Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pun Choy @ Jeff Lee's Kitchen, Sungai Buloh

Fresh strawberries as appetizer from Cameron Highlands. Thanks to Evelyn.

Various sauces for a meal of Pun Choy.

A long wait for our Pun Choy, any further delay would create revolution here.....

At last the long awaited Pun Choy came and the hungry patrons just couldn't wait to lay their hands on the food. Just cannot blame us it was 9:22pm and too late for a dinner.

It was a good experience of Pun Choy for many of us. There were many meats found in this clay pot. During the Song Dynasty wooden wash basins were used instead of clay pots. And it was during the war with the Mongols somewhere in Hong Kong where containers were scarce and had to be placed in a single wooden wash basin. The best available meat stuffs were collected and cooked by the people for the Emperor and his army.

Paku Choy salad was fantastic crunchy & tasty.

Jeff's porridge is the best especially the mixed pork porridge.

Bitter gourd stir fried with salted was enticing but sinful.

Jeff Lee’s signature noodle with minced meat 

HaPpY hApPy dining though it was a long wait..........

Jeff Lee’s Kitchen
Lot 4133, Jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kg. Baru Sg. Buloh,
GPS : 3.197378,101.569306


foodbin said...

how much for the Pun choy ?

Tailim said...

foodbin - RM208.00