Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hitch-hiking with Chew Eu Jin 1974

At Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

I befriended this chap (also at the age of 16) who initiated the idea to go travelling by way of hitch-hiking. Both of us together with his younger brother Yu Gee (now he is a well known child doctor in Penang)  hitch-hiked to Singapore from Butterworth.

Dr. Chew anxiously waiting and soliciting a free ride to Singapore.

At the Kepong round-a-bout, continuing our journey to Singapore after our stay Kuala Lumpur. Currently at this round-a-bout is intensified with fly overs and no more a mere simple round-a-bout.

At one of the Ipoh land marks, a round-a-bout near the Menteri Besar's official house which still exists today.

I remember on that night in Ipoh, we were so desperate and had to sleep at the car porch of Miss Teoh's house in Ipoh Garden. No one was at home that night (maybe it was the wrong house, I don't know). neighbour was observing these 2 young Chinese boys trespassing people's property; luckily no complaint or incidences whatsoever, we managed to sleep through the night and head for KL the next day.
With Junior Chan at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur.

With Robert Chan at Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve.

Over in KL, we stayed with the Chan's family @ Ipoh Road (a house somewhere opposite the existing Kompleks Mutiara). That is where I met Robert Chan, the magician and a great entertainer. A real fun guy. Way to go, bamboo juice... Robert is the one who shown us around KL and that was my first trip to KL. He is now happily staying in Bangsar with his wife and son. All the best to you, Robert & family.

At Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, the cable car service is now defunct.

By the way, Eu Jin is now living in Singapore, one of the rare one who do not know how to drive a car. He used to ride a Honda Cub to Badlishah School which I really admired him for having such a luxury those day.

Mederka Fever @ Bali 30 August 2004

On this day, 30/8 in the year 2004, we were in Bali for a short trip comprising of 3 couples and a small kid. Over here, Lee Siew Wah trying out a balinese bar counter, should be ideal for his new house and his collection of boozes.
Jan, Siew Wah & Zu Yi posing @ Dirty Duck Restaurant. Eating with these kakis must go with whiskey (or other equivalent) especially when we are in a holiday mode. A bottle of 15 years pure malt Johnnie Walker in this case.
My family @ Tanah Lot (there another 2 did not come along at home with mum). The tide was low at that time of the day. Guess you come to this type of places once in a life time will do.
These were the roses of the group.
Babi Guling (roasted pig) served with rice & vege in baskets. Very unique dish. Must try. This time the bottle of whiskey was "Black Bush". Rare brand eh.
Cheng & Francis Yeoh, always carrying along with his survival kit, an ice box!!. Cheng have been frequenting this place very often with her Taiping pals. They really love Bali.
Dirty Duck Restaurant's new signage, the front portion of the restaurant was in under going renovation. Note dates on photos are wrong.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunch @ Kg. Cina b4 Damai Laut 25 August 2007

This is the restaurant we had lunch together with Eng Kiong & Family.
Phone conversation with Eng Kiong on direction to the restaurant, notice the glass on the table. That is toddy, quite a strong taste (stronger than the one in Teluk Gong, Klang)
Played 2 rounds of golf @ Swiss Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut, very scenic especially blending with the beautiful sea views.
Meanwhile, the kids were enjoying their time at the pool and the fun beach.
This chap is at everywhere and pumping the mum's adrenalin unnecesarily.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Breakfast @ Bidor 25 August 2007

The last time we took this noodle were before the existence of North South Highway, that was really a long time ago. And it still taste very good & delicious.
Duck leg soup in stainless steel bowl, goes with kon loh mee.
My sons enjoyed this side order of Char Siew & BBQ intestinal sausage RM6.00 for the plate. Very good.
Zu Yi took this simple wanton mee with char siew.

This is how you should eat your food in this shop called "Pun Chun", demonstrted by Xiang Yi. Main Road of Bidor. Jo left with local packets of cookies, etc, etc before we head for Damai Laut.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang November 2003

Brother in Law, Beng Ping with Father in Law just finished a sumptuous and interesting dinner @ Bukit Tinggi New Village.

After dinner, we drove back to De Colmar (French Village) for the evening.

This is the beautiful French Village of Bukit Tinggi, we had a wonderful time here.

These are the angels of the group and also the boys. All of them having a great time and left no left over on the table. Always hijacking foods from neighbouring tables. All of them have fantastic appetite.

Liang, Liang's Wife and Lai Yoong.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Youngest Son, Zu Yi

Zu Yi is a party boy, loves party and party. He is in Standard 2, Lai Meng School. Always smiling and happy looking boy. This recent party @ Craft Attack, Great Eastern Mall (kid with long sleeve)

Can be talkative at times, the whole house loves to make fun of him. Adorable kid, knows how to "Bollywood" with the mummy. Favourite object in the house is his pillow
Photo courtesy of Craft Attack.

My Second Son, Xiang Yi

Xiang Yi is in Standard Six, Lai Meng School, a School Prefect, quite alright with his study. Can't wait to finish Chinese (Mandarin) Language . Favourite food is tofu. Eating Hokkien mee for supper.

Electronic wizard, he can stick to the computer screen for hours when he enter into the cyber world.
Also plays occasional football. Body mass index on a uphill trend, he better watch out. Used to possess a super shape body (photo with peace sign).

My Eldest Son, Shou Yi

He is in Form 4, St. John Institution, Kuala Lumpur. Very relax and obedient kid, Hope he will improve in his study, dare not talk about his grade at this moment but I think he will slowly and steadily polish up this part of his life. This photo taken on February 2006.

He loves his guitars, enjoy going to Church activities on Saturday evenings. Plays football occasionally.

Shou Yi, watch your weight. I cannot wear his pants, he is bigger, weigher and taller than me.

Convent Girls Very Cute

Look at these young girls from Kulim, how nice if we can pusing the world backward and start life again from here.
I can see and know one cheeky girl up the tree, her name is Liew Kee, and Ping Ling what were you holding? Looks like a melon or maybe a ballon.
Kannika, are you in there, need to zooooom in, see a three quarter face, is it you? What year is this? What were you people doing?
Photo - courtesy of Kannika

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Graduation Day 1981

It was a great moment for my family, my late Grandfather Mr. Sim Siew Seng and my late father Mr. Sin Boon Siang were really proud of me, because I was the first child from this family whom has successfully completed and graduated from college with a Diploma in Building Technology. Big deal ahh.

Even my brother, Yong Lim accompanied them down to KL for the event.

Thereafter, it was rat race and still it's now. I think life in campus was the BEST.

Back to China 1983

My father in law (seated on the right) went back to his hometown in Fuchou in 1983 to celebrate his father's birthday (seated at the centre).

My wife, her sisters and brother should plan a trip to this village and it's a great idea.

Hockchew dialect sound like German to me.

Autographs by Friends from Badlishah 1975

By Kho Poh Tee aka Jimmy
and this one by V. Sekeran, I have not seen him nor heard from him since I left for KL Does anyone have his contact.

Kui Suang, I bet you do not remember what you wrote.

This one by Kannika

Have your handwritings and signatures change since 1975.

Toddler @ Penang Hill 1958 or 1959

Those days I guess my parent like to frequent places like Botanic Garden, Penang Hills and Esplanade during their free time. I can still remember, we went up to Cameron Highland during one Chinese New Year with lots of fire crackers every where. Road were covered with small pieces of red paper from the crackers.
Strong toddler without shirt at a cooling hill in Penang. Maybe that is why most of the time I was shirtless until the age 13 or 14.
"Hold on to the rail and smile" said Daddy

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jo's 1st & 2nd Car

Her 1st car, a Honda Civic cost approximately RM6,000.00; only 3 pistons working (supposed to be 4). Powerful car but a lot of emergency calls of breakdowns and minor accidents. E.g. Tailim eh, car brokedown in front of Pudu Jail, please rescue. She was rescued by an ice seller before I can do anything.
So much of the frequent breakdowns, she got herself a brand new Proton Saga. The rest is history for her motoring career. Try your luck with these lucky numbers for 4D

Housemates of '77 - Taman Genting Setapak, KL

Moon Cake All Batang Party Time. We had our own entertainment even though we were away from our homes. Yeok Tooh did the banner on the wall, we prepared fruit punch cocktail using the same pail we used for our laundry and some simple food. That was an awesome moment.   
Standing next to me was Jack Lim, Tick Choong, Heng Kheng, Yeok Tooh, Kluang boy, "Messi" @ Jeff Yap sitting), Teow Choon, Soo Keat and Low Meng Kong at a rented premise (first floor shop house) belonging to Dr. Ganeson. Those chairs were from Dr. Ganeson's house, what a good way to recycle his old furniture. I remember how we wash our own clothings, soaked in a pail with pinches of soap powder and leave it for a couple of days (depending how lazy we were to start scrubbing those skinky cloths). The longer you leave it the greater the stench. And the winner is normally either Jack or Yeok Tooh if I remember correctly.

Sai Lam Chulia Street, Penang Dec 2006

This is the same fascade of the coffee shop where the sisters were brought up and rich of memory from Sai Lam. They enjoyed combing through the shop front to back and back to front.
One of the sisters' image is not here (my wife lah), she missed the snap and want me to cut and patch in this photo.
The place where the four sisters were brought up in Penang, definitely there is a lot of good old memories here.

Communist Threat @ Betong December 2006

Communist in Malaysia is no threat anymore, we were able to visit the camp and the interesting tunnel. We were also being briefed on how they survived the so called struggle those days.

The kids enjoyed this place without understanding why they were there at such place in the jungle. I would not want to be a communist, no fun, always in the hiding. Anyway, no more such problem in Malaysia and why the Government would not let Mr. Chin Peng back home. Come on lah past is past.
Lai Yoong (2nd from left) with sister in law on her right. The lady in apple green is her contact who helped us to arrange and made the trip possible.The old lady from Singapore is Lai Yoong's brother Mother in law, very strong lady and enjoy good foods. Way to go.