less daring can opt for soft adventure activities like bird watching.” Images from the top of the trees... All kind of tropical trees found here. The highest level is here @26 metres from ground level. After the walk, it's time to take a super cool dip at the stream here, the water is extremely clear.

It took us slightly more than 1 hour from Sungai Petani to reach Sungai Sedim. The Tree Top Walk closes at 5.30pm. Actually, we were not allowed to enter as we were there 15 minutes before closing. But we appealled and told the nice guy that we were from Kuala Lumpur and if he does not allow us to go in we do not know when will be the next time we will come again. Thank you bro....