Sunday, January 31, 2010

SUKMA XIII 2010 Golf Challange @ KGT PDRM

You have to pay an additional of RM50.00 to participate in this preliminary round of SUKMA Golf Challenge and if you are selected you can play in the final round of SUKMA XIII Games 2010 at Melaka. And in front of our flight were all the ex-“mata mata”.

This is the Champion of the Day for Nett Catogery, Idris Husin. He played well and only fumbled one hole with a double bogey. My flight mates at the Hole 8.

Hasanudin Puteh (right) started perfectly with a sandy Birdie in the 1st Hole and emerged 2nd placing in the Nett Category. Asan Mahmud also played well at the beginning but luck was not with him he could not maintain the rhythm at mid way. That’s golf, it is not easy to hold on to the momentum you wanted it to be.

I played 51 strokes in the first nine and 47 in the back nine which means bye bye to SUKMA XIII, Melaka. My consolation of the day was a good and delicious lunch at the Club House of Kelab Golf Titiwangsa PDRM.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Typical Chinese Wedding Dinner in Kuala Lumpur

The dinner was served at 9.03p.m. and not at 7.00pm sharp as indicated in the Invitation Card. It’s an accepted and expected time to start a Chinese wedding dinner in Kuala Lumpur. So, be prepared if you do not have the experience attending such a dinner in Kuala Lumpur. If you need to eat something before the late meal please do so by all means. You will find a Menu on the table describing what for dinner for the night.

Then the time that everyone has been waiting finally came. The first course of the night a starter “Special 4 Hot Seasons Combination”

Braised Shark’s fins soup with Dried Seafood. And a suckling piglet......

Steamed Red Snapper with Bean Curb sticks. And baked prawns with cereal were delicious.

Braised Seafood Combination and Fried rice with minced seafood.

Double boiled lotus seed with Lily bulbs and Chinese fancy cakes as the final dishes of the night….

The Host going from table to table toasting or Yum Seng all the night through and the karaoke session non stop from the start of the dinner til the end… you will be amazed to see so many people here that like to sing.

The Bride & Groom were requested at our tables posing a shot or 2 for a place in the album.

Another one for the album and the big crowd at Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant to celebrate this happy occasion for Mah Kok Hoe & Pua Ching Shen.
Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant
(formerly Kum Leng)
119, Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2145-6933

GPS : 3.144048,101.705916

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Simple Breakfast @ Taman Sri Hartamas Stalls, KL

If you are looking for a simple breakfast in the morning and happened to be in the neighbourhood of Sri Hartamas then I would recommend you to this corner for a simple local breakfast. There are at least 3 stalls opened in the morning which serve roti canai or prata, local rice or nasi lemak in standard packets or on plates (which you can pick your own choice of ingredients). And there are also fried noodles too.

Hard boiled eggs are available on every table.

Similarly, ready packets of Nasi Lemak found on the table too.

This is how it looks like when you open the packet of Nasi Lemak. The egg on the extreme corner was added on.
You have to mix the rice and the sambal (chilli paste) before you eat. And it is indeed a delicious food, simple yet tasty.

And lastly I had a cup of warm Nescafe' coffee to complete my meal.

Food CourtJalan Sri Hartamas 1
Taman Sri Hartamas
GPS : 3.159097,101.650604

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thai Chicken Rice @ Bukit Rahman Putra, Sg. Buloh

Before a game of golf, one must have sufficient calories to burn for the whole of 18 holes and I decided to get the calories from a plate of Chicken rice at Restoran Yik Dai Ga. The Chicken Rice is of Thai style, something different and quite a fabulous food to try at this part of Bukit Rahman Putra.

The poached chicken does not taste as good as those in Hadyai, Bangkok or Chiangmai but it does have some similarity of it.

The rice smells good and definitely a good energy provider which I would need it later in the day.

The chilli sauce is different from our normal sauce it is darker in colour, spicy and tasty.

A bowl of fish balls soup to complement the chicken rice. This meal was nothing spectacular but palatable.

Restoran Yik Dai Ga
Thai Chicken Rice Stall
2 Jalan BRP 6/11
Bukit Rahman Putra
Sg Buloh

GPS : 3.226822,101.557338

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Authentic Thai Food @ Sawadee 88, Kuala Lumpur

Sawadee Karp…..Welcome to Sawadee 88. This was an excellent discovery, an interesting place out of nowhere in Kuala Lumpur, the weather was perfect and most importantly the food was great. Sawadee 88 is located somewhere in between Jalan Chan Sow Lin and Cheras Badminton Hall which is actually accessible from these 2 points.
To find this place could be difficult and a worrying affair. The road leading to this place is narrow, quiet and probably meant for servicing Kerayong River. A railway line is also next to it where you could see Kommuter trains passing by as you eat.

The seafood Tom Yam was the best among all the dishes ordered (RM20.00).

This was a plain (white) Tom Yam soup the spiciness was just right and was fierily delicious. The other Tom Yam is the red type.

Green curry chicken in a coconut RM25.00

I like this dish too, Otak Otak (RM22.00)which is totally different from our local Otak Otak. It is delicious with flower crabs, squids, prawns and other ingredients in this superb dish.

Fried Siakap fish (RM40.00)in fillets and coated with Thai sauce. The operator insisted that we tried this signature dish of theirs. I think I prefer the Tom Yam.

Stir fried Kailan with salted fish cubes (RM12.00) was tasty but the vegetable was slight tough (an old Kailan).

Som Tham (RM22.00) was another dish I enjoyed, a wonderful Thai salad with poached squids was gorgeous and would order it again the next time I come.

And lastly a free of charge dessert - a nice Leong Fun to cool the body after a good meal of Authentic Thai cuisine at a secret hide-out of Kuala Lumpur.

These are the nice scenes of Sawadee 88 which I believe would look great in the evening.
Sawadee 88
Next to Sg. Kerayong
Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin
via Jalan Lima
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.119286 101.71784