Sunday, June 03, 2012

My Greatest Ride Since I Started 3 Months back

7:30am All set to start a day ride to Carey Island & Jugra for Beggar Chicken (By the way, today is the King's Birthday)
We started from Bandar Sunway. Estimated distance to and fro is 120km.
A word of advice and this is important, a breakfast like this Roti Canai Teluk  Bawang plus two half boiled eggs was necessary. By the way breakfast was at Restoran Lima Bintang @ Bandar Sunway, a popular meeting place among cyclists in this region.
 7:45 - We reached the traffic light junction of Jalan Kewajipan into KESAS highway.

 7:48 - a few friends joined the group at this Bus Stop after the said traffic light.
 8:23 - more riders joined us at Kota Kemuning and making the group to a no of 30 over.

 9:00 - We emerged from all housing schemes and went into a new horizon of kampong setting.

 I enjoy the riding of folding bikes, this is a 20" wheels bike Dahon Speed P8 and a portable bike.

A rest near this kampong house where we bought drinks, pump air into tyres and relieve our butts.
9:45 - we were at a busy road @ Teluk Panglima Garang and the road sign shows straight ahead.

 9:51 - We were already in the territory of Carey Island but encountered a wrong route hence a detour was required.

10:03 - we corrected the route and continued our invasion to the inner Carey.
10:49 - I managed to reach to the tip of this straight boring road and had a good view of the sea, total mileage clocked was 56km.
11:01 - The weather was extremely hot and the riders were all extremely thirsty , this stall at the end of the world has probably the best sale of the year, all 100 Plus drinks have sold out and business was such a brisk.
Some colours to break the monotony of the boring & tiring ride at Carey Island
11:45 - SK Yeong were out checking a historical site of Carey while we waited here for instruction. We have to be careful with our usage of leg muscles.
12:10 - A search for a place to rest and drink was desperate and one was found nearby.
 12:25 - we were done with our thirsty bodies, some began to complain they are hungry & need food badly. Even though our pre-ordered beggar chicken is awaiting us. Another 35km or so for the chicken.

12:30 - we decided to have a preliminary round of food before the beggar chicken at Jugra.
 1:30 - An hour rest and light food before we proceed our journey of truth.

2:05 - we reached Jugra Lama town and seek confirmation & direction to de wanted Place.
2:20 We arrived at the place that caused pain to my body at Bukit Jugra just for a taste of beggar chicken. The punishment was worth it.

 Restaurant Bukit Jugra (Banting)


Bukit Jugra (Permatang Pasir),

42700 Banting,

N 2.82831 E101.41690

Straight from the "oven", clay removed & ready to be savoured by us.
The beggar chicken.
The beggar chicken after it had being invaded.
The beggar glutinous rice.
The beggar pork knuckle. - I preferred this than the chicken.
Some even "tau pau" back home.
4:00 - we passed by again Pekan Jugra Lama and the thought of cycling back home which is approximately 50km plus with full stomach was ready scary.
4:23 - Across a challenging bridge.

 5:19 - We cleared Teluk Panglima Garang and could not wait to enter the motor lane of KESAS.

The motor lane is safe but be careful of fast motor bikes.
The sun was starting to set and the feeling is funny, home seems to be far away.
6:45 - Getting nearer to our base but frankly speaking the last 20km cycling seems to be the hardest.
6:15pm - Finally I reached the base and my car was waiting for me to change my mode of transport.
Those who reached earlier were seen relaxing and eating their favourite mamak food.
The ultimate satisfaction is my achievement to clock such a mileage. Never before & See you again.

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