Monday, August 31, 2009

Taman Tasik Food Court @ Taiping Lake

I tell youuuuu…. This is a case of either eat not enough or drink not enough. After a great dinner @ Restoran Tepi Sungai, Kuala Sepetang, we proceeded to Taman Tasik Food Court (Taiping) to continue to eat & drink.

Pusat Makanan Taman Tasik is a huge food court in Taiping it was packed in the inside as well as packed at the outside. There were so many gluttons at this late hour of the night.

I thought Taiping people all sleep very early, maybe these are the peoples having problem sleeping…. Anyway it is definitely a popular night food court in Taiping.

Sonia was smelling the nice aroma of the roasted cuttlefish.

Roasted Cuttlefish, an ideal bite for the Whiskey drinkers.

Jiu Hu Eng Chai - Kangkong with cuttlefish in Rojak sauce.

Lobak & fried tofu.

A bit of sweet mango.

A plate of Char Koay Teow to share...

I like this plate of poached cockles. So nice when eaten with the chilli sauce. yummy yummy...

Restoran Tepi Sungai @ Port Weld (Kuala Sepetang)

After our game at Taiping Golf & Country Club we went back to the hotel and prepare ourselves for a dinner at Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld).

This dinner was arranged by Dato Ong and his family.We could not see much of Kuala Sepetang, a fishing village as it was getting dark by the time we arrived. It must be an interesting village to visit maybe we will come again the next time.

The restaurant is housed on the upper level and on the ground level is where the fishing trawlers bring in the fresh fishes and prawns.

The sun has disappeared into darkness at Kuala Sepetang.

Baby Squids - one perfect dish for the drinkers to munch.

Baby Octopus - a gorgeous starter.

Beside the good food, everyone enjoyed the interesting atmosphere at Tepi Sungai.

Tomyam Prawns – I love this soup, normally I do not really enjoy Tomyam soup but this particular one is lovely.

Fried small shrimps specially fried for the Whiskey drinkers.

Steamed fresh pomfret fish – excellently well steamed.

Butter Prawns – big, succulent & fresh.

Crabs fried with Beehoon – very delicious

Sungai (RT Weld Restaurant)
No 150 Tepi Sungai
Kuala Sepetang
34650 Taiping
Tel : 05 8581169
Business Hour : 11am - 9.30pm
GPS Coordinates : N04 50.150 E100 37.620

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bukit Jana Golf & Country Club on the 2nd Day

Immediately after our breakfast in Penang we have to leave this wet island for a place where the sun and sky are brighter, as bright as our hope to play golf in Taiping.
Yes, we can play and the weather was truly kind to us. Thank you, Thank you....

We were jubilated to see clear sky at the golf course.
Dato and Datin Ong were there to welcome us at the club house. Both of them were also playing with us. We were given goodie bags for the game. Thank you Dato & Datin Ong for your kind hospitality.

Introducing Paul San, handicap 4 with an ambition be a golf pro, age 12. I envy him with such a lovely swing and I wish him good luck. I think he can make it. He has the focus to excel.

Golfers getting ready to roll.

One for the album.

Our flight teed off first at Hole No.1 Par 5 Index 1 and a big pond in front of the Tee Box. My first ball into the pond… to be a pro….I think I will stick back to my building industry.

Lee Aik Seong played well today and made some $$$$.

Jimmy Lim played exceptionally well for his handicap and I strongly recommend to revise his subsidy of strokes...

Paul San teeing off with his mum & dad eyeing on him.

Breakfast @ New Cathay, Burmah Road, Penang

Day 2 – To play golf @ Bukit Jana Golf & Country Club at Kamunting (Taiping), Eat there and stay there.

Before that we assembled ourselves at 425E Jalan Burma, Penang in the morning. A place called Kedai Kopi New Cathay for breakfast and half way through the makan it started to rain but we know Taiping is not raining and probably bright & sunny and we will be there after this eating business.

The place was packed with hungry people from everywhere.
myCurry Mee – not bad lah
Koay Chap with duck meat.

Fried Koay Kak

Loh Mee ok ok only

Banana Pancake – the hottest demand in this Kopi Thiam
To order this Banana Pancake you must be prepared to wait especially on a public holiday or weekend. Of course it is good.

Hokkien Mee or Prawn Mee – so so only

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dinner @ Ocean Green Restaurant & Seafood, Northam Road Penang.

48F, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10500 Penang.
Opening hours: 9.00am - 11.00pm
The ending of Day 1 was a dinner at Ocean Green Restaurant & Seafood, Northam Road. It is actually part of Paramount Hotel an old and nostalgic hotel sited along the millionaires’ row of Penang.
We had a good dinner again in a private room arranged by Jeffery Lee and had a couple of karaoke songs for the night.

On the wall at the reception counter.

Waiting Lounge of Paramount Hotel, a great place for filming olden day’s scenes.

At the Upstair of Paramount Hotel….

All the ladies of the entourage and Jack Lim the torn.

Jeffery singing a Engelbert Humperdinck’s number with 3 back up singers.

Sylvester, Paul & Jack were singing happily.
There were some of us (still not satisfied with food) sneaked out of the apartment for some Nasi Kandar. These people really can eat…..

Ocean Green Restaurant & Seafood

Chulia / Beach Street Beef Soup @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop

We reached the coffee shop at the nick of time, just before closing time (4.30pm) and I was glad we made it for my friends to savour such wonderful beef soup in Penang and never can you find such wonder in Klang Valley.

It is located at the junction of Chulia Street and Beach Street and directly opposite a Fire Station. You can never miss it.

As I blog this post at home in KL, I swallowed my saliva thinking of the soup.

Super duper soup lah must try the next time you are in Penang.

This Beef Soup stall is my No.1 favourite stall. I brought six people to taste & verify the fantastic quality of beef soup here.

This is the young proprietor of the Beef Soup @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop.

At the cooking bench where she prepare her master creation for us.

Jimmy & the Ladies were awaiting me to finish up my photography so that they can start eating.

Boon the eating monster had no time to talk he was concentrating on his beef soup.

All of them loved it, mind you, they just had lunch at Seaview Restaurant 2 hours ago and yet they enjoyed the soup here. That’s how good the soup here.