Monday, November 28, 2016

Restoran Tien Tien Lai at Jalan Pudu 天天来饭店

Yes everyday comes to Tien Tien Lai Restaurant at Jalan Pudu. It is just annexed to the Post Office. The last time I came to this eatery probably 30 years ago.
Restoran Tien Tien Lai have been in existence for more than 40 over years and Jason remembered this place and its signature steamed egg dish. The kitchen is at the alley between the post office and a block of shops with a couple of small tables. We parked our bicycles here safe under watchful eyes of the operator as we went over two lots away for a bigger table for our dinner.
A complimentary chicken soup with old cucumber for a start.
Stir fried lotus root with button mushroom, carrot, baby corn and pea with topping of shredded dried cuttlefish. This was a good choice and very tasty.
Tofu with golden fried skin and a rounded base. The inside is smooth, it tasted good with the soy sauce and some spring onion topping. We had it without the minced meat on top and it was equally tasty.
This curry fish head was yummy we literally cleaned up the whole bowl shining. It came with lot of veggie in it and it was so appetising. It went so well with the plain white rice. 
Stir fried Kangkong with garlic.
Signature dish of a steamed three yolk egg custard (蒸三黄蛋) a combination of egg, salted egg and century egg comes with a small bowl concoction of soy sauce, pepper and sesame seed oil. It was smoothly delicious we had 2 types on the table one with minced meat and one without. Both were good.
Salted steamed kampong chicken.
14 of us came with our folding bicycles for a meal at Restoran Tien Tien Lai and we enjoyed the dinner very much. Thumb up for Tien Tien Lai though we won't be coming everyday but we will surely come back again.

Tien Tien Lai Restaurant 

490, Jalan Pudu (behind POS Malaysia Pudu)
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS : 3.134304, 101.713922

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Ride Your City 2016 - The Weekend that Bicycles Gathered for a Good Cause

Old Kuala Lumpur was invaded by bicycles for the whole Sunday and it was a great scene indeed.
It was the first week of the month where City Hall will prepare certain streets in Kuala Lumpur for a car free morning.
Meeting friends on a regular basis fortnightly on a car free morning and as usual everyone was looking good and cheerful.
It was time to move over to Medan Pasar where once upon a time there were many bicycles used during the olden days. And today we see bicycle movement everywhere on the street of Kuala Lumpur, how nice if we can see such sight everyday. 
These kids are good and skillful, continue to kayuh and stay safe dik.
I saw him earlier and asked him to do it again so that I can capture it and happily he did it for me. Thanks again young man.
The weather was superb and it was nice continuously meeting friends who have one thing in common that is everyone loves cycling.
My salute to Pedal Malaya for creating this awareness and I am sure slowly but surely the public is getting aware of the existence growing cycling force. Continue promoting and keep up the good work.
Classic bicycles at the exhibition hall on the upper floor of 2 Hang Kasturi.
I tried the nasi lemak bungkus with a deep fried chicken with rempah, it was super delicious. Milo and mineral water were on the house.
At 2 Hang Kasturi there were Bike talks, Bike movies, exhibitions and merchandise for sales.
Kim & a colleague at their booth on bike sharing.
Pak Kong sharing on bicycle insurance especially for those own expensive bicycles.
The booth of "The Basikal" with Akmal.
Happy cyclists feeling at home at 2 Hang Kasturi.
Kim trying her best on fastest folding challenge.
For the first time I would see the gathering of these skillful BMX riders and it was lovely to see them in action.
I guess it takes years of training to handle these bikes, well done Bro!
A day before I enjoyed taking part in this slowest race, I got booted after the second round.
A short clip on the second day (Sunday)

Come out from your house if you feel like cycling again and have not done it for a long long time. See you on the road.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

It's October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Time really flies. It's another year of campaigning and the whole month of October was filled with many cancer awareness campaigns. It was about the same time last year we had a similar ride in the city of Kuala Lumpur and now it's back for 2016. Well Wacoal and its organising team. See last year's event in this blog.
There were hundreds of pink riders joining hands to beat cancer in Kuala Lumpur. The participation this year looked better than last year.
We rode through the city center to increase awareness of breast cancer. Breast cancer can be prevented if detect early.
 This campaign was supported by Wacoal, Wacoal Pink Ribbon and New Straits Times. Once again congratulation for a successful effort.
Kaki Foldies were there too. See you again maybe next year and HaPpY Cycling!
A clip of the beautiful Sunday ride in the city 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

An Old School Chinese Restaurant at Sek Yuen, Kuala Lumpur 适苑酒家

I have been waiting to come to this old school restaurant for a long time with my cycling buddies. At last we made it to Sek Yeun Restaurant, the last time I came to Sek Yuen was with my contractor friends back in the 80's.  It has been in existence since 1948. A friend posted in the Facebook after seeing our posting and mentioned that her parent wedding dinner was held here. I guess there were many more wedding dinners hosted here and were memorable ones.
I get very excited knowing that they still use firewood at their stoves and true enough as we were coming from the back lane we saw the pile of firewood at the back of the restaurant.
While waiting for our food to come I went around the old building, appreciating the original set up of the restaurant. I hope this place will continue to keep it this way as long as possible.
You can see the firewood inside the kitchen as the chefs were busy at work.
A deep fried "Wan Yee Lam" or grass crap fish seen  outside the kitchen.
When I saw this wrapped up pork trotter out the kitchen, I told my buddies to include this dish for the evening.
One of Sek Yuen's signature dishes is this roasted Pei Pa duck (琵琶鸭), juicy meat with crispy skin.
The majority was gamed for fried noodle rather than steamed rice. Our first fried noodle was fried beehoon.
Then came Cantonese fried noodle with a mix of beehoon and koay teow. I this the most among the 3 types of fried noodle.
The braised stuffed pork trotter was finally on the table. It was delicious amd I enjoyed it very much. There were lot of ingredients in it.
Our mandatory dish which has to be a veggie and tonight we opted for a simple stir fried Pak Choy.
Another Cantonese fried noodle.
16 of us camed to this old restaurant and we had to break into 2 tables. One for the record and long live Sek Yuen you are one of Kuala Lumpur's gems. We will come another time to savour the rest of its other lovely Cantonese dishes.
Restoran Sek Yuen 
Address : 315 Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : +603 9222 0903, +603 9222 9457
Opening Hours : Tuesday - Sunday (closed on Mondays)
Lunch : 11:30am - 2:30pm / Dinner : 5:30pm - 9:30pm
GPS : 3.135651, 101.712174

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tai Chow @ Big Tree Sg Way, Petaling Jaya

Somewhere in Sg. Way Village there is this place known as "Tai Shi Tau" in Cantonese which means "the Big Tree", an eating place that is actually housed under a tree and it has been there for nearly 40 years or so. I decided to bring my cycling buddies to this unique eatery on a short bicycle ride from Bandar Utama.
Cold Tofu topped with gravy is simply good and nice.
Stir fried Kai Lan veggie with a bit of Chinese flavour was good too.
The highlight of the evening was this must try deep fried kembong fish, we had a set each which comes with a fried egg topped with enticing gravy. The fish was fresh and delicious.
Our meal with soft drinks and a pot of Chinese tea cost us less than RM15.00 each. We went off the place feeling satisfied and happy.
The happy customers of the evening.
Let's cycle & search for interesting eatery.
Big Tree Stall (Tai Shi Tau)
Jalan SS9A/14,
Sungai Way, PJ
Open: 7am to 9pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday.
GPS : 3.086644, 101.622112