Monday, March 31, 2014

Jetty Seafood 船头海鲜楼, Bukit Tambun Penang

Coming back to Penang is always all about food and with the fast growing development at the main land it will be good to explore in depth for places of attraction and food. 
This time around it was a cycling event on the second bridge (the longest in Southeast Asia) which brought us here for another exploration. Next time I want to visit Pulau Aman and hopefully I can do it as soon as possible.
After the historical ride at the 2nd Penang Bridge we headed to Bukit Tambun for our lunch. The first dish that was served on the table was a deep fried grouper fish. The skin of the fish was crispy and in the insider it was fresh and tender .... I like the perfectly fried fine ginger strips topping & its aroma....
Too Boey Sui - poached small octopus with its lovely chilli sauce.
A simple stir fried veg to balance and supplement the lunch.
Poached spiky snails which I like to call them as helicopter clams .... you need to use a tooth pick to pick the edible part. It's was an interesting & tasty experience.
Bamboo clams fried with ginger - another delicious seafood to satisfy us.
Tofu with seafood ingredients served in a hot claypot. 
the covered linkway into Restoran Jeti (Jetty Seafood Restaurant).
Next to the restaurant is a cockle collection house where cockles are washed before sending off to the market.

The restaurant has a beautiful view into the water with its fishing boats harbouring on a raining day.
Makanan Laut Jeti
1249 Bagan Bukit Tambun
Simpang Ampat
Seberang Perai
Tel: 04-5880949 / 019-415-2934 (亚成)
GPS: 5.271221, 100.443385

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Official Launch of Brompton Folding Bicycle in Malaysia

Thanks for the invitation. Once upon a time I had a love affair for a while and was nearly committed during the flirtation. Shall I or shall I not ....your guess is as good as mine.
At last Brompton is officially launched in Malaysia and NGee Cycles is the official dealer. Prior to this there were several speculations as who will get the dealership.
Here you are the compact & portable bikes ready for you.
A prospect checking the quick foldability of a Brompton bike.
It's elegant, cute and always make heads turn....
Well done Malaysia we will see more bromies on the road soon.
Lucky draws for the lucky people.
And the lucky people are none other than Siew Yung & Joe. Congratulation!!!
The proud owners of Brompton bikes of Malaysia who were there to witnessed the launch.
 Some of my shots during the launch.
 Besides bicycle .... Malaysians love their food.
For those who wants to try the bike can visit PedalSpot or Van's Urban Bicycle Co.
 A visit to Van's Urban Bicycle Co

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh (直落玻璃肉骨茶)

At last I made my way to Teluk Pulai for a satisfying food adventure as I want to know if there is any different in taste from the other shop at Taman Intan.
By the time we reached this place the crowd was at its minimum I had a chance to shoot a few shots at the kitchen...
This was ours with chilli padi added .... and it was deliciously spicy.
A hot claypot of mixed Bak Kut Teh with ribs, fish fillet, fishballs, ka wan, intestine, mushroom, fuchuk etc etc.... very very yummy and not forgetting the nice plain rice with fried shallot topping...
A dry BKT version of a trotter it's spicy and tasty.
After 52km of cycling from home we finally found the original Bak Kut Teh in Klang ..... another place worth coming back.

Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh 直落玻璃肉骨茶
27H Jalan Teluk Pulai
Tel: +6012-383-2121
GPS : 3.040323, 101.434600

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Impromptu Ride to Klang from Setiawangsa and back for 106km

It was impromptu I decided to take my Boston Montague to Klang in the hope to meet some friends from Subang for Bak Kut Teh in Klang. 7 In the early morning I left my house for the exploration.
The six of us at Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh shop for the ori .....
7.30am I reached Brickfields and I received a message from Alex that he is going to join me.
Met up with Alex at Seri Setia, Federal Highway at around 8am and I messaged Jason & gang that both of us were on our way up to the royal town.
Minutes before 9.00am we managed to catch up with the group from Subang Jaya at a petrol station ... and the six then headed for the BKT search.
It was 9:20 we were in Klang town and concertedly we decided to try the original Teluk Pulai Bat Kut Teh and the search continued .....
Jason checking with a local the exact direction to the shop.
9.45am we found the shop Restaurant Pulai Bak Kut Teh and it took me 52km from home to reached here.
By then the crowd was at its minimum and good for us we need not have to wait too long for the food.
We had a wonderful meal at Restaurant Teluk Pulai though it was sinful but absolutely awesome!
Our pot of BKT with mixed ingredients from seafood to pig intestines ......
Just before 10.00am we were done with our first food adventure and left Jalan Teluk Pulai for some sightseeing.
At an old fort called "Raja Mahadi Fort".
A fort built to barricade against rival Raja Abdullah over the control of Klang.
11.00am we were at the double decker bridge going to Chong Kok Kopi Tiam for their lovely coffee.
On our way to the kopitiam we were held up trying to poison some of the Maljis people & students from UIA to buy "basikal lipat" folding bicycle. And they were very impressed with the bikes and hopefully they will get one soon.
We were doing again for a short cut.....
11.25am for a wonderful local coffee at Chong Kok Kopitiam.
The sun was getting hot as we nipped through the busy town.
12.10pm Bye bye to the royal town of Klang.
The heat was getting into us we took several rests at places like petrol station.
Rest again under a good shade from a billboard.
2.10pm at Brickfields for an icy cold ice kacang.
2.30pm for another food adventure & beer at Lorong Yap Ah Loy for Sang Har Mien at Sang Kee's hideout.
4.00pm I reached home with a total distant of 106km .... what an impromptu ride on a hot Sunday & I like it!