Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chinese New Year 1996 Reunion Dinner @ Green Lane, Penang

Going back Penang for Chinese New Year celebration has been a tradition for us and which until today, we still go back to Penang for the festival. Things have gradually changed especially after dad passed away. We used to gather at our house for the festival at Green Lane, No.555.

The preparation for the Reunion Dinner has been the highlight of the festival, my mum will meticulously prepare all the foods, drinks, etc etc etc. Meanwhile, some of us will help in the preparation awaiting for instruction for the necessary chores to be carried out. While, some will to be entertaining the children in and around the house of triple 5. Ah Hin playing with "Tiger" our pet dog. Kids enjoyed watching at the back lane of 555. Yen Aik at the rear door, so is Lilian Khoo. Few minutes later, our friends or Uncle Harry & wife arrived, they used to rent a room @ 555 and has been our close relative ever since. My brother, Yong Lim at the kitchen on standby duty with Lilian. Xiang Yi with our maid Julie also at the kitchen watching Mum preparing foods. my brother Ho Lin with Yen Aik.My dad and others getting ready for the reunion dinner. Reniuon Dinner time.
Teng and her husband, Ang both of them are now staying in Singapore. After the dinner, the Grandpa will spent time with his grandchildren. The following morning, kids getting ready for ANG POWs

Friday, July 25, 2008

The 725 Dinner @ Titiwangsa Golf Club

While waiting for everyone to arrive for dinner, we had good time boozing, our good friend Cheang Tiek brought 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of V.S.O.P Brandy. Beer was flowing smoothly for those beer lovers.

Started off with Ulam & Christine's popular sambal belacan..

Szechuan soup,

Stewed duck (Low Aar), tofu & eggs. Curry big prawns together with toast.

Steamed fresh pompret.

German Connection @ Kuala Lumpur

The place we gathered was at Kelab Golf Titiwangsa PDRM for a dinner and sambang sambang, specially for Kannika & family.First to arrived at the place was Lai Yoong, followed by Teow Choon, Cheang Tiek, Brian Koh, Kui Suang, Ewe Kiang, Kean Hooi, Tick Choong, Kannika & entourage and lastly Yeok Tooh. The greeting..
Kanni's eldest son Max, Judo expert will getting his black belt soon and a good beer drinker. A group photo for the album before Teow Choon has to leave earlier. After the dinner, we adjourned to Twilight Zone, for the second chapter of the night. We sing.... (Detlev and Lai Yoong in action)and sing.... all night long. We dance.....
Theo (youngest son of Kanni) played dart, while the second brother, Paul is watching .Another group photo during the karaoke session. Time to part and back to our own individual nest, think Cheang Cheang reporting back home. Hope everyone enjoy theirselves and also hope we will meet like this again.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chicken Rice Champion @ Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

Champion of Hainanese Chicken Rice for the year 2007 operates a shop at Sunway Kota Damansara, Jalan PJU 5/16.
de poached chicken.
de Char Siew
de kuey teow noodle
meatball soup
chilli sauce with ginger...

Penang Prawn Mee (O&S) Paramount Garden

Penang Prawn Mee @ O & S Coffee Shop at Paramount Garden, This is not only an ordinary stall but a wholesale for prawn mee.
It has been in business for a long long time, one of the pioneer prawn mee sellers in Petaling Jaya.
For a weekday and early in the morning (7 something) the crowd in the shop is bearable and easy to get a seat. It is really crowded if you were to go on weekends.
A bowl of RM7.00 noodle with additional pork ribs.