Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Ride to Bukit Jugra from Kota Kemuning - (My 2nd Time)

First and foremost I would like to thank Andrew Ng for allowing me to join this ride, as usual I love to cycle a longer distance during the weekends. It is quite a distance to travel to Kota Kemuning from my house but nevertheless it wasn't a problem going there by car early in the morning. So the thirteen of us gathered and ready for Bukit Jugra.
The last time I did to Jugra was nearly 2 years ago and the whole ride was about 136 km (the longest ride ever and only after my third month of cycling craze), my butt was really sore. It was organised by SK Yeong. See here for the posting
From Kota Kemuning we went through Bukit Rimau to Jalan Kebun.
The traffic was relatively friendly which I enjoyed the serene kampong scenery.
After pedalling for about 22 km we reached a town called Jenjarom where we were scheduled for a breakfast.
Jenjarom was originally a New Village set up in the 50's during the Malayan Emergency to segregate the Chinese villagers from the Communist insurgents.
Some of the old buildings are still around and they are really pretty.
Approaching a temple in Jenjarom for our breakfast.
The aliens have landed with helmets & masks as if we were going to conquer Jenjarom.
Hawkering under the Opera Stage. This guy sells pork porridge.
Most of the people here speak Hokkien and Mandarin.
After a good refuel we continued our journey.
The famous Banting Bridge that joins to Teluk Datuk.
Immediately after mounting and crossing the bridge we were at Banting town where the famous Sidek brothers (National badminton players) are from.
The quiet road leading to Bukit Jugra and we could see the hill getting bigger and bigger as we ride on.
We were too early for our lunch appointment...yes Andrew has made reservation and booking for the famous Beggars's chicken hence we made our way to Cockle Hill. 
The 3 recumbent riders are cool and stylish with prominent Malaysian flags flying as we ride to our destination. They really made heads turn as we passed by towns and villages. 
This structural was the former Kuala Langat District Office next to a Chinese cemetery during the Colonial days.
A friend told us that the climb is about 200 metres to the peak but I think it's nearly 1,000 metres leh... and with an average gradient of 10% at least .... dismount, push & stop for breath was the way we went up.
The stopping and resting as we ascend to the top....
At last I made to the peak. That's light house on top of the Cockle Hill.
Look ...... it's so beautiful!!!!
It's really beautiful overlooking at Sg.Langat flowing out into the Straits of Malacca.
Obviously I was feeling at top of the world with the wind blowing against me.
These two master para-gliders getting a feel of the wind before they fly.
Master no.1 getting ready to take off .... we were offered RM150.00 to fly tandem none of us has the gut to do so.
Tuning and balancing the glide before the take off.
Off he went soaring like an eagle ... so nice....
Master No.2 followed suit ..... they are really good leh.
Time to roll down the hill and head for the Beggars' chicken.
The famous Beggars's Chicken at Bukit Jugra ..... you just cannot walk in and eat the chicken you need to pre order.
The main objective of the ride was to savour the food here and a good reason to cycle miles for it.
 Some of the shots at the restaurant. It was a heavy lunch and with the beers I was already feeling sleepy how I wish there was a support vehicle to bring me back home.

Somewhere after Banting the rain came fortunately we managed to find a shelter.
Though it was a wet ride back but fun.
I  just realised  from this ride that Selangor do produces delicious pineapples, we had it at the restaurant and over here we were buying some back. It was a great ride with a total distant of 94 km clocked and a good hitch biking on a wonderful Sunday. Cheers!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tour of South Thailand III - Day 5 (16/04) Sathing Phra to Songkhla

Songkhla here we come... a name I have heard before but never have been there.
All packed and ready to go to the next town.
For the first time kilometere after kilometre there was no sign of food stall and the stomach started to make funny noises inside.
We found food!!! unfortunately but we are not crossing over the busy highway....
and the hunt continued.....
At last we saw light after taking a detour towards the coast and the smell of food got stronger.. 
Yes!!! a warung selling Muslim food and everything looks so delicious.

This sour Thai curry Kaeng Som with fish was so appealing just couldn't wait to eat it.
At last my rice with awesome kaeng som, how I wish I could have another serving after looking at it again from my computer. 
We also tried the food on the tables and as neighbour we can easily adapt to their taste.
The people are so friendly and there was this guy who understand a bit of Malay helped us in our food order.
I met a future Muay Thai Champion and hope that he will remember me when he is famous.
Roger is a regular visitor to temples in Thailand.
Another 29 to go.
I enjoyed the ferry ride to the Southern Songkhla
It was a short 15 minutes ride and free of charge for bicycles.
A dedicated bicycle lane near Songkhla Ferry Port.
Samila Beach. We could not gain from here as it was closed due to Songkran celebration.
The body of the huge green dragon at one of the corner of the beach.
We were part of the traffic at the city of Songkhla.
Another good place for lunch recommended by Roger.
This lodging was the best among all the previous ones, relatively newer, cleaner and with good air conditioning. A while later, 4 of us went for massage at a place nearby.

Both of us were like dead men so tired and snoring in a symphonic manner as witnessed by Andrew. This place does not look like a massage parlour more of a traditional medical outlet.
Moving around the corners of Chinatown.
A newly constructed statue (maybe temporary) of the famous monk by the name of Luang Pu Tuad sited just next the the Dragon Head.
The green dragon head situated at the estuary of Songkhla Lake built in 2007.
A simple street dinner after our roaming in the city.
That's all folks from Songkhla, tomorrow is Hatyai.