Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kayuhan Raub 2012 - 96km Challenge

This is my first time visiting Raub, as far as I know Raub means gold to me which I was made known during my school days. Raub is synonymous to the gold mining in Malaysia. So I have been to Raub already!

RM78 per night and this was the place we put up in Raub.
2 corners of the town that will be familiar to the folks of Raub.

I registered for this event more than a month ago and I was there a day before the event to collect my participating number 003 for the race. 96km is the distance and challenge that I will be seeking. RM50 was all you need to take part in this event.
There were a total of 7 folding bikes who came from Kuala Lumpur to take part in this event though we might look odd with our bikes but we want to prove we can do it with our small horses. With me is fellow cyclist Mohd Radzi.
The famous curry house Ratha at Raub and we like their popular Kari Ayam. Yes it is different and spicy delicious.
In a classic and historical town full of old details and interesting corners to discover.
We took a walk around the town after our round of roti canai. I like the old shop houses especially the traditional five foot shopping way.
Just after a short walk we ended up in another kedai kopi for coffee and some local pastry.
Restoran Sentosa a place we checked and will be back for dinner later in the evening.
The things found in the goodie bag.
This is the 96km route that we executed. Starting from Taman Tasik Raub down south to Kampong Bahru,  Kampong Lebu. Then north to Lembah Kiau and up again to Sg Ruan & Kg Dong and back to Taman Tasik Raub.
Off we went from the hotel we rode to Taman Tasik for the ultimate event, Kayuhan Raub 2012.
My luck wasn't good, I had a flat tyre and I had cold sweat I thought that was the end of Kayuhan Raub for me and I am going to missed it.Many thanks to my cycling buddies who put a fantastic assistance to recover my hope to be back in the race. Ribuan terima kasih again, what a relief in deed.
One of the many teams seen at the colourful event.
And the race begin we started from the rear of the flag off.
After so much mental deliberation with myself pedalling alone in a land like there is no civilisation for a long while. I will not give up the race even after 66km my ass was in pain and 30km to go. Let finish it pedal by pedal.
We did it, the foldies from Kuala Lumpur. Another medal for my collection.
I am truly glad that I managed to complete this race with an amazing distance of 96km and that is going to be another one of my long riding records. I hope I can come back next year for the event and maybe a separate trip to buy durian in Raub. By the way we started at 7.45am and I finished at 1.00pm that means 5 hours and 15 minutes for the entire ride.
Thanks to Sam Cheong, Fong Kook Keong & Mohd Radzi for their nice pictures I took from them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bukit Lagong - Orang Asli Settlement @ Selayang

This is one of our Wednesday leisure rides in the evening and this one was at the vicinity of Selayang. We started at FRIM, Kepong. This posting is specifically for this place called Bukit Lagong.
I bet many of you have not come across this place and yet it is within the short distances of Klang Valley, what a great hideout.
Basically it is a Orang Asli Settlement where we can actually enjoy the beauty of surrounding nature and see them in this modern world that is close to the city of Kuala Lumpur.
 The water rapid of Bukit Lagong seems to be a picnic site.
A beautifully scene of a wet vegetation cultivated by the Orang Asli.
This place was a let down training camp site, it's already run down and closed that could have been properly managed by others. What a waste!
The weather was great after a rain fall, cloudy and cooling with a setting that is relaxing and away from the mad city.
The smell of the green and moist atmosphere was great and refreshing.
How nice if I have a home here.
It was good to come back here which I have nearly forgotten about this place.
We continue our leisure cycling into Bandar Baru Selayang and had a simple dinner as the sky has turned gloomy and dull. After a good rest and makan we pedalled back to FRIM to get our cars back home. Another good ride on a Wednesday evening.
The Route.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bird - Sunway Dataran Sunway Kota damansara

There is so many food outlets in Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara, many failed to sustain and have closed down. Yet many continue to open new ones......why the kamikaze!!!! Anyway, it's not a plane nor it's's the Bird we were catching.
Yes, Bird Curry Fish Head food outlet serving curry and assam delicacy...the renovation outlay is extensive I like the decor with so many birdy elements.
Curry tenggiri fish was tasty and must eat it with lot of plain rice. I enjoyed this dish.
More rice please....
Sambal topping on poached lady fingers but we rejected as the lady fingers were too old for us to bite.
3 Flavour chicken - the chicken was over cooked & hard.
Prawns fried with sambal petai. Okay passed.
This was the replacement for the rejected lady fingers - Paku veggie. It was was sappy which was another let down.
Ice Kacang ABC was sweet with generous ingredients and truly yummy after our meal.
The fruit rojak could have beeen better if the rojak sauce were to be thicker but I like the hot and spiciness of this rojak making it interesting and exciting. The cool ice kacang was soothing to ease away the hotness. What a combination of desserts.
The Bird Curry Fish Head
2, Jalan PJU 5/4, Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya
GPS : 3.152675,101.594904

Lihat Peta yang Lebih Besar

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bike X Series 17 Nov 2012 @ i-City Shah Alam

The route of Bike X Series as mapped up using mapmyride mobile application.
I woke up in the morning wondering where can I ride on this Sunday and I found out that there was a ride called Bike X Series at Shah Alam. The ride supposed to start at 7.30am and I still got time to get a ghost rider.
The crowd would be in a range between 150 - 200 riders, pretty big a group and it looks fun.
Riders with all kind of bicycles RB, MTB and folding bikes and it was so colourful.
Everyone was waiting for the green light to commence the race....or rather not a race but more of a fun ride.
 My fellow riding friends with their sophisticated bicycles. I like their bikes.
A quiet Sunday atmosphere of Klang has been disturbed by this event and a bit of traffic inconvenient to some road users as there were certain priority given to the cyclists....have mata mata mah.
A group of foldies for a professional photo shooting.
A rescue to a lady rider with a snapped chain...truly a powerful lady rider indeed.
Last pit stop before we complete the event.
Some went looking for some nice Malay food at a nearby warung and some gathered at the base for food & lucky draws.
My friend here has already taken the food and I like their Tomyam beehoon goreng and it was awesomely good.
I am glad that I make it to this event though I did not register myself for it but I enjoyed being one ghost ride. Terima kasih....see you again fellow riders.  Sometime it's nice to be ghost rider.