Sunday, September 30, 2007

One of the oldest Hainanese Coffeeshop in Kuala Lumpur

Roti Babi
Hainanese Noodle

Pork Chop

Sunday lunch at Yut Kee, one of the oldest and remaining authentic Hainanese coffeeshop in Kuala Lumpur and it is located at 35, Jalan Dang Wangi (formerly known as Campbell Street). Some old furniture can be found in this old pre-war shop, with also founder's portrait, newspaper writeups of the shop and big menu hanging on the wall. A popular coffeeshop among KLites, be it on weekends or weekdays, it is always crowded. They serve dishes like pork chop, chicken chop, roti babi, Hainanese mee, Hainanese chicken rice, Hokkien noodle, Cantonese fried kuey teow, stewed beef soup, etc. etc. These were the favourite dishes during the colonial days where the "ang mor" would be served by the Hainanese cooks.
We packed back a roll of their famous swiss roll (RM7.00) from the shop.

Old casement windows at the side of the shop.

Crowded with patrons on a Sunday afternoon and their serving of foods are efficient and fast.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Form 5 Merah Sultan Badlishah School 1975

My mission here is to name all the people found in this picture and if possible with their respective contacts.
I can only remember maybe 50% or less, I will need to reach out to my friends for help. Meanwhile, the naming will be left as a task for me to update in a later date. So friends, please help me.

Happy Mooncake Festival 2007

"Lung Lung Lung Gia Teng Lung
Key Key Key Gia Phuay Key"
this what we used to rhyme when we were small in Padang Serai.
H a P p Y m O o N c A k E f E s T i V a L
to all my friends around the globe.

My office is preparing a small lunch celebration of this lantern festival in the conference room, while I am blogging this.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Kulim Friends Meeting @ Singapore 22 September 2007

The above picture was e-mailed to me via Siew Hwa yesterday and I was very glad to see picture of old friends which I have not seen for ages, especially people like Sheng Look and Yew Eng. The last time I saw them was way back in 1975 (Form Five days). Thanks to Cheang Tiek and Siew Hwa for organising this meeting and sharing this picture which I really treasure it a lot.
Sorry to Cheang Tiek, I did not speak to you much yesterday @ Kiara Hills because I was trying to finish my walk within the 1 hrs 15mins. Very kiasu these days, I will catch up with you the next time.
I am trying to reach Mr. P.S. Rou in India and also hoping that he will respond to my e-mail. Meanwhile, our senior Badlishian Mr. Thinakaran from Bernama will be extracting pictures of Mr. Rou last trip to Malaysia for us to share. Will expose these pictures when I receive them.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dim Sum @ Paramount Garden

This shop “Restoran Key Way” is operated by a Hockchew family and has a few outlets in and around Klang Valley. Almost all their Dim Sum is made by themselves.

The pricing here is relatively cheaper than those outlets with air condition. Mainly because of their lower rental of the premises and employing local or cheaper workers for the business instead of engaging specialized chefs from overseas like Hong Kong or China.

We took a lot of the Dim Sum and it cost us only RM45.00. Our eating mates were my father in-law, Jo, Xiang Yi, Zu Yi and myself. My Father in-law, a regular and buddy to this shop, takes his breakfast almost every morning except for Saturdays and Sundays. Maybe because of his Hockchew connection, I reckoned our bill has been discounted.

Generally the foods here taste reasonably good with a lot of varieties to choose. For food adventurers and have not try this place, I would recommend you try it out and grade yourselves. Located at Paramount Garden and it is facing the side of Giant Superstore and my father in-law’s shop.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pan Mee @ Taman Sri Sentosa, Old Klang Road

Big bowl and it costs RM5.00. Soup is clear and tasty, less MSG cos I was not thirsty after the meal. Portion is slightly small for a big bowl order but it is worth it and highly recommended for a trial.
The noodle is different from others with longer and broader noodle. Lim Mah Chiau, my friend find it slightly thicker. A little thinner would be better.
This place is located at Jalan Sri Sentosa 9A, Off Old Klang Road. No proper sign available except some chinese characters in front of the shop as seen in the photos.
By the look at the crowd there, it can be testified that this eating stall is a popular place. We actually found this place by accident, we were supposed to track down a prawn mee shop around the same vicinity but the prawn mee has sold out (it was only 12.30pm). The prawn mee seller recommended this pan mee instead. For the Mr. Prawn Mee, we will come next time and earlier.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Prawn Mee aka Penang Hokkien Mee @ Ampang

Recommended by Peter and Mary (friends of my wife from SIB Church), as the best prawn mee in Ampang area. I took a trip to Ampang one morning, the coffee shop is located before Ampang town, opposite LRT Station and @ a traffic light junction where you can find Public Bank, Shell station and the coffee shop "Restoran Fook Tatt" at their respective sides of the junction.
The bowl of mee cost RM3.50 and bigger portion comparatively with PJ or Taman Tun Dr. Ismail standard (I reckon at least 25% more). The taste is quite alright except I find it a bit oily, maybe from the chili paste (put too much of it). Car parking is a problem, you need to park behind the row of shops near a masjid / surau.

Given a choice, I would prefer the one in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail known as Restoran Yong Len opposite Perodua showroom. It is still the best for me. But at least I know a place near home where I can get good bowl of prawn mee.

Kulim Friends @ 1st Kuala Lumpur Congress

Last night 19 September 2007, the first Kulim friends' congress was successfully held at Niamah's restaurant @ Sg. Kayu Ara, Damansara. Niamah a.k.a Patrick Teoh, yes, the popular DJ, actor & blogger who owns this Damansara Village and specialises in steamboat cuisine.

First of all, I would to thank Brian for initiating this gathering, despite there were differences in the choice of venue by some. Finally, a neutralised location was established for all.

These were the friends who took off their time and attended this dinner:-
1. Tick Choong,
2. Soon Heng,
3. Kean Hooi,
4. Brian,
5. Yeok Tooh,
6. Tailim, and
7. Lai Yoong.
The above list also indicate the order of arrival for the dinner, never the less, everyone were on time for dinner. Unfortunately, we missed friends like Teow Choon, Cheang Tiek, Kui Suang, Ewe Kiang and Weng Seng. I hope that they will attend the next one. Anyway, this dinner was on a trial run and was a successful one. And it looks like more of this kind of gathering to come.

What generally happened and transpired in this gathering? There were lots and lots of talk about Malaysian current & negative issues, such as MCA, Badawi, Raja Petra, Chan Kong Choy, corruption, ketuanan melayu and etc, etc. You can name it, you got it in the forum.

Guess who monopolise the forum? Well, we always have our chatterboxes like Soon Heng & Kean Hooi, they were the ones and solely their voices for the whole night, the rest of us only managed to chip in as and when there were opportunities. What to do these are the trade marks of Soon Heng & Kean Hooi (they never change), I really enjoyed their monopolies. Besides monopolising the forum, Soon Heng as usual, busy with his mobile phone, calls from New York lah, car deal lah, etc, etc lah, non stop cockerel calling (his ringing tone). I wish to propose Brian to be the moderator for the next gathering so that anyone who want to speak would have equal time to do so to express themselves.

The next gathering will be held next month, it was announced and established that Soon Heng will collect his bonus by end of the month and he will throw in his letter to call it quit. With his fat bonus, he will and can organise a better dinner for us. Of course, dinner is on him. Registration is now open for those interested to attend the coming gathering.

Hope that future gatherings could also be held elsewhere, like Kulim, Penang or perhaps overseas like Bali, Cambodia. Maybe, Yen Ling could assist such overseas gathering. Why not?

Monday, September 17, 2007

25th Anniversary RSC vs RBSC 16 December 2006

In conjunction to the Silver Anniversary of the Interport Match between RSC & RBSC, Representatives from RSC went to Bangkok this time with the biggest contingent ever (more than 60 participants). RSC Golf section is one of the most active sections in club, eventhough, the club does not own any golf courses but was able to organise and play wherever we desire.

Eventually, the host, RBSC won the match play with a final score of 36 against 24. The host, as usual with their superb hospitality, continuously feeding us with a lot of beer as we play, by the time we finished 18 holes, we were already in a party mood instead of being competitive in our games. After the game, we proceeded to their function room for dinner and entertaintment. As mentioned, RBSC's hospitality was fantastic, good food, good drink and of course coupled with their memorable evening of entertaintments. Everyone of us will always cherished this moment at RBSC for the excellent evening we had in Bangkok.
Neil & Francis Yeoh enjoying their dinner.

A Tribute to Charlie Cheah, who passed away last month. He was a very active member not only in Golf Section but also very active in the Hash Section. He was friendly and very likeable by many members of the club. Miss your smile, Charlie Cheah. May you rest in peace and we will always remember you. A day before the competition, we had a round of practise in RBSC. From left were, Billy, Peter, Jeff, Jeniffer, late Charlie Cheah and myself.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome back Lum Fook Leong

These are classmates of mine from Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Building Technolgy 1981 . From left is Fook Leong, SL, Hon Kong, Kah Yin, Dennis Wong, Sow Len, Tick Choong and Siew Hee.
Dinner in King Crab, Kelana Jaya on Friday the 14 September 2007. Dinner was supposed to be at 8.00pm but due to massive jam that night according to some is the Jacky Cheung concert @ Bukit Jalil & other reason was the buka puasa rush. Eventually we managed to gather ourselves and started the dinner at nearly 9.00pm. Foods were good and had many bottles of Skol beer, after that, we adjourned to Bistro 32, Damansara Utama for whiskey until beyond cinderalla time. Welcome back Fook Leong to Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Famous Chapati Shop @ Jalan Sarikei, Kuala Lumpur

After blogging early this morning in the house and on the way to Naza Workshop along Jalan Pahang, I decided to "break my fast" at a sikh shop famous for their chapati. The name of this shop is called “Restoran Santa Sweet House”. It is located behind Tawakal Hospital along Jalan Pahang. Very popular place among chapati lovers or the sikh community. I believe if you just mention this famous chapati shop to any sikhs in town, they will acknowledge the fact and would further recommend similar good chapati shop in and around KL, such as the one behind Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (this particular one, you have to enter from the back, ha . joke). Apparently, these two shops are related and really serve good chapati.

I took a chapati, a slice of curry tenggiri fish and supplemented with thick daal gravy (normally you will get watery gravy from typical mamak shop). This meal cost me exactly RM4.00 including a glass of Nescafe 'O' kurang manis. Chapati is definitely a good and healthy food, no oil, highly recommended for those having heart ailment, high cholesterol, etc, etc. and 100% HEALTHIER than Bak Kut Teh.

Selamat Berpuasa To All My Muslim Friends

Starting today all muslim will fast for a month and Hari Raya Puasa will be a month away. I will have to miss my favourite muslim eating places as they will be closed for business for a month. Fortunately in Malaysia, there many other food stalls around, we got Indian foods, Chinese foods and lots of foreign foods. We are really blessed with such varieties and adundance in Malaysia.

Please refrain from eating or drinking in front of our muslim friends or colleagues during this month of Ramadan. Over the years, I have seen people eating or drinking in front of muslim, especially during meetings when normally drinks or snacks are served. Eventhough, some muslim do not mind but we should respect this fasting month and should not do such thing.

Selamat berpuasa to Dr. Abdul Rani Othman & family (my neighbour), Pipah, Haji Uzir, Tony Azman, Rashid, Shaari, Safian, Yusman, Razali and all my muslim friends whom I can not remember your names at this moment of time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lanjut Golf & Beach Resort May 2004

Beautiful sun set at beach of Kampung Lanjut, Rompin, Pahang.
The kids enjoyed cycling around the resort, there were other activities for the kids like building castles, beach games & fun at the swimming pool.
We were hunting for a particular eating place for lunch on our way back home to KL but ended up with this place (could not find the recommended one), anyway, seafoods here were fresh and tasty. After lunch, we continued our journey and after a couple of kilometres we saw the place we supposed to have lunch. We have to reserve this place we missed for our next trip to Lanjut.
Together with us were families of Lee Wei Teck & Low Eng Bee.
This is the chalet we stayed, my sons enjoyed staying in a kampong house, with us is Arti, she have gone back in Indonesia to take care of her daughter. Best of luck to her and her daughter.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CNY Reunion Dinner 2006

These are the daughters in-law of my mother, her name is Ng Gue Hang. Very strong character lady and very independent, she have worked overseas as an amah in New York, Auckland and Singapore for several years.
Sister, Bee Leng with hubby Khoo Hin Hoe, and their eldest daughter, Girl.
Next to Girl is her younger sister and the one in Pink is Ho Lin's daughter.
Yong Lim's family with Michelle and younger brother Hooi.
Ho Lin and family, their eldest son Yen Aik and two younger sisters.

Monday, September 10, 2007

28th RSC Annual Golf Championship 2007

These were the ladies at our Dinner table @ the Ballroom of RSC, they were Jan, Cheng, CC & friend from Singapore. Everybody had a good time with nice music and also time to boogey boogey.

There were prize presentation and lucky draws for those who did not win anything. Drinks like whiskey, wine or beer were going at only RM2.00 per shot, where can you find in this world. Dato' Dr. Joginder Singh presented a 5 fairway wood to Siew Wah (a lucky guy with a lucky draw winning). I managed to secure a 7th placing for Nett Championship with a RM200.00 prize. Playing 2 under my handicap of 24, yeah, call me buaya. There were more aligators, crocodiles, buayas and dinosaurs in the Ballroom.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

First Rented Room in Kuala Lumpur 1976

As I was travelling along Ipoh Road yesterday, my mind start to creep into the period during my student days staying along this road. Took out my handphone and captured this image (traffic jam lah). This is the house where our 1st room was rented during our Lower Sixth Form in TARC. We, meaning Teow Choon, Tick Choong, Yeok Tooh & myself. Our land lady is Ah Chan, now staying also along Ipoh Road @ 5th Miles ( a canvas shop called "Federal Canvas").

The most memorable thing I can still remember staying in is house is our neighbours, they were the adopted daughters of Rose Chan. Their professions were "stage" performers, and everyday they would hang their costumes out on the line to dry, you can see all kinds from G strings to bras with feather or glittering scale on them, just like those you can see in the big time shows in Las Vegas.

My housemates from Taiping (working guys) engaged in a quarrel with these ladies during one quiet night. Hell, they had a fierce quarrel, cursing and challenging each others. BTW, both houses have similar long corridors cum balconies facing each other and leading to the bathrooms at the rear. These were their battle field or killing field, which ever it was. For more juicy details, you can contact those names mentioned above.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

House of Lorong Mata 3, Genting Garden '78 - '82

This must be Teow Choon (TC) send off to England for his further study. With him were (from left) Keng Guan, happy happy, Jeff, TC, Nicholas Ng Heng Pang & Teow Oei (TC's brother). TC then came back to Malaysia with sufficient papers and sucessfully climbed up the corporate ladder, to as high as being MD in Yeo Hup Seng Group.

Cheong has been away for a long time, guess he is still residing in Perth. The last time I saw him was during his father's furneral many years back.

At the balcony of the house and it happened to be our favourite spot in this house. Good view of the neighbourhood, stored with empty mini Guiness Stout bottles (from SRM survey syndicate) and other junks. We used to throw parties, conduct educational movie using traditional film reel & projector with nominal entrance fee. We also once used it to conduct some kind of "toyol" ritual by a Malaccan Baba. There were also students visiting the house for hair cuts at very reasonable charges and this reluctant barber will only entertain selected few for the cut, very lan si one.

The three musketeers occupying the masterbed room of the house, the bed we were sitting belongs to Jeff, Pang was using the lower decker and myself using the upper deck. Sorry Pang, can see only half of your mage here, happen be the first shot of this negative where part of it was already exposed.

Another send off, this time was for Cheong, he was going to Europe to study Hotel and Catering Management course. Thereafter, I remember he spent a few more years working with super Ocean liner - Queen Elizabeth.
Pang handling a piece of party pack, I can not remember what party it was but definitely in the House of Lorong Mata Air 3.