Friday, December 11, 2015

Melanian Pork Noodle 金沙园生肉面 at Kedai Kopi Melanian

One of our mornings in Kota Kinabalu somewhere near Borneo Backpackers Hostel we found Kedai Kopi Melanian that sells Sang Yuk Mien (pork noodle) and it is Sabah version for sure. There are three branches of Melanian Coffee Shop in Sabah, this one is at Jalan Pantai is the original shop.
Here we have a cheerful helper at the severy counter where you could see the many type of ingredients of a pig such as lean meat, liver, kidney and intestines
My corner my share of Melanian pork noodle, the soup is clear with Yong Tau Foo & braised chicken as side orders.
Jumbo meat balls another side order for the morning.
My younger friend has the luxury to have his with pork liver.
A mixture of meat balls, lean meat and veggies with super clear soup.
The carboh of the morning - kon loh kuay teow
Or you can have it with bihun also in dry version (kon loh).
The braised Hakka Tofu stuffed with minced meat with a piece of fish maw.
And the braised chicken feet to kill our curiosity.
My happy cycling friends having their meals with full satisfaction.
Kedai Kopi Melanian 
No. 34, Ground Floor, Jalan Pantai,

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
GPS : 5.984270, 116.076418
+6016 829 8668 (Poh)
+6012 838 2888 (Oi Yee)
+6012 803 3387 (Fui)

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