Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lorong Petaling - Flea Market

At 7.00am I arrived at Dataran Merdeka which I supposed to do my gym stuff but I decided to change the plan and instead went for a detour. I decided to take a walk around the city as another mean of so called exercise and headed towards Petaling Street (Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur). On arriving at the Chinatown, there was nothing much of a happening at Petaling Street except I found a very exciting back lane named Lorong Petaling. This lane is actually sandwiched between Petaling Street and Sultan Street.
Lots of people from all kind of races were busy trading among themselves at such an early time of the day. These were virtually willing sellers and willing buyers and they were definitely trading in a happy mode.
They were trading all kind of stuffs and mainly are old, used or second hand stuffs. Stuffs such as shoes, clothing, scrap iron, watches, VCDs, medicine, jewelry, hand phones, perfumes, TV, radio, you name it you can get it here. Seem to me that most of these stuffs were either stolen or salvaged from rubbish dumps.
The was even a side walk café confined at this back lane serving hot drinks, toasts, half boiled eggs and noodles and it was crowded with people.

This lane reminds me of Lorong Kulit in Penang, but this one in KL is not as huge as Penang. Always wonder why these peoples only trade in the morning.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My First Trip to Kota Kinabalu December 1982

at Fishing Village, Kota Kinabalu.

My colleagues from Hashim Dan Lim, Jason Fong and Leong at the old airport.
Our mission was to determine the amount of actual work done in this abandoned construction site so that a new tender could be called for the continuation and completion of the project by a new contractor. Beside Kota Kinabalu, we also had the opportunity to visit Tawau for similar assignment.

Monday, October 29, 2007

hAppY HapPy

I guess life is rather short and is meant to be in this world for good and happy time. Why happy happy?? Well life is just like a rechargeable battery, where it requires recharging continually until it can not be charged and has to be thrown away.
So stay happy, laugh and smile a lot, don’t let negative elements get into you and spoil your lease moment that we have. Happy Happy…….

Happy happy is a Malaysian blogger who like to blog on food experience...

Beef Noodle (Ngau Lam Mee) @ Desa Jaya, Kepong

This beef dish is found to be well stewed and the soup is quite thick with a mixture of beef and associated spare parts in it. The soup is tasty and delicious, I ordered the ngau lam with Hor Fun noodle. The other popular choice is to order with wantan noodle. Besides this popular dish they also serve curry mee and normal char siew wantan mee.

Lee Fong Yuen Restaurant has been in this vicinity for many years, it is located at Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong. Just next to the Balai Polis Desa Jaya. Somewhere near FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia).

Friday, October 26, 2007

First Camping Adventure 17 - 21 November 1973

My first camping adventure at Teluk Bahang, Penang at the age of 15 together with Sim Khong Tat and Danny a.k.a Ah Hock both were also at the age of 15. I remember we had to carry a lot and a lot of stuffs for the trip, stuffs like heavy lorry canvas (the tent) which was the most inconvenient item of all, others were cooking utensils and mats that had to be secured at our small haversacks. The journey to Telok Bahang was by bus which started from Padang Serai to Butterworth Jetty, then followed by a ferry ride to Penang Island, thereafter we took two bus rides to Telok Pahang. The camp site was a beautiful next to the sea located before the town of Teluk Bahang.

Photo showing our camp site all completely set up. With me was Danny, we built several items like the  shelf, rack, stove and clothesline. My experience with the Scout movement did came in handy for this adventure. Drinking water was available nearby and it was a public tap found at the road side.

 Sim Khong Tat and me were cooking sardines for dinner as documented at the back of the photo.

This is the same army haversack I used it for this adventure which I am still keeping it.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mr. P. S. Rou, my Teacher

Mr. P.S. Rou was my form Teacher (5 Merah) in 1975 and he taught us Physics. His teaching trade mark was his strictness and no nonsense in class, one must possess a dictionary in his / her bag during his class, if not, and you will have to stand on your chair throughout the class. He is now retired and living in India. The last time I met up with him was a couple of years back in Kelana Jaya Seafood Restaurant, Petaling Jaya with a group of Badlishians.

Of late, he managed to reply my email which I wanted to catch up on his life in India so that I can blog and share it with my friends. But..., yes but, as always a good and obedient student I have accepted an assignment from my teacher again after all these years.

He has requested me together with a new found friend of Mr. Rou from Kulim (now residing in Kuala Lumpur) by the name of Mr. Gopalakrishhnan to baby sit a young Indian boy during his transit period (18 hours) in Kuala Lumpur on 19 October 2007.

On the 18th October night, I met up with Gopalakrishhnan together with Tan Teow Choon at RSC where we mapped out our strategy on how to accomplish this assignment.

We fetched Rakesh Sarvanan Karikalan,18 at Hotel Allson Klana at Nilai, drove him to the city centre and had breakfast at Pelita, Jalan Ampang near KLCC. He loves the mamak food and said that the food is better than India. We then headed to Kiara where Gopalakrishhnan did the rest of the baby sitting. All the best to Rakesh in Sydney, he is now under going a flying course there.

Got this recent photo of 17th September 2007 from Mr. P.S. Rou via his email to me and he wrote this pertaining to the above event.

"Occasion: An endowment lecture; Topic: Treating the maladies of technical education in India. Speaker: An Engineering college principal. The organization: A trust named after the first principal of my almamater, where I did my H.Sc (Here in India, H.S.C classes are conduced in colleges); The other person: A medical doctor and a past chairman of the Trust. Current chairman of the trust: Your guess is as good as mine. Am pretty busy at least for the last six months. Suppose It’s a crime not observing the rule of kiss (keep it short, stupid)"

Keep up the good work, Mr. Rou.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Xiang Yi 5 October 2007

Happy Birthday!

Xiang Yi.

Zu Yi taking care of Crystal behind his brother.

Everyone is happy when there is lot of food around, big or small, young or old. Food can make one happy. After makan, it is time into the cyber world.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Karaoke @ Neway Times Square 14 October 2007

Before karaoke dad, a cup of corn please.........

Immediately after the Foochow food adventure, we headed to Times Square for a karaoke experience. Arrived at the door step of Neway Karaoke 15 minutes before 1.00pm. After registration, we had to wait for an announcement for the necessary admission, just like a factory shift. Our shift was the Happy Hour session from 1.00pm to 7.00pm.
. Jo checking the shifts with the kids.

The queue building up after we have registered ourselves. Neway Karaoke is becoming a very popular family karaoke in town, you can get the latest Chinese songs here and not elsewhere. That's their secret weapon in this business and they are Hong Kong based company.

A group photo session before we adjourned for Neway Karaoke.We got a big room No.27 with attached toilet and an online computer where Xiang Yi could be glued at the corner without harassing us to go back earlier. And of course some foods again during the session.

We requested for our bill at the end of the session, they said no bill, it is F.O.C. Everyone was amazed. I must thank CC Ng for her generosity for this treat. The whole group enjoyed this experience young and old. What a family outing.

Second Day of Hari Raya Puasa

It was a day of Foochow food adventure prearranged by Lai Yoong. The most interesting dish is "Dian Ming Ngu", this particular dish is off the menu and needs to be pre-ordered. Jo used to take this dish back in Kulim long time ago and prepared by her grandmother. Some kind of hybrid between porridge and pan mee with prawn and lala in it.

We were the first family to arrive at the shop, supposed to be a 10.30am breakfast, after a hour later my kids were a little bit impatient just look at their faces. The making of Dian Ming Ngu. This is how it looks, a delicious bowl Dian Ming Ngu.

The making of Foochow biscuits by the Master himself.
The Foochow biscuits.

Hungry patrons waiting for their orders.

Zu Yi neatly stuffing a Foochow fishball and armed with soya milk on the other hand.

Ever popular Foochow red wine chicken meesua.

This is how you should enjoy the meesua.

Fried varieties of fish paste very shioak among children.

Chicken marinated with popular red Foochow wine at the kitchen.

The shop is located at 14, Jalan Gajah, Off Jalan Yew, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur tel:603-9281-8788