Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Restoran Paramount SengFatt for a Nice Tai Chow

Restoran SengFatt is located in Paramount Garden and it is an end lot with a lane by the side along Jalan 20/22. The crowd on a Saturday night seems encouraging and I reckon the food must be good and it has been at this place for quite sometime. I was impressed with its cleanliness though it is an old shop.
Claypot Tofu with lean meat, fish cake, pea, mushroom, a simple dish that everyone can eat especially the small kids.
This soy sauce chicken was everyone's favourite, the meat was tender, juicy and most importantly it was delicious.
La La clams in soup version instead of having it "kam heong" fried for a change.
Fried brinjal was the most interesting and everyone love this classically cooked dish. It was not oily and the taste was fabulous.
There is one dish that is popular here in Sengfatt and it is their clay pot fish, you can choose song yee, tilapia, or grouper. We tried the grouper, the broth was unique, spicy and tasty.
Nam Yee 南乳 deep fried pork a fermented red bean curd flavoured meat nicely sliced, slightly pungent but interesting to eat.
Restaurant Paramount Seng Fatt
23, Jalan 20/16
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS : 3.107252, 101.6240

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