Monday, March 31, 2008

Qing Ming (Chinese All Souls Day)

6.15am at Batu Gantung, Penang attending Qing Ming for my late dad, Sin Boon Siang.
These were the offerings prepared by mother.At last, the burning of all the "things" we wanted to sent for my dad. Should have send him a "computer and an internet account" so that we can communicate in this current cyberspace.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dinner @ Piao Siang, Sg. Petani

This restaurant is a popular restaurant judging by the crowd seen at the place. We waited for one loooooong hour for our dinner. According to Yong Lim, this restaurant is about 2 years old.Curry fillet fish - okay not bad..Belacan fried chicken very nice but meant for my nephew, Chia Hui.
Favourite dish of my niece, Jia Ying. Chinese cabbage.Kum Heong La La.This was my favourite dish, fish stomach with prawns and cuttle fish cooked in sweet and sour. Very delicious lahhhh....
Heard they got a lot of good foods here. This restaurant is located at Taman Amanjaya, Jalan Melati, Sg. Petani. Call 019-448-6219
Land mark = next to the traffic light junction after coming out of the north toll gate of Sg. Petani and also the junction going into Bandar Laguna Merbok.

Lunch @ Sg Petani, Kedah Sin Yik Wah

This eatery shop is a very old shop in the heart of the old commercial area of Sg. Petani.

The place is clean despite being old in existence.

At the front of the shop, you can find their BBQ porks.

The exterior view of the shop.

A popular "Chendol" stall at the front of the shop.

Love their plain bitter gourd soup with pork.

"Mui Choy Kow Yoke"
Assam prawns & cutter fish.

Served in traditional steam rice.

This lunch with David Chan Teck Chan, a Padang Serai old buddy. Both of us travelled from P.J. straight to S.P. without stopping at any rest place. We were definitely engrossed in our conversation mostly about our good old days back in Padang Serai.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Restoran Teochew @ Sg. Buloh New Village

A newly opened restaurant serving Teowchew seafood porridge and noodles @ Sg Buloh New Village.
In the evening, they serve charcoal burnt steam boat with fish head soup & yam.
Steamed cuttlefish, could have been fresher.
Crunchy stir fried "Kai Lan"

Steamed "Loong Tan" fish head - GOOD.

Huge La La soup - GooD.

Steamed fresh prawns - GooooD.

Of course it went well with the concoction of black & white.......

Complimentary dish from the boss, fish liver fried with spring onion and ginger.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Formosa Restaurant, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Read a lot of reviews of this place and I decided to bring my in-law & group to this place for lunch.
Generally the foods here are just as normal standard except for a few exceptional attraction.

The most talk of dish in this restaurant is one of the desserts which is the Yam coated with Caramel. An unique way of presenting the dish by dipping into cold water to harden the caramel coating.

"Orr Nee" another yam dessert popular among the Teochews.

Fried rice with yam, mushroom and chinese sausage, quite like it.

Stir fried tapioca leaves.

3 cup chicken served in claypot.

Fried Butter Eel - Unagi desu.

Braised duck - would be better if not salty.

This beef dish is nice and tasty.

Sweet and sour pork a must for Zuyi, if not he will spoil the lunch.

Taiwan Muar Chee?? exactly like Penang Muar Chee lah...

Other dessert of puddings.

Overall comment okay okay lah...