Sunday, December 16, 2018

We Love Bali with Brompton Day 3 (Part 2)

After much of a fun time at Taman Ujung, Karangasem we were preparing ourselves for the next itinerary and we wouldn't be pedalling to the next place.
Our Brompton will be loaded into these small delivery pick-ups while we will travel on the coaches.
The next place of visit was Tirta Gangga. Tirta Gangga is a former royal palace which is about 5 km from Karangasem. It is known for its water palace owned by the royalty and one of the favourite retreat for the royal family in those olden time.
It has many pools, fountains, gardens and statues. Tirta Gangga literally means "water from the the Ganges"
The place has gone through a series of restoration works due the the destructive hot showers of volcanic ash from the 1963 Mount Agung eruption.
Half the figures are looking very evil and the half are pleasant statues to balance up.
That's why a "yin and yang" sign is found on the floor to represents the contrasting figures found in this amazing place.
This plant is unique with a trunk of a banana tree and leaves of a non-banana tree.
Our tour guide at Tirta Gangga standing next to a statue that looks like him. He loved my remark of this similarity and he felt good about it.
Getting closer to a traditional Balinese fishing boat in one of the pools.

Posing for another group photo before we leave this former royal palace.
The coaches continued ferrying us to Kabupaten Gianyar where famous Ubud Palace is located. We disembarked at a parking bays next to SenS Hotel & Spa (GPS : -8.509565, 115.269155).
Over here we unloaded our bicycles and set them up for a final ride back to Sthala Ubud Hotel.
One more wefie in front of Ubud Palace before we roll back to the hotel.
While some of us were getting more of the Palace of Ubud the rest were patiently waiting and ready to roll again.
Another short ride of approximately 8km before we reach Sthala Ubud Hotel as we took this bend into Jalan Hanoman in Ubud town.
Our entrusted Pak Polisi ensuring our safety on this very wet and busy road.
We encountered a bit of flooded stretch at Jalan AA Gede Rai. Fortunately the rain has stopped and we were able to cycle. It was surely a heavy downpour.
Along and passing by Jalan Raya Mawang and quite close to the hotel we were able to enjoy the lush paddy field view with the sun setting in the evening.
Finally we arrived at Sthala, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel and it was 5.20pm. What a lovely day with so many memorable moments piling up for us.
Taking more photos before we rest ourselves back in our respective comfortable rooms with a farewell dinner lining up for us later in the evening.
A dinner that marked the end of a wonderful event with great memories for everyone of us who have came to Bali.
The winners for the most well dressed participant and best dancer on stage to receive their prizes. And they were none other than Anne Cheong and Edmund Foo from Malaysia.
The evening with graced with beautiful people who were responsible to ensure that the event was possible and went on well with full satisfaction. The dinner was sumptuous and everyone was well dressed to the theme of traditional Balinese style in white.

A night to bade farewell with so many lovely experience in Bali and truly a Wonderful Indonesia. Terima Kasih Ministry of Tourism Indonesia and Brompton Owners Bali. Special thanks to Pak Kanuraituha Wiwin for his amazing contribution in this event. We hope to see you in Kuala Lumpur.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

We love Bali with our Brompton - Day 3 (Part 1)

Good morning Ubud. All of us were wearing the BOB's awesome tee shirts and ready to take on the day. Sthala Ubud bed was super comfortable and I had a bloody good sleep. The breakfast was fabulous, hearty and nothing more you would want to ask for.
Walking toward the coaches for a journey from Ubud to Jungutan Village in Karangasem as our first destination for the day. 
Finally we arrived at Desa Jungutan Village after 2 hours in the bus where the village was earmarked for a grand event during the weekend. 
They called it the "Karangasem World Cultural Village Festive" with a theme "Weaving Identities Celebrate Cultures".
I got a surprise when I was requested to give a speech which I was totally unprepared. Thanks to my buddies hahahaha.....
I remember mentioning that we will be back again for the event next year as a pledge to Pak Wiwin. Photo credit : Edmund Foo
One final group picture on the stage before we moved on with the event.
A kind of delicate dough flour figurines seen on the stage.
Today the marshals were wearing their striking red shirts and getting ready to take on the lead.
One with the Regent of Karangasem and an encouraging thumb up from her.
The honorable I Gusti Ayu Mas Sumatri the Regent & Head of Karangasem flagging off the ride.
Everyone of us were eager to pedal on and see Karangasem, There were so many people at Jungutan Village witnessing the flag off and we were surely feeling joyous and good to be part of this special entourage.
The many paddy fields of Bali frequently seen everywhere at Karangasem.
We went by a place called Bebandem with the locals seeing 50 over small bicycles passing by and I think they are astounded by the event.
In front of the marshals was Mount Agung, the famous conical volcano which came back to live after a long time of dormancy.
 Saying hello to the farmers as they would be probably curious seeing so many cyclists on tiny wheels.
What surprised me was there was so many policemen waiting on the road controlling the traffic as we were passing by especially at every police stations. We were surely treated like as VVIP.
And hello to the young students and happy to see their smiling faces.
The weather was superb with clear sky.
We started at Jungutan Village which is located on a highland where we basically roll downhill all the way to our destinations.
Terima Kasih Pak Polisi you have definitely make things smoother and safer.
My friendly Marshal taking care of us while we were on the road. Thanks again buddy!
The blue Bali Sea at the far end as we were about to reach our first stop with our Brompton.
After about 15km we arrived at Taman Ujung Water Palace.
Welcome ! Welcome to Taman Soekasada Ujung the Water Palace.
Inside of the Water Palace of Taman Ujung, Karangasem.
Rachel our friendly coordinator taking care of us during our entire stay with BOB.
Pictures with the cultural dance performers at the centre of the park.
Lovely dance performance by the troupe.
All gathered at the moon to greet a flying drone, it was noon time and the sun was right on top of us.
And a game or two before lunch was served.
"Makan Megibong" A traditional eat together with a group of people. It was an honour for us to be able to experience this traditional meal. Terima Kasih Karangasem!
A common basket of plain rice topped with various dishes and shared between 5 to 6 people. We "megibong" together in the spirit of Karangasem tradition. I was told that this sort of eating together is normally carry out when the community is celebrating a victory.
Taman Ujung Water Palace Garden formerly a weekend retreat for the royalty. The adventure for the day will be continued in Part 2.