Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yong Tau Foo the Malaccan Style

This Yong Tau Foo shop is situated at Jalan Temenggong, Bukit Cina (opposite Gurdwara Sahib Melaka, near to the junction of Jalan Munshi Abdullah & Laksamana Cheng Ho) and was packed with customers when I was there. Out of curiosity, I ordered a “Kon Loh” (dry noodle) for my Yong Tau Foo. The Yong Tau Foo here is not the same as in Kuala Lumpur. Normally in KL it comes with Chee Cheong Fun but not in Malacca. This is the Kon Loh Koay Teow with no black soya sauce like KL but just with a bit of lard & oil in it. There is no vegetable, not even taugeh (bean sprout).
There are 2 type of fish balls (fried & non fried) both are small in size but bouncy and delicious. Also triangularly cut tofu with stuffed fish paste and fried fish paste.
All in all it was a great experience of Yong Tau Foo in Malacca and definitely a good breakfast.

Our Bakri site is ready for piling works as the earthwork is completed. Commencement of rubble pitch wall at the rear of the site.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old Photographs of My Padang Serai Friends

Tan Eng Chin he speaks fluent Tamil used to stay at Hendriette Estate, Ooi Thean Lai from Kg Selamat, Tasek Gelugor, Ah Yong of Baling Road and Aun and Sook are cousin brothers of Aik Hwa Sundry Shop @ Bagan Road.

Me attending a wedding lunch at Butterworth, Penang but I can not remember whose wedding was that....

This guy is Mickey Lew, he is now a successful spare parts distributor in Kuala Lumpur.

Seoh Choon, guess she is still in Kuala Lumpur. The last time I met her was in KL could be 15 years or more ...

Oh me again, the car belonged to Michael Tan, a spare parts Salesman who drives very fast. It was a thrilling experience following him to KL with this car.

Christina Ooi Bee Tin now residing at Seberang Prai, have not seen her for a long time but we have spoken over the phone hope to see her one day.

Shirley Ooi, whom I have totally lost contact and I do not have the slightest idea as where is she now...

This is Tony Liew, a good old buddy still in Padang Serai. That is his dad's tailoring shop where I spent a lot of my younger years here sometimes I even sleep over at the shop. I have a lot of memories in this Liew Family's shop ....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Coffee Shop @ Taman Industri Sungai Buloh

Taman Industri Sungai Buloh is just next to a vast development called Kota Damansara which is near Sungai Buloh or Section 7 of Kota Damansara.
Anyway, there is this corner coffee shop “Restoran Big Family” at Jalan TSB10A which is doing bustling business with many interesting stalls in it. These are some of my favourite dishes......... Mee Mamak or Mee Goreng fried by a Chinese chap, he also sells Mee rebus or Mee Java. Bitter Gourd Noodle soup is another lovely dish for breakfast.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boy Scout 1974 - Sultan Badlishah School

Geting ready for an Inspection at the Padang in front of the school.
We were able to put up such a high structure at the school compound.

Our Scout Master, Mr. Cheah Kok Poh hiding behind the group.

We have malay friends, indian friends, kadazan friends, chinese friends, etc, etc in this scout society. We were able to go camping together, enjoyed camp fire, singing song and even do dirkir barat stuff together.
I must say the inter race bond among us in those days are very strong. Many are now complaining that at this present time, Malaysian races are being segregated, something has to be done before it is getting worse.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wan Tan Mee with Chicken Legs

Delicious Kuala Lumpur Wan Tan Mee with braised Chicken legs. While my mother was busy marketing at the Section 17 wet market, Petaling Jaya I had myself a good breakfast at this crowded coffee shop.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant, Johor Bahru

As for lunch I met up with a piling sub contractor, K.C. Chang and he brought me to this interesting place (somewhere in Taman Pelangi area). Seng Steam Fish Restaurant serves their dishes within 5 minutes, fantastic isn’t it… you must try this place but I do not know the exact location, Can some body help me here….. This was the first dish, a deep fried fish, followed by this JB Bak Kut Teh. The last was delicious a Teochew dish of pumpkin, yam, gingko seeds, etc etc. I love it.. Good food at this place.

Phone: +6012-775-0511Address: 100 Jalan Keris, Taman Pelangi, Johor Baru

Friday Breakfast @ Persiaran Meldrum, Johor Bahru

After a 3 hours plus drive from Kuala Lumpur, I found myself at this old part of Johor Bahru city, Persiaran Meldrum hunting for breakfast. I decided to try my adventure here at this coffee shop.
The Wan Tan Mee here is different from Kuala Lumpur or Penang, the Wan Tan Mee here comes with chili sauce. It was delicious and a new experience of Wan Tan Mee in JB.
I saw this Koay Chap stall (next coffee shop) and out of curiosity I ordered one with the broad rice noodle. It was not up to my expectation comparing to the one in Pulau Tikus in Penang. That was breakfast in Johor Bahru.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I was Whacked for Failing Malay Tests

Mr. Lim, my Bahasa Malaysia teacher when I was in Standard 6A Sekolah Rendah Tunku Abdul Malik, Kulim Kedah in 1970, a teacher whom I still think was a cruel teacher. He whacked me a couple of times in front of the class for not doing well or failing his Malay Language tests. He whacked me with long rotan, with a fellow classmate holding tight of my pant so that the pain gets into my flesh. Just like a criminal whom has committed a serious crime. I think he was sick…A teacher I can still remember him not for his good guidance but for his crude way of pathing his knowledge to us. Damn you Mr. Lim… I know you are good in your Bahasa Malaysia especially being a Chinese but that is not the way you should teach us. You could be sued if you are around to do such act in these modern days in school…

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lunch @ Brickfields Territory, Kuala Lumpur

A Quantity Surveyor, a Steelwork Subcontractor and 3 General Builders gathered at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur for a lunch. Brickfields, K.L. is a vibrant place mostly associated with Indian community and Indian culture.
We parked our cars at YMCA and headed to a shop called Restoran Loke Fatt, No.9, Jalan Thambapillai (Tel: 03-2274-3678). Our involvement of the afternoon:-
Curry Fish Head in claypot – the fish is found to have cut into too small a piece with too much fish bones in it. Taste wise was quite alright. Stir fried tapioca leaves. I always love soup, this was a nice and simple soup.Marmite Pork ribs (too dry). The biggest disappointment is this specialty of the day, Chicken special…no special lah..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Ta Pau for Breakfast

Almost every Sunday I have to go and pack back food for the family besides the weekend marketing. We, Malaysian use too many plastic bags and polystyrene boxes in our daily use. We should cart away such bad habits and be eco friendly, I hope one day we will do away with all plastic bags and polystyrene products in our daily lives.
Anyway, here are some of the foods I bought for this Sunday breakfast. Chicken rice. Char Siew Rice. Char Siew Pau. Sesame seed coated sweet balls. Tim Sum - (Fish Balls & Siew Mine)Roasted Pork - Char Siew.

Of course what you see here are all delicious and favourite food of a Sunday breakfast at home.

Annual Dinner of Mutiara Johan 1996

These are images from my old analog video cam recording which I have digitized for the purposes of sharing among friends. Unfortunately the quality of these images isn’t good. I hope friends would enjoy viewing them. Oh.. These are images of an annual dinner of Mutiara Johan Group held at Sri Melayu, Jalan Conlay in 1996. This is Mr. Leow Yuen Leong, the boss of Mutiara Johan. Lawyer Sam Oon, Elgin Liew (Bescorp Founder), Teoh (Hong Leong Bank now with Tasek Cement), Siti Salmiah (sorry only showing your back). Shirene, Miss Tan & gang. Alice & Miss Tok. The late Michael Foo, we miss you and we will remember you, Michael. The handsome Haji Uzir, I know him for a long time since 1986. AS Lee chatting with Charanjeet Singh. Yap Khum Sang (the great plumber) & Simon Ngu (Arhictect friend from Kuching). Roger Foo with wife, Charanjeet Singh, & Lee Siew Wah. The kid with the pony tail is my elderst son Shou Yi. Ong Shi Fu & Adam de QS.