Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year 2018 - Year of the Dog

It was the ushering of the year of the dog and it going to be the 5th dog year for me. As usual it's time to go back Penang for the celebration. This year it was only Xiang & Zu Yi following me as Jo had to stay back together with her sisters & brother while Shou has a project to be done.
Nothing like mum's cooking and the boys truly missed Ah Mah's food. It has been a eating spree since we landed on the island as expected.
Lunch at my mum's place with all my brothers and sister back home with a reunion dinner another 3 hours away. We went to check into our regular homestay near to my mum's place.
Heng ah, Ong ah, Huat ah as we lousang-ed together at Restoran Elite House.
What a great Chinese New Year eve and wishing everyone a good dog year ahead.
The young ones are slowly learning, the tradition continues and wishing them good health and wealth in the coming years.
One for the annual family album and a wonderful Dog Year awaiting for everyone.
Each year passes by so fast and time really flies, my mum is 18+my age which is 78 years old this year.
On the first of Chinese New Year I decided to visit Penang Hill and I think the last time I went up there was in 1973 with my friends from Padang Serai. I cycled from from Farlim, stopped by at this Oversea Chinese Anti-War Memorial at Air Itam for a shot of the monument.
The funicular train have changed several times, maybe at least twice since the last I was here. My folded bicycle placed in front of the train in a carriage box. I enjoyed the senior citizen fare of only RM5.00 for a return ride. For your information the normal fare is RM10.00 for MyKad holder where RM30.00 for foreign visitor.
The ride was pretty fast it took slightly more than 5 minutes to reach the top with a mid stop in between. I took the first train up so that I could see the early sun rise and Georgetown from Penang Hill.
The response was good it was packed on the first trip up and I reckon more were still queuing to visit Penang Hill. The sun rise was awesome I zipped to several corners of the hill for different spectacular views.
Checking out the places like the old Balai Polis, Bellevue Hotel and enjoying the beauty of this cool atmosphere.
I was happy to be able to bring my Brompton up to the top of Penang Hill and enjoy the cool morning ride. The last trip to Penang I tried it but it was closed for maintenance due to some slope erosion.
The cannon with the letters inscribed "GR" for King George III found at the park between a mosque and an Indian temple. Ironically two of the similar cannons were recently found at Fort Cornwallis by archaeologists from Universiti Sains Malaysia.
Penang Hill Hindu Temple also known as Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan has been in existence since the 1800's.
Penang Hill Mosque is sited just next to the Indian Temple and was built in 1966.
One of the several old colonial bungalows around the vicinity. I felt like being in a country side of England.
Have fun catching the sun rise from several spots.
The monkey cup garden was still closed so no coffee for me.
I had my coffee at last in a food court before taking a train back to the foot.
On the second day of Chinese New Year I was out hunting food for the boys. Some of the kopitiams have opened but not all. I managed to buy some local street food back to the apartment.
Later in the day we went out to the heritage area of Georgetown hunting for more foods. At the kopitiam once the home of their mum.
One more photo at Ah Mah's house.
We left Penang around 9.00 in the morning and it took us about 5 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur. Our lunch at Lieong Kee Bak Kut Teh at Jalan Development, Kepong, the boys were excited with this delicious KL food and mentioned that it was the best CNY food so far.
The celebration continues ..... and more eating and drinking awaiting...........