Saturday, March 30, 2013

Penang Char Hor Fun @ Cheras

It is difficult to find Penang Char Hor Fun in Kuala Lumpur and by accident I discovered one at Taman Segar, Cheras.
Though not 100% perfect but it has the characteristics of a Penang CHFand most importantly I like it.
Besides Char Hor Fun, the lady sells other Penang food. Let's go and give it a try. If you do know of a better Penang Char Hor Fun please do tell me where because I am a big fan of this Penang fried noodle.
Restoran Segar Jaya
2, Jalan Manis 4
Taman Segar
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.088898,101.743003

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Serendah Waterfall 2.0

There is a Serendah 1.0 initiated and organised by Mr. SC Chin, a teacher who knows very well the town of Rawang and its surroundings. See here for an older blog on  Serendah 1.0 on 16 February 2013.

It was then popularly demanded for a second ride and exactly 1 month later on 17 March 2013 Serendah 2.0 was established with an overwhelming response. A total of 58 cyclists turned up as compared to 30 on the first ride.
The weather was fantastic and all participants were cheerful and ready to roll.
On the trunk road of Rawang Ipoh bound, traffic was heavy and we have to be extra careful with the moving vehicles. Luckily the usage of such busy road was minimum and the rest of it was pleasant and lovely to cycle.
The official pit stop was at Serendah BP petrol station and due to the large number of participants the re-grouping took quite a while. Some of us took this opportunity to savour some local food at the town itself and the kopi "O" was awesome.
The fun of getting into the waterfall was exuberant and had a wonderful time getting themselves wet after the ride.
On the way back we dropped by (again just like the previous trip) at the same place in Serendah for their famous Leng Chee Kang. The place was suddenly packed with our presence and service was in a havoc situation but it was all meant good for the operator.
As planned, SC Chin made the last stop for Rawang Tilapia Wan Tan Mee.....everyone were looking forward eating the Fei Zhou Yee (de fish) and had a good meal at Restoran R. Cheng Fei Zhou Yee and also known as Tang Wan Cheng.
Tilapia Wan Tan Mee, just do not know why they called Wan Tan Mee but I enjoyed it anyway.
Thanks to Mr. SC Chin & Liliana for their superb planning and everything went perfectly well. Congratulation..please note that there are already demand for Serendah 3.0.

Restoran R. Cheng Fei Zhou Yee
No E-13, Jalan LKS
Kampong Dato Lee Kim  Sai
Tel:03-6091-8671 / 012-304-5671
GPS : 3.310095,101.576883

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lunch at Bahau & a short ride to Era Golf & Country Resort

It was a great discovery where you can savour big & fresh prawns at Restoran Koh Theng at Bahau also known as Ah Lock.
Veggie RM10 to start with.
Signature food of Ah Lock - Udang Galah RM80 for 2 big prawns.
The prawns were fresh and juicy and what a magnificient dish.

Steamed Ma Yeaw Yee - sweet and delicious . That was a big fish for RM70.
                                                           That was big portion. RM70.00

 A friend from Bahau took me round the town of Bahau and then a ride to see a beautiful golf course.

Thanks to the Koreans for visiting this golf course they love this sport so much and are contributing greatly for the survival of Era Golf & Country Resort, "kamsamnida".

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Restoran Sing Seng Kee, Tapah formerly Restoran Tony

11 cyclists visited this eating house at Tapah, it was once known as Restoran Tonny and according to the new management Tonny has already made enough and has retired.
Paku Veggie stir fried with belacan was the first on the table and all was gone in no time. Truly it was no mercy from these cyclists.
Next came this delicious tofu coated with minced meat gravy.
My aim of visiting Tapah is beacause of this eel delicacy, I enjoy the crunchiness of this meat, love it very much!!!
Bright and lovely celery fried with dried shrimps, nuts and carrot, it was a good recommendation of the lady boss.
The most expensive dish on the table was this stir fried frog with ginger & spring onions..fabulously yummy and probably good nutrient for our cycling legs hehehe.
Braised pork belly with yam slices though it was a bit dry but yet yummy.
This dish seems to be the favourite, it must be the super duper gravy with lots of sinful lard.
Steamed patin fish - fresh and succulent, it was served with golden fried garlic topping. The meat was chunky and nice.
Braised pork trotter was a over kill for the lunch, white flag was raised and the going was slow nevertheless we managed to finished it...
All in all we over ate and driving back to Kuala Lumpur seems far. I had to take a stop for a nap in order to continue the journey... What a sumptuous lunch till then we will be back to Tapah for good food again.

Restoran Sing Seng Kee
Jalan Bidor-Tapah
Near & opposite Balai Polis
Tapah Town
GPS : 4.19349,101.264387

Thursday, March 21, 2013

UTAR Charity Ride 100313 @ Kampar

A weekend was allocated for a ride at Kampar where a big group of cyclists participated in the name of charity for Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. We registered with a RM30 fee and were provided with a helmet (or a headlight) and a tee shirt each. That was why the respond was overwhelming.
Some of us checked into this budget hotel Siswa Hotel.
A student by the name of V.K. Park volunteered to show us around Kampar the evening before the charity ride. Of course he showed us the beautiful campus of UTAR.
I was amazed by the initiative to promote cycling in Kampar especially in the new development surrounding UTAR though not perfectly equipped but it was a good start. 
V.K. Park took us to a food court in the town for a supper where we enjoyed some local food. Thank you V.K.!!!
It was a great morning in Kampar we rode to a McDonald's outlet for breakfast before taking our pole positions.
Some of the cheerful faces before the flag off.

The route was interesting passing by Kampar town and some other smaller towns and villages.
 The weather was fantastic in the morning where some stretches with good shades from trees along the way.

Water station for a brief rest and fluid intake.
 As we approaches the end of the ride the sun was slowly getting hot.....

At last I can see Kampar town what a relief.
Three of us took a detour just before the finishing line for a wonderful local coffee and half boiled eggs. 
Participants waiting to be lucky in the hope of winning lucky prizes.

That's it folk and bye bye to UTAR.
It was getting hotter and many have to go back home empty handed but not to worry we can try our luck again next year.