Monday, April 24, 2017

Jeju Island Day 7 & 8 and Back to Busan

Good morning Dongmun-ro, we took a morning walk around the vicinity and later we checked out to visit an old famous market and an underground shopping mall in Jeju City.
Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market was established after the liberation in 1945. Due to a big fire that broke out in March 1954, the whole market and the nearby area was reduced to ashes. One of the most popular traditional markets in Jeju, Dongmun has served countless customers, selling a variety of items.
Attractive street fooda are everywhere to entice you to try one or two.
The mood was high, appetite was good and we got to try these gorgeous food in the market.
From food to fashion and souvenirs.
Food like kimchee and live shell abalone seen in the market and there are more to see in this spacious market.
Jeju Jungang Shopping Mall is beneath a street and it stretches along a more or less a straight street (Jungang) and having approximately 300 shops. We could not find any lift or escalators to get down, I just wonder how would the handicapped get themselves to the mall.
Jeju old government office known as Mokgwana.
Seomun Market reminded me of Daegu Seomun Market and its street foods as we rode by this spot.
We were too early to check in for our accommodation and decided to try Mom's Touch fried chicken which is a few doors away from Mir Guesthouse. 
Mom's Touch fried chicken is delicious, I had it together with the local beer and it surely well paired.
And we were back to Mir Guesthouse again, our pre-booked accommodation and that will be our last night in Jeju Island.
One more time we wanted to savour the all talk about black pork of Jeju and this time we tried it at this shop near Mir Guesthouse called "MJ".
This place has excellent BBQ meat it is even better than the one we had at Black Pork Street. The meat is fired over heated small stones and the taste & aroma was super duper good.

Day 8
Goodbye Youngseok Koh & Mir Guesthous, thank you for your hospitality and we hope to see you again in the future.
After a short ride to Jeju International Airport, we packed our bicycles in the airport itself and were ready to check in for our next destination, that is Busan.
There go our bicycles in the Dimpa bags and we shall see them in Busan.
At the Busan International Airport and waiting for the Airport Limousine bus to take us to Busan Station.
The bus fare is 6,000 won per pax.
Some of us were familiar with this street as we dragged our stuffs to Dongyang Motel.
Here we were at Dongyang Motel and we will be staying in this motel for the next three nights.
After checking in, we took the bicycle path behind Busan Station to Lotte Mall and were glad to be able to see some cherry blossom.
Zuyi had to sleep on a mattress on the floor while the parent on the bed. All were good and comfortable at Dongyang Motel with its signature free popcorns and coffee. Good night and we were looking forward for more cherry blossom.
A video clip of Day 7 & 8

Friday, April 21, 2017

Jeju Island Day 6 on Bromptons (The Last Stage)

Good morning Sehwa, it is a small community and before we resume our ride to Jeju City for the final stage we decided to go out for breakfast and visit a museum.
A small hypermarket and a survey in the inside of the mart.
There is limited place serving breakfast and would one is open or not for business. After a couple of checking and peeping we found this one, the stewed pork bone soup was awesome. It's kind of our Malaysian Bak Kut Teh and a big Thumb-Up.
This is the super yummy "Bak Kut Teh" the broth was simply delicious, another special Korean delicacy we found by accident.
A delicious ramen dish and one can tell that this neigbourhood seldom have foreigners patronising the shops but they are friendly and helpful.
One of the few exhibits seen outside cafes.
The outdoor of Haenyeo Museum at Gujwa- eup (GPS : 33.523318, 126.862895). This monument is to commemorate the hero whom sacrificed their lives during the Japanese Occupation.
First puncture encountered by Jo.
Goodbye Manjo Stay @ Sehwa we were please with your hospitality and thank you.
One of the many areas with these windmill turbines seen along the journey.
Another mural on haenyeo women divers.
 Woljeong-ri Beach is known for its scenery, tranquil white sand and beautiful emerald ocean. A stretch of cozy and beautiful cafes align the streets. GPS : 33.556576, 126.801090
Zuyi forgot his bag, it was left on the bench untouched and had to ride back another 4 km to pick to recover it. Thank goodness it was still there.
Korea Institute of Energy Research @ GPS : 33.564376, 126.774303 the Korean are working on marine energy and its potential. Let's think hard!
The ultimate mission, the last at no.10 stamping booth and we were done. Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path.
Here you are and we got you, Hamdeok Seoubong Beach, the last booth and mission accomplished.
Hamdeok Beach is famous for its clean and shallow water, attracting many visitors during summer vacation. The beach offers great scenery with its emerald-blue water, an arched bridge over black basalt and a red lighthouse.
I guess these Koreans were cleaning the beach... isn't it or everyone can tell me what is the significant of this statue.
We make it! and we are near completion, one at Hamdeok Beach.
We checked in to this motel at this address and tomorrow we will see more of Jeju City.
A short walk from the motel and we found a quiet shop that serves delicious meal.
Once again well done to the team for successfully completing the loop safely. Special congratulation to Lynn and Zuyi for doing it the first time and I hope you will continue to cycle.
A video clip of Day 6

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jeju Island Day 5 on Bromptons

Good morning the temperature was 9ºC at Pyoseon we left the villa and passing by the restaurant we patronised the night before.
At the stamping booth of Pyeoson Beach after our first 6km of cycling.
Drying of squids just like the flying flags as we rode by.
Along Hwanhaejangseong-ro with a superb weather.
Rock stacking is widely seen in the island from short to tall stack.
All kind of seaweed commonly seen on the lane as they laid to be dried.
We started to see vast yellow field again after nearly 30km of cycling and as usual a lot of photographing at the spot. The peak behind it is the famous Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, a crater that looks like a gigantic crown and beautiful in a morning sunrise.
Seongsan Ichulbong seems to be another touristic spot with many seem visiting the yellow canola fields for photography, horse riding and a nice long edge ride by the water. 
The booth of the day at Seongsan Ichulbong.
Taking a challenge entering this so called traditional seafood restaurant and a different experience for raw fish, the Korean way. This shop is found at this location GPS : 33.470022, 126.930230
I love raw fish and this Korean delicacy is gorgeous.
Seongsan Ferry Terminal where we bought our tickets to Udo Island at 2,000won per person with bicycle separately charged at 1,000won.
We need to fill in these Declaration Forms and show our passports.
It was a 15 minutes crossing and packed with weekend visitors. The ferry departs at every 30 minutes from Seongsan Port.
Welcome to Udo Island, a miniature island of Jeju. The island is full of amenities and tourism outlets like fishing, bike trails, sand massages, submarine tours and cruises.
A stop in the island for a light refreshment.
We took a short ride around the island as we were running out of time hence to plan to go around the entire island was not able to be fulfilled.
Goodbye Udo Island and it was a brief touch down and a memorable one.
I would rate this as the best BBQ pork I had in this trip in Sehwa in a small town (GPS : 33.527114, 126.855153) . The name of the eatery shop is Halla Pork Restaurant and per pax was15,000 won.
Per accommodation was 60,000won, Manjo Hotel Sehwa It was recommended by the helpful lady at Halla Pork Restaurant after a desperate search. It was a nice and colourful stay located GPS : 33.523655, 126.866467 (Myeonsu-gil).
A video clip of Day 5