Friday, July 31, 2009

Sri Lankan Crabs @ Stadium Negara Restaurant

Thank God it’s Friday and a great dinner at Restoran Stadium Negara. The sky was still bright but we were ready for our dinner. A view of Petronas Twin Towers from where I was seated.

The night creeps in as we dine and wine…........

The 2 big and juicy Sri Lankan crabs were full of roe and the scent of BBQ was good. I love eating this.

This dish was definitely the highlight of the night…
A night full of cholesterol intake but we just could not resist the nice BBQ chicken wings, calamari and the balitong. Eat first worry later.

The bottle of whiskey has to be finished before anyone can leave the table.

The final dish was a plate of perfect fried rice…

At last the bottle was fully consumed and we said goodbye to Petronas Twin Towers.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peang Cheong No Name Tai Chow @ Jalan Perusahaan Ringan

This is one of the Three Tai Chow found at Jalan Perusahaan Ringan, Setapak and this one without a name but on the same side of the road near Yee Sang Fatt Seafood Restaurant as posted previously HERE. When we asked the owner for the name of this stall they just mentioned "no name" but the place is known as the oldest Pheang Cheong Tai Chow in that territory (Biscuit Factory Tai Chow).

The 1st dish was a steamed ginger fish (Wan Yee), it was delicious with sufficient ginger and was steamed to the perfect taste. Thumb up for this one.

This is no doubt a simple stir fried veggie but these tapioca leaves were cleverly selected and fried to the right taste and the leaves were succulent and of prefect size.

Fried tilapia fish in Thai style was an interesting dish as the gravy was 100% Thai coupled with the petai and long bean making this dish a gorgeous cuisine. This is a dish worth trying.

The calamari or sotong fried with dried chilli and it was good and succulent.

Roasted pork (siew york) fried with dark soya sauce and sugar could have been better if fried with some small chilli (chilli padi). This wonderful dish goes very well with the whiskey.

Stir fried Lala was yummy too. Simple & nice.

Bitter gourd fried with roasted pork (Siew York) I would prefer the slices of bitter gourd to be thicker in order to have a full and crunchy taste of bitter gourd.

Danny Chan (left) was in a good mood, the whiskey & dinner was on him. We wish to thank Danny Chan for the wonderful dinner as we explore the wonder in this quiet stall. We shall explore the third and last stall at this road soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Taiwan @ 1Utama - Petaling Jaya

1 Utama at Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya is an interesting shopping mall and somewhere near Cold Storage supermarket, you will find this Little Taiwan with many other attractive food outlets. I wonder whether all these outlets will survive, only time will tell. Meanwhile, we eat…..

Home made Chicken dumplings – These are steamed dumplings which I will grade it as an average dumpling, the skin is slightly too thick and the core ingredients should be a little bit more generous. Other than that it is alright, boleh makan lah.

Braised Beef noodle – This is the only one I love most, the soup was great and the braised beef was equally nice.

Spicy mini steamboat – my dear Malaysians, I think this is too spicy for us even though we love spicy foods and also it’s too oily. The dish is not appealing at all and worst of all the prawns were “powdery” totally not fresh…. I recommend you to stay away for this one and put your money on better dishes.

Tang Tang Noodle – Not an exciting dish, the meatballs weren’t tasty at all. This is another disappointment. Slightly below average maybe local instant noodle would taste better…

Braised beef – Lovely beef meat as extra helping…..

So much of Little Taiwan from me…

Little Taiwan
LG325/326, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-7729 5582

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Chow Kee - Bandar Menjalara

It has been a while I have not visited my favourite Teochew noodle shop at Bandar Menjalara for breakfast. Today I have decided to visit Chow Kee and this time for a Pork Noodle.
This particular order comes with an egg in it, I love egg. I always like to patronize this shop because of their generosity of giving more veggie. The soup is plain and clear but tasty with no sign of excessive MSG.
The lady boss informed me that they will be selling Beef Noodle soon starting from 1st August 2009. We shall take the challenge to savour her beef noodle or soup and according to her it will be of Penang style.

We shall see……
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ana’s Burger somewhere in Taman Melawati / Kemensah Heights.

After learning it from a popular blog, Masak-Masak which I have marked it as one of our potential eating outings and tonight was a perfect time for a taste of Malaysian burger.
We took a short adventurous ride from Setiawangsa to track down for Ana’s Burger and eventually we found the secluded corner with a slight hitch. Ana’s trademark is the Green Apple in lieu of cucumber. The reason being the cucumber will disintegrates very fast and becomes watery or soggy for the burger. With Ana’s burger you can even keep it in the fridge, eat it the following day and still taste good.
Double Burger carefully prepared to your liking.

Beef Burger Special for me.... It was delicious & juicy.

My kids were disappointed that they could not eat right there at the place and has to “Ta Pau” or takeaway to another point for the feast.
There is a variety to choose from Ana’s Menu and of interesting choices which I reckon we have to come again for the continuation of this Malaysian burger adventure.

We ended up in a food court and together with ABC, ice creams and drinks, we had a wonderful dinner at Carrefour.
Zuyi just could not wait to sink his teeth into his Double Ana’s Burger.

Xiang Yi vouched for the fabulous & delicious Malaysian burger and his was the “Kawen Burger”
When reached home, we were told we smelled like burger. Why not? We were anxiously witnessing Ana’s husband preparing our burgers at the stall.
GPS Coordinates: N3 13.000 E101 45.622
Ana Burger
Jalan L8
Taman Melawati
Phase 6A
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 017-2670924

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Assam Pedas Melaka @ Jalan Jelatek, Setiawangsa

Assam Pedas Melaka at Jalan Jelatek, Taman Setiawangsa located near the LRT Setiawangsa Station. A very interesting set up and a nice place to eat but the assam pedas is not as good as the one I tried at Jalan Jonid, Muar.

We tried the tenggiri (mackerel) assam pedas, nyonya chicken kicap and cabbage fried with egg. Among these dishes cabbage fried with egg was the best. The mackerel wasn’t fresh and the chicken was tough (over fried).

Anyway if you are in the mood of having assam pedas and could reach Melaka or Muar for the time being, then you can try it here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tien Tien Lai Restaurant @ Taman Ayer Panas K.L.

This is another “Tai Chow” in Setapak area which has been operating here for a long time. I remember during the late 70’s as a student surviving on a tight allowance would order a mixed veggie “chop chow” and a bowl of plain rice instead of the usual routine economy rice “chop fun” commonly available in most coffee shops. This is how I pampered myself in the early years and it was only possible once in a blue moon and not an every day affair (just like the name of the stall “Tien Tien Lai” which means “come everyday”)

“Mui Choy Kau York” was delicious except for the dark colour appearance, possibly an overnight dish..

The unique characteristic of this Tien Tien Lai is this steamed rice in aluminum bowl.

The deep fried fish “wan yee lum” passed the mark except for the over fried of the exterior part of the fish which makes it not so appealing. Maybe it due to the cooking oil which has been re used too many time.

Stir fried veggies a little bit oily.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chapati Near Tawakal Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Chapati for a Monday breakfast at Restoran Santa Sweet House was a good choice indeed. This is my re-visit to this shop after a long time. Malaysia has a wide range of foods to choose and of so many ethnic foods; indeed we are fortunate people in this part of the world. So don’t complain so much just enjoy your lives here.

But for the same order I had previously on 13 September 2007 the price has went up by 25% (from RM4.00 to RM5.00). Our incomes don’t seem to increase just like the food prices therefore we should eat more chapatti or roti canai especially during this economic crisis.

As mentioned previously, this shop is located at Jalan Sarikei (Off Jalan Pahang), Setapak Kuala Lumpur. To view previous posting of this shop please click here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Royal Selangor Club - President vs Convenor

President versus Convenor game has always been a game full of fun especially with all the generous number of prizes for the participants. Every participant in the dinner went back with prizes.

This year game was held at Kinrara Golf Club, the weather was perfect even though at time it was scorching hot. Members of RSC assembled here before the tee off.

Lee Siew Wah is always cool and steady…

Lee Aik Seong always drives well and long. Please beware of this golfer.

What a hot day and this is Jan Chan, the Lady Champion of Rahman Putra.

At the our dining table........

Some at the bar which is the closest to the booze......

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy Cow! Cows in Kuala Lumpur City

Yes it was about my encounter of a herd of cows at Jalan Sentul (mind you, this is at the heart of Kuala Lumpur city) and most interestingly these cows were at a traffic light junction. I thought they were law abiding city cows waiting for the light to turn green before turning right.
No! They couldn’t wait, they broke the law cos’ they got the number to take control of the traffic and all surrounding cars has to stopped and let the commotion happens.
Amazing isn’t it.
Hello!! Kuala Lumpur.
Yes! Malaysia, we can!!!