Saturday, December 31, 2011

Moy Nasi Lemak @ Danau Kota, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

This wooden coffee shop is unique, most customers were mainly elderly people and there was one table with 4 early birds playing mahjong. The owner seems very comfortable without shirt managing the kopitiam. What a scene for a morning in the inner part of Gombak/Setapak.
Everything seems old & long established and for the first time I see a Malay Stall with a Chinese name "Moy" selling nasi lemak. Don't you think it's unique and wait till you see her nasi lemak.
Chicken rendang at her counter.
I think her popularity is due to her generosity of the nasi lemak she provides, it the biggest "bungkus" I ever had for one breakfast. RM5.50 including add-on of fried egg and sotong.
Please go try it out if you happen to be at that vicinity.

Moy Nasi Lemak
Jalan Chong Hwa & Jalan Langkawi "bend"
Danau Kota,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.199657,101.707883

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Salmon Run @ KRPM Dinner @ Restoran Tuck Kee

I enjoyed this crackers, it is thin, cripsy, tasty and addictive.
Three bottles of whiskies for this dinner and that is too much for a table of 10.
We pre-ordered a salmon fish from Ah Tuck (the owner of Restoran Tuck Kee) for our salmon run at Kelab Rahman Putra. This was a delicious and sweet raw salmon fish.
The players of the day some were "injured" and some won. That's part of the game and all ended well with a happy & lovely dinner at Restoran Tuck Kee @ Bukit Maluri, Kepong.
The salmon was so truly lovely, everyone enjoyed it and it needs not take a "nihon gin" to serve good raw fish. Ah Tuck can do it.
Shark bone's soup was marvellously tasty.
Smoked duck meat slices at the peripheral with smoked chicken meat at the core. The smoked meat was a bit salty but paired well with Old Parr.
This was an interesting dish of a comnbination of seafoods, fried dried fishes, blanched octopus, baby abalone and jelly fish. Very suitable for our whiskies drinking....
Ah Tuck's creation of the remains of our salmon fish in a clay pot with a mix of cooked meat and crispy fried fish head and bones. It was a great dish and really something special for us.
The grilled lamb did not turn out well, it was slightly tough and fortunately I had the smallest piece and was able to finish it.
Siu Pak Choy with minced meat & chopped prawns toppings was another delicious dish.
It was time for some carbohyrate intake and it had to be a Hokkien Fried Noodle...truly sinful.
Ah Tuck had the honour to mix the fried noodle and the egg. Thanks to Ah Tuck a 100% customer friendly chap.
hApPy winners...
The players for the whiskies challenge.... Almost everyone "ta pau" Ah Tuck's big pau back home after the sumptous meal.  There were already talks of the next warfare and looks like one being fixed before the end of 2011.
Restoran Tuck Kee

No. 39, Jalan Burung Jentayu,
Taman Bukit Maluri
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.199999, 101.632161

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kedai Makan Choy Kee @ Sungkai for Braised Pork Knuckle.

Our journey back to KL has to be completed with another adventurous meal and that was in a cowboy town called Sungkai. Truly a quiet town and we found Kedai Makan Choy Kee. It was 2.30pm and the shop was still packed with patrons.
Marmite fried chicken was gorgeous with nice flavour and aroma.
We came for this knuckle and it was a memorable visit @ Choy Kee for this wonderful braised pork knuckle.
The skin was in a perfect condition for excellent bites and chew. Of course the meat was cooked to perfection. Nothing was left from this plate just the bones....
Another common dish liked by customers and it was this tofu with minced meat.
A mix veggie with prawns, squids and lean meat was a good choice for a change.
Haruan fish Steamed with soy sauce was lovely, it was big and meaty slightly more than 2kg.
Deep fried soft shell crabs were also delicious...everyone was pleased with this detour and has no complaint at all coming to Sungkai in fact they loved the food.
 Kedai Makan Choy Kee35, Jalan Besar,
35600 Sungkai,Perak.
Tel : 05-4386287 or 019-3369609
GPS : 3.996578,101.308172

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Restoran Tringkap @ Tringkap, Cameron Highlands for Dinner

It was a long journey to Restoran Tringkap @ Tringkap. The traffic was madness going through Brinchang town where a night market was held next to the road sides. A note of advice, Don't go through Brinchang during Saturdays and especially during school holidays or public holidays.
Steamed free range chicken served with chopped ginger & soy sauce.
Deep fried tilapia fish in slices seems to be the restaurant signature's dish.
Deep fried mushroom
Dragon bread veggie "Loong Sou Choy" in belacan stir fried in right flavour & taste.
Stir fried long beans which looks difficult from that we have in KL, seems coarser and darker in green but it tasted good and crunchy.
Clay pot braised lamb for the mutton lovers.
Dinner was over, everyone was worried about the journey back to Tanah Rata... the traffic jam...the pasar malam. Everyone has the same opinion that we should have stay back in Tanah Rata for dinner instead stucked in the traffic jam for hours just to cover for a few kilometres.... A lesson learnt indeed.

Restoran Tringkap14 Taman Puncak Tringkap
Tringkap 39100
Cameron Highlands
Tel : 05-4962324
GPS : 4° 31' 01.20"N, 101° 25' 37.59"E

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Roti Chapatti @ Ammache, SS15 Subang Jaya

Ammache Curry House offers authentic South Indian food with a clean and simple set up. I was here for a simple breakfast. I learned that the word “Ammache” is actually “ grandmother”.
And I always like chapatti. My chapatti was a freshly made bread which came with cabbage mixed with potato & others and a small stainless steel bowl of fish curry gravy.
I enjoyed this fresh & warm spicy curry tenggiri fish and matches well the warm chapatti. It was a total exhilaration.

Ammache Curry House
45, Jalan SS15/4E, 
Subang Jaya, 
47500 Selangor
 GPS : 3.077395,101.587711

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Restoran Tonny @ Tapah for Eel Delicacy

As planned, we wanted to eat eel delicacy in Tapah and there are few shops that serve such food. Restoran Tonny is one of them located near and opposite side of the Police Station.
Braised pork belly with yam turned out to be a favourite among us.
The aroma of this pork rib was so distinguish & good and not forgetting the delicious bites of this meat dish. Thumb up for this one.
These two vegetables were yummy paku veggie and a stir fried sawi.

Steamed frogs with rice wine and soy sauce were not everybody liking but it was super duper yummy to some.
At last the chunky and succulent eel fried with dried chilli was the highlight. Onagi as the Japanese would called it. And Tapah provides one of the best and you must try it.
15 of us into two tables and everyone was happy with this visit.

Restoran Tonny (Changed onwership already)
Jalan Bidor-Tapah
Near & opposite Balai Polis
Tapah Town
GPS : 4.19349,101.264387

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cameron Highlands After a Long Long Time

The last time I went to Cameron Highlands could be decades ago. This is Lata Iskandar a popular stop over for picnic at a waterfall or some shopping of the local produces.
The minute I parked my car next to this stall I asked this new found "brother" to open one of these king of fruits for me even though we just had lunch at Tapah.

The rest of the entourage was looking for me and found me eating durian here. They joined me for a lovely durian eating. RM5.00 per kg just in case you want to know the price.
The banana is sold at RM5.00 per kg 100% no fertiliser is used and 100% organic. A big bundle of "petai" for RM55.00.
 The traffic on a Saturday afternoon was bad upon reaching Tanah Rata, fortunately the apartment we were staying is just before the town. The setting was lovely just like England wet and cooling. It's going to be a a wonderful weekend at Cameron Highlands.
Let not stay too long in the apartment and let see places of Cameron Highlands.

The rain comes and go we were slightly hampered by it. We went around the town of Tanah Rata and took shelter from the wet weather. Our next plan was to travel up to Tringkap for dinner but it was a bad decision to have dinner there on a Saturday evening where the traffic was exceptionally heavy coupled with a night market at Brinchang. It was a long drive to and fro just to have dinner at Restoran Tringkap.

I was the first to sleep and first to wake up, I sneaked out of the apartment to this Indian Eating Shop for a hot tea and a packet of Nasi Lemak. The sky was still dark.

Took time to shoot some beautiful flowers around Green Hill Apartments.

A typical life in Brinchang town at a newspaper stand in front of a coffee shop.
A vibrant town with many hotels & apartments for tourists and also colourful in a way.

Our breakfast at a Hainanese Kopitiam @ Hong Kong Hotel, No.5 Jalan Besar Brinchang.

 Hi Ryan, victory we got food .......

Some of the faces in the "kopitiam".

Buying strawberry jam at the shop next door, it's all about strawberry in Cameron.
It was a tiring walk for this Uncle but a happy moment with his children encouraging him to complete the walk.
myFamily @ Greenhill Apartments.
At Bee Farm, a place we dropped by on our way home.
Another stop over to buy something back...strawberries, fruits & vegetables...
Sweet honey corn of Cameron Highlands, just eat it raw and it's so tasty.

A hybrid of orange & pomelo. Mummy please buy I want...
Bye bye Cameron and bye bye Lata Iskandar. See you next time.