Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner No.1 @ Number One Seafood Restaurant, Sainamyen Centre, Patong, Phuket

Dinner at Number One Seafood Restaurant located just next to where we were staying... A evening treat of Thai seafood and it was a good dinner with a second bottle of whiskey perfectly paired for it.

The pricing was reasonable and most importantly the food was delicious everyone enjoyed the meal.

A little bit of minced meat with chopped long beans, a Thai soup called Tom Yam… & Fried Thai Koay Teow “Pad Thai”

Steamed crabs were gorgeous and the roe was beyond words. So was the Mussels with basil leaves, poached cockles, BBQ squids and Deep fried Siakap fish.

Green dishes of Morning Glory (Kangkong), Mixed Vegetables and lovely Thai salad Som Tum.
All of these dishes for about 2,700 baht.
Number One Seafood Restaurant
Sainamyen Centre
GPS : 7.896606,98.300549

Bel Aire Resort, Patong, Phuket

We checked in to a Hotel at Patong (Bel Aire Resort, Sai Nam Yen Road) and found out that we will be staying at a noisy neighbourhood particularly during the night time.

It is annexed to a place with many bars for party goers. We were in for loud and noisy nights and for 3 nights. Anyway, we started our party with our 1st bottle of whiskey outside our rooms overlooking the party spot at the common corridor. It was a hot and humid day indeed in Patong.

After the bottle of whiskey we were here for foot reflexology.

Bel Aire Resort, Phuket
59/1-3 Sainamyen Road,
Patong, Kathu Phuket
Tel: 66 7629 6600 Fax: 66 7629 6678
Email: booking@belairepatong.com

GPS : 7.896779,98.30034

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lieong Kee Bae Good Teh @ Jalan Development, Taman Kepong, KL

This must be the most unique way of spelling Bak Kut Teh and I think it is the only one with such a spelling "Bae Good Teh".

The place is popular and of course the Bak Kut Teh is fabulous.

It was our breakfast of a great BKT before we leave for a golf holiday in Phuket. “Sang Poh” a pot of freshly cooked BKT with fresh pork ribs, fresh slices of pork belly and lots of garlic. The soup is of a lighter colour and I love it very much. A lot of parleys were added in to enhance the flavour.

Loh Bak KutTeh is a dark sauce version with braised pork knuckle and dry soya bean sticks. That was also equally delicious.
It was a fantastic breakfast in Taman Kepong before we leave town for a break.
Restoran Lieong Kee Bae Good Teh 良记肉骨茶(早夜市)
19, Jalan Development
Taman Kepong,

52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Ah Lieong 亚良
Tel: 03-6275 0102, 012-970 2946

GPS : 3.211823,101.632859

Day One in Phuket...& the jOurney Continues

Here we come, P H U K E T......

And safely we were at Phuket International Airport.

We were ready to challenge the golf courses of Phuket but not on the 1st day.

The Yellow Shirts and the Red Shirts were in confrontation in Bangkok but not in Phuket, it was peaceful. Our stomachs were growling for food we want food before we reach our hotel.
Let the food adventure begins on the 1st day in Phuket and we were at this Phuket Fish Ball Stall.

This is the menu seen at the wall of the shop.

A standard serivce of a bowl of Fish ball Noodle. It his only a small portion of noodle in the bowl.
The bowl of fish ball noodle added with dried fish skin. Something likes the keropok or crackers interesting and edible.

Out of curiosity and “Tham Jiak” we went over to the shop opposite the road for further adventure and we found beef & pork soup sold there. These are the interesting ingredients on the severy counter.....

We sampled both their food and found it to be satisfying.

Bye bye to Mr. Beef Man and off we went to check in to our temporary accommodation at Patong.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Taiwanese Porridge Lunch @ Johor Bahru

A day trip to Johor Baru with 2 of my partners and one of them suggested porridge for lunch. It sounded good for me as I always love porridge. It got to be my thick Teochew blood in me. Teochew Nang always love porridge. A striking big word “Bubur” can be seen up at front of the shop which means porridge in our Malaysia Language.

Apparently there are a few of this porridge outlet “Goh Zha Lang Taiwan Porridge” in Johor Baru, and we found this one at Taman Sentosa.

Fried Pork Intestine – I would prefer the Teochew braised type in lieu of this. It does not have the crispiness for being a fried dish and have a slight negative odour. But the Braised Bean Curd with Gourd in a claypot was delicious with a bit of small dry shrimps in it.
Sweet Potato Porridge was lovely, I have not taken it for a long while and this was definitely gorgeous. Simple yet wonderful in fact I went for a refill and it is F.O.C. for refill.

Long Beans fried with Belacan was simple but gorgeous especially eating it with a bowl of plain porridge.
Chai-Poh Omelette – it was just okay nothing to shout about as the ingredient like the preserved vegetable or known as Chai Poh was insufficient.

Fried Pork Rib in smaller sizes was not that appealing at all. But the Braised Bean Curd with Gourd in a claypot was delicious with a bit of small dry shrimps in it.

Goh Zha Lang Restoran Taiwan
125, Jalan Sutera,
Taman Sentosa,
Johor Bahru.
Tel: 607 334 4526
GPS : 1.493419,103.770952