Friday, April 28, 2017

Busan 2017 - Day 10 Our Last Day in South Korea

Our last day to hunt for more cherry blossom and a list of places was laid out to visit. From Busan Station we took a train to Pukyong University Station for Igidae Park as our first itinerary of the day.
The surrounding of the university is scenic we were greeted with the lovely flowers and traffic was relax on a Sunday morning. We had to look for breakfast before we could go any further. We seems looking lost in the inner neighbourhood and thank goodness a Good Samaritan stopped by and offered us help.
Mr. Beh, an ex-service man is so friendly who came to our rescue. He recommended a local eatery shop which apparently has never had any foreigner customers before. Mr. Beh left us in the eatery shop, we were in the dark as to what we will be eating, communication was just totally difficult. We could only pray for the best.
We were anxious in the beginning but after a while everything seems to go on well. Two friendly customers offered us a traditional drink, "makgeolli" to try (something like Malaysian toddy). I love to try it again and hopefully I can find it in Malaysia.
The breakfast turned to be gorgeous, the broth was absolutely delicious. We survived the anxiety and walk out of the shop with full satisfaction. Mr. Beh then came back and offered to show us around as it was free.
The sole lady boss became friendly and generous, she gave us free cans of soft drinks after our meals.
We delighted to have a wonderful local tourist guide to lead us.
He took us through narrow roads with lesser vehicles as the local would normally do everyday.
Igidae Park where we did not indulge in the scenic trail walk but just to have a brief view from the starting point as we were told that there isn't much to see if we were looking for cherry blossom.

Let's get up higher for a better view at Igidae Park.
After a short while at Igidae Park, Mr. Beh headed to Namcheon-dong. 
The trail was easy and nice to ride on, everywhere were not far apart. For once, I am relieved from leading the group and rested from monitoring the Oregon. 
Namcheon-dong Cherry Blossom Road located at GPS: 35.14348, 129.11021, of course we were filled with excitement upon seeing the beautiful street full of the cherry blossom.
Shortly after finishing the street at Namcheon-dong we were at Gwangalli Beach, a beautiful clean beach popular among the youngsters and filled with romantic restaurants and cafes.
Thank you Mr. Beh for your kind hospitality, we wish good luck in his retirement and hope we can meet again in the future.
Now we were on our own and our next place was Oncheon Stream Park where we have to connect ourselves to Dongnae Station.
A quick bite at the roadside shops outside Dongnae Station before we made our way into the park. Oncheon Stream Park is located at GPS: 35.20098, 129.0791
This stream park is full of colour and crowded with people, it is truly lively and exciting.
We had a good time blending ourselves with the people and the atmosphere. 
We were at the lower part by the stream and later on to the upper part cycling along the trees full of cherry blossom.
Oncheon Stream Park is a must-see spot at any time of the year and it comes to life in spring.

So much of cherry blossom and we have to leave Oncheon Stream Park.
Everyone of us love this seed pancake, I went for a second helping because it's so yummy. Now that I am back in Malaysia and drooling as I am thinking of it.
Parking our iron horses at the entrance of the Busan International Film Festival site while the ladies went shopping.
At the famous 40 Steps Street remembering the Korean War. Busan was the place of refuge where the Koreans fled to escape the brutal war from fighting and in the hope to meet relatives or friends.
After 10 days in the Republic of Korea or better known as South Korea, we were on our way back to Malaysia at Busan International Airport. It has been a great and memorable trip. We hope to be back for more adventure in the near future.
A video clip of the Day 10

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Busan 2017 - Day 9 Cherry Blossom on Brompton

Good morning Busan, our mission for the day was to hunt for cherry blossom and headed towards west of Busan using the bicycle path along the coastline near the port.
A stop at Jagalchi Market to see the live & fresh seawater creatures sold in the market.
Some of us stopped at Paris Baguette for breakfast.
And some opted for local noodles at the shop next door.
Then the hunt began with some climbs here and there along the way.
We went through a tunnel with heavy traffic but fortunately there is a separate path for pedestrian and bicycles.
Before reaching towards the river estuary we have to pass through crowded commercial areas like Hadan-Dong and several train stations were noted. Our plan to use the train on our return to Busan after Nakdonggang River visit.
Nakdonggang Estuary, the start/finish point with a stamping booth of the 4 River Bicycle Path @ GPS : 35.108484, 128.947890. Fanally we found our destination and were glad to see abundant cherry blossom.
We stopped at here for a while here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and engaged ourselves with some photography.
The Malaysian Brompton made it to the 4 river bicycle path again and this time around to Nakdonggang at Busan.
We boarded a train from Hadan Station for Jagalchi Market as the ladies wanted to do some shopping.
I managed to trace back the alley for Ajima's bingsu (ais kacang)  from my previous marking, it is located at one oe of the narrow streets of Arirang Street Market at Gukje Market.
Instead shaved ice Bingsu most of us opted for red bean dessert nevertheless a bingsu was being challenged despite the cold day.
I noted there were several of these women delivering food on their heads in the crowded streets. Wonder what these Korean women are called, it looks like a kind of traditional food catering service.
Dinner was back to a BBQ shop called Donenu 烤肉 in Chinatown which we had it before during our previous tour. The pricing is reasonable but portions are small, there is a salad bar is with unlimited helping, I enjoy the fresh green veggies. 
A video clip of the Day.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Jeju Island Day 7 & 8 and Back to Busan

Good morning Dongmun-ro, we took a morning walk around the vicinity and later we checked out to visit an old famous market and an underground shopping mall in Jeju City.
Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market was established after the liberation in 1945. Due to a big fire that broke out in March 1954, the whole market and the nearby area was reduced to ashes. One of the most popular traditional markets in Jeju, Dongmun has served countless customers, selling a variety of items.
Attractive street fooda are everywhere to entice you to try one or two.
The mood was high, appetite was good and we got to try these gorgeous food in the market.
From food to fashion and souvenirs.
Food like kimchee and live shell abalone seen in the market and there are more to see in this spacious market.
Jeju Jungang Shopping Mall is beneath a street and it stretches along a more or less a straight street (Jungang) and having approximately 300 shops. We could not find any lift or escalators to get down, I just wonder how would the handicapped get themselves to the mall.
Jeju old government office known as Mokgwana.
Seomun Market reminded me of Daegu Seomun Market and its street foods as we rode by this spot.
We were too early to check in for our accommodation and decided to try Mom's Touch fried chicken which is a few doors away from Mir Guesthouse. 
Mom's Touch fried chicken is delicious, I had it together with the local beer and it surely well paired.
And we were back to Mir Guesthouse again, our pre-booked accommodation and that will be our last night in Jeju Island.
One more time we wanted to savour the all talk about black pork of Jeju and this time we tried it at this shop near Mir Guesthouse called "MJ".
This place has excellent BBQ meat it is even better than the one we had at Black Pork Street. The meat is fired over heated small stones and the taste & aroma was super duper good.

Day 8
Goodbye Youngseok Koh & Mir Guesthous, thank you for your hospitality and we hope to see you again in the future.
After a short ride to Jeju International Airport, we packed our bicycles in the airport itself and were ready to check in for our next destination, that is Busan.
There go our bicycles in the Dimpa bags and we shall see them in Busan.
At the Busan International Airport and waiting for the Airport Limousine bus to take us to Busan Station.
The bus fare is 6,000 won per pax.
Some of us were familiar with this street as we dragged our stuffs to Dongyang Motel.
Here we were at Dongyang Motel and we will be staying in this motel for the next three nights.
After checking in, we took the bicycle path behind Busan Station to Lotte Mall and were glad to be able to see some cherry blossom.
Zuyi had to sleep on a mattress on the floor while the parent on the bed. All were good and comfortable at Dongyang Motel with its signature free popcorns and coffee. Good night and we were looking forward for more cherry blossom.
A video clip of Day 7 & 8