Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mixed Pork Soup @ Sg. Way Village

I have wanted to track down this stall for a long time and I had the chance to do so today more over it is a holiday for the state of Selangor.It was a late breakfast for Jo, father in-law & my self.

First impression of the place was not too good; it is a dull looking coffee shop and insufficient lighting in the inside.

Jo ordered the food while I was looking for a car park.
We shared a plate of char kuey teow to start with, followed by the highlight of this venture. A bowl of mixed pork soup each, a bowl of black soya sauce pig trotter.

We took yam rice to go with the dishes. We were very pleased with the mixed pork soup, very tasty.

The soup is clear and peppery where different porky parts can be found in the soup such as lean meat, liver, pork belly, kidney, meat balls, intestines, tongue and salted vegetable.
This place is located at a "T" junction of Jalan 9A/2 and Jalan 9A/9 .
There is a Chinese temple at this junction. The stall is closed on Monday. Happy porky hunting.

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