Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I like New Ubin Seafood

This place was a good recommendation by my old buddy, we took a cab to Sin Ming Industrial area and among the many car workshops there stood this eating paradise.
This is sinful but gorgeous it's fried fish roe with petai, the sambal gravy was excellent. Though it's sinful but irresistible.
Ubin brinjal delight was a good experience it was sweet and the bite was crunchy, Jo loves it so much.
Classic chili crabs - fresh and succulent. The gravy eaten with dried muntou was good
German Knuckle with very crispy skin and juicy meat. 
Fried Baby Shrimps - so crispy and tasty, this went very well with our drinks.
Sambal belacan was prefect there is absolutely no complaint about this marvel. I enjoyed the crispy shrimp with this dip...so yummy leh.
Lilian enjoyed the food too and I hope she will be able take me to good places like Ubin in the near future.
My lovely wife and my niece.
My good old buddy from Kulim, Eu Jin have been in Singapore for donkey's years and I was very happy to see him again. Thanks for bringing us to New Ubin, the food was fantastic.

New Ubin Seafood
Block 27, Sin Ming
#01-174 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A
            (+65) 6466 9558      
GPS : 1.356143,103.839649

Lihat Peta yang Lebih Besar

Monday, July 30, 2012

First Experience Cycling in Singapore - PCN

 Sien Sin took me here for a Singapore Bak Kut Teh @ Ng Ah Sio, Rangoon Road. I always like plain & clear soup and was looking for this Bak Kut Teh for a change. The BKT soup was not as clear as I wanted but it was good though.

My in laws were worried after leaving me here alone at East Coast with a small bicycle. I told not to worry about me and I love to get lost in this kind of situation...hehehe. The time was about 10.15am.
Basically I did this route as circled "RED"
Signage was good but at time I got lost but interesting to be lost....
East Coast - Siglap.
Bedok Reservior Park.
Neighbourhood of Tampines, here I see a big number of Malay community, they are such a friendly people and always willing to help me in my directions. There are so many types of people in this island not sure they speak the same lingo and after several times I prefer to talk to those I know better.
Good directional signs at relevant turns.
PCN stands for "Park Connector Network" - I love it.
Many of these pit-stops for you to rest & refresh yourself.
A fishing pond at Pasir Ris, my friend Eu Jin's once favourite place to unwind.
A beautiful at Pasir Ris.
PCN track along the MRT line and many along the main drain or streams could be a boring ride but very safe ride indeed.
Bravo to all cyclists you are at home.
Singapore is such a clean and systematic country, everywhere almost look alike.
At the beach of Pasir Ris quiet and relaxing.

A place with a familiar name called Changi, I passed by the Military base and many more restricted places of security.
Alone and hardly anyone riding on a weekday at this part of Singapore....wahlao eh..
At last something to break the monony, I see breeze and swaying coconut trees....that was refreshing.
My longest 1.5 hours with a solo recovery of this puncture. There were 5 cyclists who passed by and none  of them bother to open their mouth to check what was wrong.....my goodness what happen to these city folks.
 Along the Changi Airport there were 2 runways as far as I am concerned, one for the planes and the other one for me to keep on spinning. Both were parallel from one and another and also pretty long.
Then came this scenery shady and quiet track, in fact the air was cool that chilled into my bones. Along this stretch I saw Changi Golf Club how I wish  I can play in the golf course instead of being alone pedalling like crazy.
At last I was happy and relieved to see a sign that shows "East Coast" and that means I  have reached my final point for the day.
East Coast cycling track is pretty long I cycled till the end of it, had a cool beer and proceeded to Katong to stop for a cab back to the hotel. $8.50 from Katong to Balestier Road. What a memorable ride and I had never thought of cycling in Singapore and in this long expedition. It was about 5.30pm when I finished the ride here. Everything was wonderful except for the punctured tyre.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Training @ Ulu Langat Batu 18 to Genting Peras

I have heard of this famous ride many times and I wanted to try it. On 22nd July 2012, I made it at last to this point. Besides me is Andrew Ng.
This is the route from Pekan Batu 18 Ulu Langat through the kampong and up to Genting Peras (Sometimes known as Genting Perez), a total of approximately 41km to and fro.
I waited for this coffee shop to open since 6.45am, Nam Wah Kopitiam seems to be the only one open in the early morning. Good nasi lemak bungkus, Hainanese breads and half boiled village eggs.....all these were essential for our climb....

And off we ascend into the beautiful kampong and hills of Ulu Langat.
 From the starting point to junction (Semenyih - Kuala Kelawang) is about 11km, the last stretch upon reaching the junction is tough and it's known as the "Dead Man" climb.

This is Sam Cheong, the one who organised this ride for us. Thanks Chief.
Taking a rest at the "junction", the week before we rode to the right side towards Semenyih with gorgeous views of water dam.Today we are heading left an undulating terrain. to the border of Negri Sembilan.
 All together there were 18 of us and many were riding for the first time in this route.

 The next 10km ascend was tough but a good training for my plan to ride in Penang this coming September 19 round the island (CFAL).

Paratrooper was here.
So was this Dahon Jetstream in fact there were two of them.
 All the happy faces having achieved the goal of the day. We will go for more.

A tragedy happened when Duuchee fell and fractured his shoulder. May he recover soon and see him back again. He was still strong enough (must be painful) to continue and ride down the hill to the "junction" and another 11km to his car. My respect to you bro.
An early lunch at Ulu Langat Seadfood Reastaurant & Beer Barden before we adjourned. Thanks again Sam for the wonder experience of Perez and I want more.....