Friday, August 15, 2014

Restoran Thong Kee 棠记大饭店 SEA Park Petaling Jaya

When it comes to weekends and time to have dinner with the in-laws there will be always a slight hassle as where to eat. I have missed several occasions coming to Restoran Thong Kee with them but nevertheless I made it this time.
The dishes were served pretty fast which started with a vinegar pork trotter. The taste was good and I enjoyed the kick from the vinegar taste.
Clay pot curry veggie with lots of tau pok in it. Very green but awesomely delicious with a nice curry aroma to entice you.
Home made tofu soft and good.
A clay pot of herbal chicken with a generous amount of soup. It was like having a Chick Kut Teh. Some might not like it as the herbal taste is quite distinguish. Personally I like it. 
Hakka braised pork belly, Mui Choy Kau Yuk not too big a serving but just enough for everyone.
This was the highlight of all the dishes on the table, a plain steamed fish head with Lala clams, prawns and squids in it. I like it very much and of course it was yummy!!!
The patronage have been good and definitely it's worth a try if you are not too far from this place. The landmark nearest to it is an old cinema called Ruby.

Restoran Thong Kee 棠记大饭店

33 Jalan 21/21, 

Sea Park, 
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03 7874 2444

GPS : 3.108309, 101.622745


UnkaLeong said...

They are famous for their "pai Kuat Wong" Do give it a go the next time you visit.

Tailim said...

UnkaLeong, thanks I will try it next time. Cheers.