Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let's Cycle 2 - Day 5 - Sauk - Tasik Raban - Kuala Sepetang

Good morning Kamo Home, the air at Sauk was fresh and a good start for Day 5. 
I had a good sleep and woke early to enjoy the morning of Sauk.
The camera was ready to roll as we set ourselves for a ride to Tasik Raban.
It's my first time that I heard of Tasik Raban. Wow I was going to visit it and how wonderful I am cycling to the lake.
The quiet morning ride to the lake passing by places like Kg. Jenalik and Kuak. I like the smell and sound of the refreshing environment.
Tasik Raban is a popular natural lake in Perak consisting of several connecting water bodies and surrounded by pristine rainforest. This scenic area is an angler's paradise and it also supports small freshwater fish farming. 
Kamo briefing us about the jewel of Tasik Raban and it is truly a hidden treasure.
Tasik Raban also offers outdoor trails into the rainforest. They have one day trail or 3day/2nights adventure in the forest.
We were told that this primary school has the most scenic view in the country located just next to the beautiful lake.
Tasik Raban is about 200-odd kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. You can take the North-South Expressway (PLUS), exit at Kuala Kangsar and drive towards Gerik. Or you can cycle there but it will take a couple of days to reach.....
We forgot it was Ramadan, we were supposed to eat the roti canai here but we have to wait for a next time. Thank goodness the crew went out to pack some food for us before our boat ride.
I love water related activity and boating is one of them.
I think Tasik Raban needs a lot of publicity for its ecotourism in this country. It has a lot to offer and more can be done to promote it.
Raja Muda Nazrin Bridge (also known as Tasik Raban Bridge) over Raban Lake as part of Lenggong - Sauk  Bypass. Lenggong is an nice engineering structure across the lake.
We were on a small boat not fishing but enjoying the scenery of this beautiful lake. White birds were seen resting on tree tops and occasionally they fly in group.
The professional at work on a separate boat.
There are lot of fresh water fishes in Raban Lake and here we were visiting one of the freshwater fish farms.
Tilapia fish farming is one of the popular freshwater fish farms found here..
It's back to Kamo Home for a rest before visiting an Uncle's home in the village.
A man who gave up his hobby in fishing (due to scary story he had heard) and he is back to something he loves most and that is timber joinery. We paid him a visit at his home.
He collects driftwood of all kinds and make them into interesting parts of furniture, many of his tools are conventional and some he impoverished himself. My admiration to this man in Sauk.
We have to leave Kamo Home and made some marks on the board at Kamo Home. It has been a nice visit to this amazing place. I think I should get my family here for them to experience a stay in Akong's home.
Bye bye No.7 Kamo Home I hope one day I will visit you again. All the best and continue the good work.
Finally we were at Kuala Sepetang for the evening and we were required to attend a night class before we can enjoy our dinner. 
A good fun at a "Mind Your language" class at Port Weld. A class for the local folks to learn English. Well done Kuala Sepetang.

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