Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Travelling to Penang by Way of a Bus & Bicycles

For once I decided not to drive back to Penang but instead we boarded a coach together with our bicycles. We cycled from home to Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang to catch the bus and little did we know that we have to pay additional charges for the bicycles. It was RM20.00 for a bicycle. If I were to have bagged the bikes I could probably have save the additional charges. A lesson learned indeed.
On the hindsight our bikes were placed at the lounge at the lower deck of the coach.
We reached Queensbay Mall about 1pm the bicycle lane is just situated less than 200 metres from the shopping mall, immediately we set up our bikes and proceeded with our ride back to mum's place.
We have rode at this bicycle lane before and we quite like it with its heavy landscaping and canopying trees despite it was a hot day.
The beautiful sight of Penang Bridge from the underneath of it.
We noted the State has rectified some of the obstructions which we encountered previously.
The bridge over Sg. Pinang as usual standing proudly and welcoming us to Georgetown.
We were hungry and decided to eat at these stall behind Gama Departmental Store (Jalan Trang).
A fried Char Kuay Teow & Prawn Mee (or known as Hokkien Mee in Penang). After the makan, I decided to aviod using Jalan Dato Keramat to Farlim as Jo might be frighten by the traffic.
We found our way to Jalan Sg. Pinang via Jalan Sungai into Jalan Perak and out to the main road via Jalan Lim Lean Teng. Immediately crossing the intersection we turn into Jalan Grove after the State Mosque for Lorong Batu Lancang and finally Thean Tiek Expressway with a climb at Farlim. Well done Jo, you have done it! 
The journey from Queensbay Mall to Farlim was about 22km. Click at the link for details of the route we took.
Tomorrow will be another interesting day cycling and food hunting at downtown Georgetown.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Eat Mor Paradise Damansara Utama

Used to be known as Mo Mo Paradise now it is called EatMor Paradise. It looks like an aquarium from the outside and located at the first floor of the building. Here we were our entire team for this steamboat buffet adventure. It was crowded and fortunately we were able to get a table when we came in.
For RM37.50 eat all you can but please do not waste food. Thanks to Xiang for the 4 free vouchers and introducing this eatery place to us.
At the centre food counter.
Beef and pork slices for the steamboat.
I find that the the prawns were reasonably fresh but not so for the sotong and bamboo clams.
Everyone's favourite the BBQ Thai pork.
We took the chance to have different type of soups such as clear soup, chicken soup, herbal and tomyam.
From shell food to vegetables.
Two sticks of satay and pressed meat bakkwa in the middle.
Fried chicken wings.
BBQ Taiwanese sausage.
Pork rice from the BBQ corner.
The various BBQ dishes to try with serving under strict control. Just by placing your clips here and the BBQ will be served to you.
After a satisfying meal of Taiwanese steamboat buffet though the freshness of certain food was not really good. I like the many type of sauces, topping of chopped spring onions, parsley and fried shallot. At the end we finished our dinner with some nice cold ice cream.
EatMor Paradise
36A & 38A, Jalan SS21/62
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03- 7733 9033/ 012- 201 2124
GPS : 3.132401, 101.622876

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Freak Accident As I was Going Back Home One Day

One for my personal record. It was 30 January 2015, the time was around 6 something in the evening as I was going home from Senawang suddenly I could only see whiteness it came so fast and I could feel the car being halted. I was totally out of control of my car. A huge branch had felled onto it and it went through the wind screen.
The fell could have been worst if it were to fall on top of my head. Anyway that's my fate either it's lucky or unlucky but I am still alive. The air bag activated, the door at the driver side could not be opened and the wind screen was badly shattered.
I managed to get out from the car and rested at the road side by then there were many people at the scene. Many offered to help just like typical Malaysians. I wish to thank my neighbour Dato Sharuddin who actually witnessed the entire accident as he was following behind me. The only thing I disliked here was the harassment from a guy on tow service. In fact I had an issue of payment after I was discharged from the hospital.
I was then taken to a hospital by a Government ambulance, initially the ambulance wanted to bring me to General Hospital but it ended up at Geangle Hospital because of the massive traffic jam at Jalan Jelatek. I remembered Jo followed me in the ambulance and it was my first experience in an ambulance with the sound of siren blasting all the way to Gleangle.
And my first time admitting into a hospital in my 57 years. You have to leave your fate to the hospital, the clearing of broken glasses from my face and body and the immediate stitches at the corner of my eye. The hospital staff keep on telling me not to worry. After a scan, the MRI showed that I had a broken nose on the upper part.
I spent the next five days recuperating in the hospital with a broken nose fixed. I was in the operation room for an hour and so happened the anaesthetist was Dr. Teoh staying in the same neighbourhood too. Thanks Doc for comforting me.     
2015 wasn't a good year for me, after a few weeks after discharged I was admitted again to the same place for dengue, there goes my 2015 Chinese New Year celebration.

Monday, December 21, 2015

JKSB Ride 2015 - Second Penang Bridge Ride II Here I Come Again

I am back. This is the second time that such an event has been created for cyclists to experience riding on this bridge known as Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah for a good charitable cause. The registration fee was RM95.00 where we get a chance to cycle and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the bridge.
We arrived at Batu Kawan Stadium about 6.30am, parked my sister's car at the car park. I realised the crowd was not as good as the first ride.
There were only two stalls opened for business at the time we were looking for food, I enjoyed the nasi lemak bungkus and it was my energy pack for the morning. I had the opportunity to meet a couple of friends at the stalls but like I said not as many as the previous event.
From the stadium we rode about 5km to the starting point which was at the toll plaza of the bridge.
The flag off time was near 8.00am and off we went a sea of red and white streaming through the deserted bridge for the next three hours.
There were all kind of riders young and old, from road bikes to folding bikes some were too eager to ride and they do it dangerously in such a crowded situation.
There were bounds to have falling riders and I saw a few accidents but nothing serious.
Many stopped near or at the cable stayed bridge section for photo session. The weather continued to be in a superb condition, thank God for that.
The route was similar to last year it does not reach the island, a U turn at after the cable stayed bridge. The home ride direction is facing the sun.
Of course we took our time with a few photo shooting and selfies. We met more friends as we slowly moved back. I guess Jo must have enjoyed her first ride here and this was her first ever cycling medal collected.
The sun started to scorch as we pedaled back to the stadium.
Back to the stadium where we collected the medal, sausage buns and a bottle of mineral water. Some lucky ones went back home with nice bicycles during the lucky draws. I hope the organisers will buckle up if they intend to continue to organise this event again as too much have been said about their poor handling on both the two events. All the best and I hope there will be another ride on this bridge again especially it would be interesting for those who have not try it before.
It's time to go back to Kuala Lumpur but this time we went back with Aeroline coach.

Friday, December 18, 2015

One Day in Pulau Sapi Not too Far From the Coast of Kota Kinabalu

After our morning adventure to Kuo Man Restaurant at Sunny Garden and visiting the wet market at the waterfront we headed back to the hostel. Baki had a plan to bring us to the islands not too far from downtown Kota Kinabalu.
We took a slow stroll to Jesselton Point, ferry terminal where you could go as far as Labuan, Brunei and the many islands off the coast of KK waterfront.
There are several companies providing ferry services, we decided not to do any island hopping but just to visit only one island and that was Pulau Sapi.
The boat fee included life jacket and snorkeling gears. Here we were boarding into a boat to Pulau Sapi.
Though the weather was hot but with the boat travelling so fast we were enjoying the strong wind tearing our faces. By the way the boat has to be well balanced with right positioning of us by the boatman before he hits the throttle.
Pulau Sapi is one of the five islands that made up Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park with the others namely Gaya, Manukan, Sulug and Mamutik.
The ride took about 20 minutes and I was amazed by the clearness of the water for a spot so near the coast of Kota Kinabalu where you need not have to travel far to witness a crystal cleat sea water and enjoy water activities. The place is surely popular and crowded.
One for the album at Pulau Sapi, Sabah.
The spot we chose to laze and enjoy the afternoon at the beach side of Pulau Sapi.
It has a clean and beautiful beach and due to its closeness to KK it is always crowded, I reckon it will be fun if we were to visit this island during non peak season.
Our Chef Jason cooking seafood spaghetti for us. He can really cook and we were absolutely impressed by him.
Our wonderful and delicious dinner at the hostel. The wine went very well with the seafood.
Crabs cooked by Baki another great food on the table. We love it and it was definitely a better meal than Welcome Restaurant. What a lovely home cook food which we enjoyed it so much.