Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sri Rampai Wonderful Fish Head Curry

Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Rampai has been serving delicious fish head curry for a long time in Taman Sri Rampai, Kuala Lumpur and the food has been well accepted by the neighbourhood. The shop is now taken over by a new management, I guess the original owner has made enough money or is tired running the business. How much was the fee for taking over the business? One just wonders. The place has been face lifted with new sign board and half the shop is now air conditioned. The business is still ever bustling.

This is the must try Kari Kelapa Ikan with an option to add on squids and prawns. For the first timer I would recommend you to add the extras as some might find the portion of fish meat too little for a satisfying meal.

Stew soya soy pork belly with egg is a good choice and it’s yummy.

Stir fried veggie (choy sum) to balance up our diet and a dish of their special Tofu.
26 JALAN 42/26

GPS : 3.194332,101.732609

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Foo Chin Suan's Wedding Dinner @ Istana Hotel

 A wedding dinner was held at Istana Hotel on 27 November 2010 on the occasion of a marriage between Foo Chin Suan the eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Roger Foo Tian Lee and Mr. Lai Chee Phang.

One for the album with Roger Foo, Ah How, Shiang Hwai and Leow Yuen Leong. Congratulation Chin Suan and all the best in your new chapter of life from us.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Time Out Kuala Lumpur FOOD Awards 2010

It was a night to recognize the best of the best in food in Kuala Lumpur and it was organized by Time Out. I was lucky to be invited as a food blogger for this Food Awards event.

There were several categories of award such as Best Chinese, Best Continental, Best Fine Dining, Best Hawker/Mamak, Best Healthy Eating/Vegetarian, Best Indian, Best Italian, Best Japanese, Best Malay …..blah blah and the last was Outstanding Chef of the Year. Pelita Nasi Kandar won the Hawker/Mamak category.

Lovely performance by this singer, I enjoyed her song very much.

There were many bloggers at the function and I had the opportunity to meet some of them. A photo with Jesse (AugustDiners) and Bangsar Babe (on the right).
It was interesting talking to Rebecca the blog owner of thenomadGourmand.

Time to mingle have some foods and drinks. I enjoyed Jack’s corner…..

Thank you Nazeen Koonda for the invitation.

Thanks to Mongoose for this photo.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A taste of 3 Different kind of Whisky

It was an evening to taste 3 different kind of whisky at a friend’s house. We started with a Japanese whisky and later over to Scotland the land of whisky.

Suntory Hakushu 12 Year Old
Japanese Single Malt Whisky
Though I have never knew of any whisky from the land of the rising Sun. I find that Hakushu whisky is friendly and an easy whisky with a mild trace of smoke. It tasted fruity sweet with a pleasant smell. You must try it. ..idesu neh……

What a label looks like “Juru” at a glance, Juru is a slow town in Province Wellesley, Penang. The labelling is too simple no oomph at all. But fortunately this whisky tasted good, it was fruity sweet, smooth & soothing. The smell is not strong but pleasant (slightly peaty) with a gentle character. A further probe I found out that it’s a Scotch whisky and not from the backyard distillery of Juru. In fact it is from the Isle of Jura, west coast of Scotland where the water is pure and ideal for the making of a good Scotch whisky.

Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky
What a name “La frog” whisky from Isle of Islay. This Scotch whisky has hundreds of year of history in it. Laphroaig is one of the old and popular brands in this industry
I find the whisky very crude, too strong a character as if I am in a hospital kind of smell. But it’s known for as a genuine spirit for truly whisky lovers. If that is the case I am out. I know some of friends who talk about it and like it very much. No way La Frog for me……

My verdict 1st choice Hakushu Nippon whisky, 2nd Juru and last Laphroiag.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tapah Fish a Huge Cat Fish for Dinner

The Chinese local called it “Lim Yee” or also known as Tapah fish and the scientific name is “Wallago attu”. It is some kind of a cat fish but a big one as big as a human being. But commercially they are now smaller in size and not as aggressive as when they are found in the wild rivers.

This plate of signature steamed “Lim Yee” prepared by Laomazis at Ipoh Road was good. It has lot of cartilage, meaty even though it was a fish head. The going rate is about RM11.00 per 100 grams. If you want to try it then you can go  to Laomazis for this dish.

LaoMaZis Home Cooked Dishes
726, Wisma Yoon Cheng (Basement),
4 1/2 miles Jalan Ipoh
51200 KL
+6012-2231132 (Juliet)
+6012-2369893 (Steven)Business Hours: 11am - 3pm / 6pm - 10pm
营业时间: 早上11 下午3 / 傍晚6 晚上10
Close on Monday.

GPS : 3.19801,101.678225

Saturday, November 20, 2010

North Korean Cuisine at Ampang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Calvin was in the mood for some Korean food and we were told of this unique place at Jalan Ampang, a North Korean joint, the one and only one in Malaysia.

A group of us was sort of in North Korea as we stepped into the building. Especially the minute the beautiful North Korean ladies cladded in traditional Korean costume greeted us.

We were in foreign ground and no photography allowed on the waitresses, menu no problem.

 Thinly sliced pork belly went well with our whisky & Grilled beef was delicious, tender, tasty and smells good.

Pyongyang Iced Noodle was special, interesting and nice to eat.

Kimchi is not a complimentary dish you more you pick the more you pay…..

 Another 2 dishes of meat a cold dish and a fabulous mutton cuisine.

 Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup was very delicious and had lot of oomph in it. That’s my portion. I love it.

Sauteed sliced mushroom does not look like mushroom on the plate but it was a gorgeous dish indeed. And once eaten then it’s registered as mushroom.

Calvin ordered squids for a friend who love to eat squids and we have hot plate squids and squids stuffed with rice. Both were good and delicious.

We can really eat. We ate so much already and order again for a vegetable pan cake…someone has to bungkus back….

And if you are adventurous enough try their spirit ….. all here for you to pick. Enjoy also an hour cultural and stage show performed by the multi role waitresses themselves. That’s how it works in a communist’s country.

Pyonyang Restaurant
290A Lorong Palas
Off jalan Ampang
Tel: 4257-9986
Behind BP Petrol Station, near Gleneagles Hospital.
GPS : 3.161156,101.740999

Monday, November 15, 2010

Restoran Rawang Steamfish @ Rampai Business Park, Setapak

Rampai Business Park is a new commercial development at Setapak, Kuala Lumpur and RBP is sprouting with many eating outlets with all kind of Malaysian cuisine. I brought two of my sons for a lunch at Rawang Steamfish Restaurant. Actually the shop looks more of a coffee shop rather than a restaurant.

A spicy steam pork ribs (RM9.00) with lot of chopped ginger and chili padi. We like it.

Steam Tilapia Fish just as it is done in Rawang by the popular Ah Lan Jia. Though not 100% exactly similar as Ah Lan Jia’s but it was as good and delicious. This dish cost us RM18.00, size wise medium.

Fresh Tofu (RM5.00) with dried small shrimps topping & soy sauce. This can never be wrong for my 2 younger boys.

RM7.00 Egg omelet can never be boring as far as I am concerned.

The damage resulted from this visit as shown above. Overall this place is worth coming back for a simple Tai Chow and I am glad that Rampai Business Park has become another food paradise for Setapak region.

Restoran Rawang Steamfish
32, Jalan Rampai Niaga 4
Rampai Business park
Kuala Lumpur

GPS : 3.198773,101.728869