Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ah Mui Have Shifted from Kepong Baru to Taman Kepong

The Hakka Mui's Tai Chow  has moved from Yew Lee Coffee Shop, Kepong Baru to this place.
My previous posting of this Hakka Mui's cooking can be seen here.

A simple white Tofu with golden fried shallot, spring onions and soy sauce.
Our favourite deep fried Mak Yeaw Yee with brinjal, dried tofu, spring onions and delicious gravy over it.
Vinegar pork trotter one of her delicious Hakka delicacies.
Four Heavenly King veggies of petai, long beans, brinjal and minced meal, another gorgeous fried.
And finally a slice of papaya to complete the lunch.

Ah Mui's Tai Chow
Furniture Mall
Jalan Utara
Taman kepong
GPS : 3.208064,101.640073

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