Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Special Dish @ Pak Thong, Kepong

Calvin Soh made this special reservation with Kow Kia for a wonderful dinner at Pak Thong, Kepong Baru. Besides Kow Kia’s usual dishes which you can see them at here and here, I like to highlight 3 great dishes of the night and they were a duck dish, a prawn dish and Kow Kia’s popular braised knuckle.

This is the pot of marvel, something like a Bak Kut Teh, this duck has been well stewed with 10 kind of herbs. A soup that was awesome, black in colour, strong herbal taste and aroma and good medicinal value.

Just look at AS Lee’s drum stick. Isn’t it appealing….

Duck wing for me with lot of soup, I love it. And the knuckle with thick and rubbery skin was interesting, a great dish to savour…

Big prawn in dark soya sauce was delicious, it was fresh, succulent and juicy.
Braised pork knuckle another Kow Kia's specialty gorgeous and yummy, you can get it everyday at this place.

Kow Kia serving his duck cuisine to us for a table of 14 people.

Pak Thong
Off Jalan Ambong,
Kepong Baru.
Call Kow Kia's h/p no: 016-296-8700
GPS : 3.210334, 101.645470

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nam Chun Coffee Shop @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Nam Chun Coffee Shop is near a wet market at Lucky Garden, Bangsar and it is always filled with customers in the early morning. I like to sit at the outside of the shop as the morning weather is just perfect for a Malaysian road side café fiesta….

This shop has many eatery stalls and the following dishes have been savoured and found to be good.

Aunt Christina’s Sarawak Laksa has been featured in many blogs and newspapers. I am new to Sarawak Laksa and I love it especially the gravy it’s different from our Peninsular curry laksa both its noodles & gravy. The Sarawak noodle is kind of a bloated Beehoon and the gravy is interestingly tangy. The prawns were fresh with other ingredients like shredded egg & chicken meat. At last I to got to taste a noodle from Kuching which many say that Christina's is close to the original in Kuching…. Definitely a thumb up for this Sarawak mee.

KL Wong ordered this Char Koay Teow and he loves it. He enjoyed the CKT with its crunchy and juicy Taugeh.

I have also tried Nam Chun’s local Curry Laksa a month ago and it was equally good and delicious, the gravy is strong and tasty. For extra oomph add this into the bowl of curry laksa.

Kedai Makanan Nam Chun

2-4, Lorong Ara Kiri,
Lucky Garden,
GPS: 3.127798 101.670532

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lunch at a River Side @ Restoran Riverview Small Village, Jalan Ipoh, KL

This is my first time visiting this eatery place located at the 4th Mile of Jalan Ipoh and hidden next to Batu River. If you are coming from City centre you will pass by Komplek Mutiara on the left and further up on the left you will see a Petronas Petrol Station where you will have to turn left into Jalan Cenderuh 2. You will see a college by the name of Kolej Jaya Bakti. It is sited in between the college (shop houses) and the river (Sg. Batu). Car parking could be a problem it would be a good idea to car pool when visiting this place.

The place was already 90% packed with people when we arrived for lunch and it is a temporary building with water mist blowing around the front of the building. It was a good thing to do especially during this spell of hot weather.

Heng Wah Noodle fried with prawns, meat and topping with fried eggs, dry sea weeds and ground nuts was fantastic. We enjoyed this first dish very much.

One of Riverview specialties is this Deep fried fish, “Mak Yau Yee” flooded with salted vegetable gravy. We found that the fish was not crispy enough to please our bites. A little bit crisper would be lovely.

Fried local Tofu in cubes with minced meat gravy over it was also delicious.

Braised Pork Trotter with sea cucumber, black moss fungus, mushroom and a bit of vegetables was delicious but sinful.

A bowl of spinach soup on a hot weather was a good choice.

Restoran Riverview Small Village

GPS : 3.195262,101.678724

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Treat for a Promotion - Bravo!!!

There is always reasons to celebrate, this time around a friend gets promoted and definitely a good and valid reason to celebrate. A wonderful dinner was held at Restoran CH at Danau Kota.

These were the friends celebrating the good occasion. We had a wonderful evening at the restaurant, good food, good drinks and couple of karaoke songs.

On behalf of friends of KGT we would like to wish Tuan CKK all the best in his new chapter of his career and may he succeed in his whatever endeavour he does.

And lastly the delicious dishes of the night.

Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY Steamboat @ Home sweet Home on the 7th Day

From Sg Petani after the prize presentation ceremony in Cinta Sayang Golf & Country Resort I drove back home non stop to attend this party & managed to reach home just in time. I was glad to see the house packed with people, very 'lau juak' or lively. Once in a blue moon it is good to bring lots of people into the house, the noise could chase away all stale forces in the house and bring in fresh one. So said some Feng Shui experts.....

On the left table is the Yeo family, Darren, Yeo & Jennifer and the right table is my in-laws..

Every one was busy with their steam boat especially Evelyn Tan as seen here posing with her parent and her brother Wei Loong.

3 pots on 3 tables, very “lau juak” and my neighbour, Mei Foong taking care of the kids.

The Form 3 group - Xiang Yi and his friends were having a great time with several rounds of food, card game, computer game & movie. I am sure they enjoyed themselves and had a memorable night here. Sons of Patrick Lau and they are either Kenny, Kelvin, this uncle cannot remember lah, my apology. Just let me know I‘ll put the record right….

Hwee Wen (Evelyn) and Susan were in a joyous mood toasting wine for a good occasion. Shou Yi & his cool friends have upgraded having wine & whiskies.

I like to thank my wife Jo, Father in law & Ati for making this dinner possible. What a happy and wonderful night indeed.