Sunday, May 23, 2021

My Share of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery - CABG X3

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic I have to be admitted 2 nights earlier before the surgery which one has to undergo a swab test for Covid-19. The date of admission into IJN was 06 August 2020 and the actual date for the open heart operation was 08 August 2020.

It was a triple bypass grafting surgery where veins from my right leg will be taken for grafting for the creation of "highways" to bypass the 3 severe blockages.

06 October 2020
Jo and Zu Yi accompanied me to the hospital and both enjoyed their O'Briens' breakfast at the small sixth floor.

The spacious room with good window view. There is spare bed for one who wishes to stay and accompany the patient hidden in the wardrobe.

Sometime in the afternoon I was ushered to a room for the Covid-19 swab test. The result came later in the night and it was negative. Which mean, I was allowed to proceed with the surgery. 
My lunch and dinner prepared by IJN nutritionists and a variety of choices that you could pick from the daily menu.
Wearing a sarong is not a common practice for me but it was necessary in the hospital. Anyway I adapted it well.

07 October 2020
Good morning and breakfast is served.

Without realising the time lunch was served. 

Next I knew was part of my body had to be shaved, ensure my bowel are cleared and no more intake of solid food before the operation. Antiseptic body wash and mouthwash were used during the shower in the evening.

Physiotherapist came and briefed on the do and don'ts that I had to observed after the operation. A blowing apparatus was furnished called spirometer, this is an important apparatus as far as life is concerned. The patient needs to suck in air as much as possible and the purpose is to build back the lung function. A bench mark was set as to what level to reach and the no. of time required to execute this exercise daily.

The chest before incision.

Looking relaxed and ready for tomorrow's big day.

My loving wife spending the night with me, giving me strength and comforting me as much as possible. Frankly speaking I was prepared for the entire procedure. I was told that I will be the second patient in line into the operation theatre. By the way my surgeon is Mr. Pau, a senior and very experienced surgeon in IJN but kind of strict too.

08 October 2020
One by one my loved ones took their turns to visit me before the operation as only one visitor is allowed at a time.

I was all ready for the op, waiting patiently to be called and it should be around noon time.

Then the nurse alerted me to standby at around 1pm but there was a delay. I put on the surgical cap, seated and waiting again..... We were told that the first operation has encountered a complication and the surgeon had to take a longer time to work on it. Me & Jo were worried on the delay and also worry the Mr.Pau might be stressed out from the first operation.

Finally around 2.30pm the stretcher came and it was time to go into the theatre. I will be put to "sleep" for the next couple of hours.

The final moment as I was approaching the operating theatre and final comforting words from my dear wife. The rest of the events I could not remember what happened. According to Jo the operation completed around 7pm and stayed at the ICU that night.

A nurse started asking me what is my name in the ICU as I woke up again to see the world. There were a few more patients in the ICU.