Friday, October 14, 2011

Restoran Tai Soon Curry House - Sg Buloh New Village

Restoran Tai Soon Curry House is new to me and their specialties are curry fish head, free range chicken and roast goose. Located in isolation but worth the while to try this hideout.
In this Chinese village at Sg. Buloh everything is moving fast, eating places are sprouting evertwhere besides seeing many new factories and redevelopment here.
Soy sauce Pork belly with sinful succulent fat .....
Fried dumpling (Man Tou) for the soy sauce pork belly.
Paku vegetable stir fried with belacan (prawn paste).
The fried rice was perfectly fried not oily and the rice was grainy with generous amount of ingredients.
Stir fried fish head - great taste with the right saltiness and it went well with our rice.
Next time I want to try these roast ducks or maybe roast goose (pre-order required) and also the curry fish head as seen at the shop's sign board.

Restoran Tai Soon Curry House
434, Jalan Taiping
Kg. Baru Sg. Buloh
hp : 012-215-3488 (Kong)
GPS : 3.194673,101.562578

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