Tuesday, September 24, 2013

KL First World Car Free Day

A group of cyclists comprising mostly folding bicycles gathered at Cap Square for a reinforcement before heading for the flag off at Dang Wangi LRT Station. It was so called the maiden celebration of World Car Free Day in Kuala Lumpur.
Everyone was excited over this long awaited event. The Authority decided to close 4km of the city road for the celebration. Be it cycling, jogging, walking, dancing or skate boarding everyone is encouraged to come out of their houses, do some exercise and mix around for a fitter and healthier life style. Yes !!! for the people of Kuala Lumpur.

 It was a last minute decision by the Authority to hold this event and immediately we went by way of facebook to pass the words around. The response was good and many were coming from various parts of the city. We had to break the group into 2 with 2 meeting places. The first group was at Lake Titiwangsa and the other at Cap Square. Breakfast in the morning was mandatory.
A total of 37 of us met up at Lake Titiwangsa. The weather was excellent so was the group. We were looking forward to meet the other group to see the magnitude of the grouping.
 Immediately after the photo session we rolled out using Fletcher Road to the city center.

via Jalan Tun Razak
Kg. Baru
and we could see from far our fellow riders together with many other cyclists. What a regroup ....
After a quick mingle and we continued to Cap Square for the mother of all group photo session.
It was only a short ride to the front of Cap Square.
Even my neighbours came out in full support for this event. Cheers!
An extract from the group photo. Photo courtesy of Mr. Kwan.
Let's go ... let's go....
Cyclists and skaters coming out from corners and nooks to be part of the historical moment.

young or old it's doesn't matter .... it's free for all
A good chance to meet friends whenever there is such event in town.
Nice to see you again!!!
The Mayor officiated the fun ride and off we went roaming the 4km closed roads on a beautiful Sunday with absolutely no car on the road.
These skaters are good and fast.
A dad helping the kids on wheels.....
Not for long they have to take on by themselves. .......
One of the many attraction by the riders...
It was short but fun & interesting with the mixture of activities on the road.
Though it was an excellent initiative of DBKL to hold such event but it was only for a distance of 4km obviously many of us wanted more. Hence we proceeded to other parts of the city to have justice for waking up early in the morning and from a distance.
We had a chance to visit this in conjunction with the Army Forces Day (Hari Tentera Darat)
The display at Dataran Merdeka surely attracted us for lots of posing....
Showing support for the one million signatures anti-Lynas campaign.
Some of us have not visited this site before it should be fun for them.
Another car free route ....hehehe
Another one for the album.
colourful people at colourful place....
The road ain't too good but it's fun.
A short thrill going through bushes, uneven path and seeing the homeless people at home.
One peculiar trade of our cycling friends is that they tend to get hungry very fast....always in search for food.
Power Rangers in action.
So lunch was good and satisfying.
From Brickfields we make ourselves to the Police Museum, Lake Gardens.
It was a good stop especially for those have not been to this place.
Jalan Semarak to Jalan Raja Laut for Titiwangsa and that was the last lap of the day.
We finished our adventure back to Lake Titiwangsa.
Nothing like a super cold cendol on a super hot day. Unfortunately I still need to pedal back home after the cendol as I was barred from driving a car on this particular day, 22 September.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Experience of a Film Making - a Ride to Serendah Waterfall

A day before the actual day two friends went to Serendah to survey the logistics of a proposed cycling route for the shooting.
11 of us were picked to help in a production for a TV programme called "Get Fit Get Focus". It is a 13 episode programme on simple fitness activities and cycling is one of them.
Good Morning Serendah!!! ...everyone of us has to wake up very early in the morning, some of us left in a convoy from RSC Bukit Kiara at 5.30am.
So here we were in Serendah in the morning of 15 September 2013. As usual we have to eat before we can do anything for the day.
Besides the good local coffee, we tried a variety of noodles which was unique and interesting.
This is the coffee shop,  Kedai Kopi Yee Kee a place for you to remember if you want to find a reasonable good breakfast in Serendah.
All fully satisfied with their morning meals and were ready to rock & roll.
A briefing by Jason Chong, the Director of the production house.
We took his briefing bit by bit and try our best to blend with his expectation.
A warm up ride around the town and enjoy the Sunday crowd of Serendah.
Now...this looks rather serious... right..... there were scenes of us gathering at this meeting point, unfolding our bicycles, putting on our gloves and helmets like what we normally will do....
Jason joined us in the ride while the crew members were following us in a van and a cameraman on a scooter. 
7 Wells was our first stop and it was about 2km away from the town.
We did some scenes of warm up stretches as part of our cycling practice.
The crews were requested by the Director to prepare a few smaller video cams to be fixed onto us.
Like on the helmet
Onto the bicycle.
On our way to the Waterfall.

While the cameraman on scooter would move up and down taking shots of us cycling.
Within a short ride we reached the waterfall of Serendah the place was crowded with people picnicking.
YY Lee is the writer of this programme, he too rode with us and he surely enjoyed doing it. YY you should get one of this small bike leh.
While some crew members were working on something at the lower waterfall we rode further up to another fall.
Cameraman capturing moments of our arrival at the upper waterfall.

The Director arrived with full expression which we should try to imitate him.....hehehe
Coming down from where we parked our bicycles.
What a beauty place, it was soul less and ideal for filming.
Moslim testing his photography skill.
Macro filming of a butterfly by enthusiasts.
So were the Director and his crewman.
Thank you to Seang Nee for initiating this deed and surprising us with the plastic garbage bags and gloves. Let's clean the place apart from riding our bicycles. 

Please don't leave such trash the next time you go picnicking.
The only thing we could not do was to bring down the collected rubbish. The authority will be informed for this collection.
We Cycle We Clean & we feel good about it!
The crew had to draw out a special equipment to overcome the loud and continuous sound of water gushing from the upper stream.
The crew found a spot for interview.
Camera ....Action!!!  the lady cyclists talk about their shares of this lovely sport of cycling.
Moslim, the veteran had a good time sharing his experience.
What's up Jason? Is everything ok?
The Director viewing from the small screen.
Bye bye Serendah Waterfall.
A surprise discovery of young puppies on our way to the waterfall and some of us came back to check the puppies after we have completed the waterfall scene.
Kim communicating with one of them.
There were 5 of them all together. They came out to play with us after being fed by their mother.
Our last visit was Serendah Sekeping and I am sure all of them had a good encounter with this beautiful place.
It's meal time we headed to Tomyam Serendah, the business was too good it was packed to the brim. They gave us a separate table in the garden. 
The service was so slow and we were so hungry and wanted to eat badly.....fortunately the Leng Chee Kang came earlier to keep our mouths busy.
Everyone seems busy with their handphones connecting to their own world ... they surely look busy while waiting for the food to come.
It was a wonderful outing and a great experience in a film making especially on a cycling event.
Get Fit Get Focus!
 Happy Malaysia Day!!!