Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 3 - Bike Touring South Thailand (Sichon to Khanom)

Our route for the third day from Sichon to Khanom which was estimated to be 30km with the anticipation of some hilly terrains.
Good morning Sichon,  I wanted to see the sun rise but unfortunately the cloud was too thick.
Doggy No.1 she was so friendly followed us everywhere we go and she loves to be photographed.
Doggy No.2 shy but nosy......
Roger having his free American breakfast.
Our bikes were ready for another ride.
Time to bade goodbye Doggy No.1
She accompanied us way out of the resort and had to turned back as it was too far for her to go any further.....bye bye Doggy No.1
Trawlers repair dock along the road we were travelling.
Came out of the smaller country road into the highway of 401 but at the wrong side of the highway.
We had to cross over to the other side and that was how we did it.
Back to the usual condition of a Thai highway with a comfortable motorbike cum bicycle lane.
Once a while we encountered some activities on the lane
Always be careful for this kind of situation where vehicles coming again the traffic flow...and most of the time it's motorcycles.
Making of portable bamboo gazebos.
Roger wanted to work part time to earn some bahts.
Another kind of handicraft work on display for sale.
A group photo at this welcome sign.
Oh oh it's starting to rain ..... 
We managed to get into this shed (probably it's a bus stop) and the rain was too heavy for any cycling. A food stall was just next to it
I was tempted with this pot of piping hot green curry just out from the stove. Unsure of how the taste is going to be like, I asked a small portion just to savour it.
Between a choice of rice and Thai beehoon I opted for Beehoon. Unbelievably it was absolutely delicious and the curry was so good and the aroma was fantastic. I simply love it.
We saw this woman a couple of kilometre before and saw her again at this eating stall. It must be her lunch break. Unfortunately we just could not communicate.
Just a simple food stall maybe just to cater for the local folks. Simple yet good.
Sam tried the soy sauce pork and gave the thumb up....I just could not want to miss this chance and ordered this plate of rice with extra curry chicken added-on......A meal that I will remember for long time.
Hello....baby Sawadikarp ... how are you?
Everyone of us enjoyed the warm and tasty food under this zinc roof stall on a cool raining day.
Eventually the rain stopped and we proceeded with our wet ride.
Another 17km to Khanom.
Roll and roll slowly but steadily we will reach Khanom.
This banner that caught our attention and gave us a mission to look for her. 
Welcome to Khanom town.
Figuring out where we are now and where shall we stay for the night.
The seaside of Khanom
Lovely beach with mainly local tourists.
We rode further out of the town searching for Panita Resort.
There was no sign of Panita after cycling about 7km from town.
Instead of searching for our 1st priority for accommodation we ended up with an attractive seafood restaurant that we just could not resist. Accommodation can come later as we smelled food.
Such a beautiful seaside as viewed from the restaurant.
These crabs were still alive...struggling in the BBQ grill. 
We started pretty early for lunch the restaurant was later packed when we left the place.
Huge poached cockles juicy and delicious.
This was gorgeous, heavenly fresh & sweet.
Local  Thai coke.
After having a good meal of seafood we had to burnt it off so soon for a several climbs back to Khanom town.
It was my turn for a flat tyre, a tiny piece of broken glass that did the damage. Well it's part and parcel of cycling. I brought 2 tubes in this tour. 
A newly opened resort for 450bahts each but no wifi, it will only be available in 3 days time.
Everything was new and sparkling clean, just opened for business a week ago .... what a good deal we had!
cloth line of the day.
A beautiful view at a river crossing of Khanom.
 A simple local dinner at the town of Khanom.

Back to the Panita to rest and prepare for the next day and it is going to be the longest ride of the tour.