Thursday, May 03, 2012

Metropolitan Park, Kepong Here We Come

Taman Metropolitan situated at Kepong and has been a popular place for a family outing especially during the weekends. For those who passes by the park along MRR2 will know how busy the park is.

You can see many kites flying up the sky when travelling along MRR2 but do you know how big is this park and if you don't. You should pay a visit there.
The beauty of this park is magnificent there are people jogging around the huge pond and it's also popular among cyclists.
Fishing is another common activity seen here. 
Taking wedding pictures is another associate of this park.
The place is also ideal for family picnic especially if you do not intend to travel too far for such gathering.
Zu Yi has obviously found himself something interesting and just could not resist it. 
He have actually eyed on this sate man when we first came in.
After cycling 3 rounds the lake and it was time for a rest and a 100 plus drink.
Both my sons were tired but were happy to spend time at this lovely park.
I spoken to a man and checked with him on his kite flying. He told me he enjoys it very much and does it as and when he is free. Since then he has stopped his gambling habit and opted for this healthy hobby. Good for him and wish him good luck.

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