Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chong Fatt Dim Sum Garden at Setapak

There isn't many Dim Sum点心 shops in Setapak area, Restoran Chong Fatt has diversified and has started an outlet specialising Dim Sum at Prima Setapak, so now we have one more in the  list in the vicinity of Setapak. HaPpY eating.
Siew Mai 燒賣 hot and juicy steamed dumpling.
Fried fish paste with bacon wrapping.
Congee - sticky porridge with small pieces of century eggs and minced meat.
Steamed prawn dumplings 蝦餃
Fried carrot cake stir-fried with eggs, bean sprouts, preserved radish, and other seasonings.
LoMai Gai 糯米鸡 "steamed sticky rice with chicken and mushroom.
Steaming hot bouncy fish balls
This place is nothing special but at least a place we can yum cha and satisfy one's craving for a decent dim sum in and around Setapak.
Chong Fatt Dim Sum Garden
Jalan Genting Klang
Tel : 03-4023 5077
GPS : 3.198193, 101.713602

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