Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bonda Thai Food Centre @ FRIM, Kepong

It was after a site meeting, everyone was hungry and a suggestion to visit a Thai Restaurant at Kepong. And here we were at Bonda Thai Foodcentre, Taman Daya (Kepong).

While waiting for the food to come we tried the mixed fruits with assam sauce. It was sourish but sweet yet very appetizing. I like it very much.

Nothing fancy just a simple stir fried Kailan Veggie.
Egg Omelet – everyone loves to eat this without fear and worry.

Steamed Fish (Kengsom)– A Thai version of assam pedas spicy, sourish & tangy. I enjoyed the gravy and the pineapples.

Kerabu perut – You either like it or you just stay away from it. It was a sourish salad with poached cow’s stomach.

Steam fish with lime with copped garlic was another delicious Thai cuisine.

And a commonly seen Tomyam soup with mixed ingredients – spicy & good.

Bonda Thai Foodcentre

Jalan Ehsan Utama

Taman Daya

Kuala Lumpur

(In between a secondary school & a Chinese Temple)
GPS : 3.226354,101.635777

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