Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Xin Hai San Restaurant @ Bagan Sg. Besar 大港港口, Selangor

I have never stop by at Sg. Besar for food or whatsoever and little did I know that there are so many places to see beyond the main trunk road. Thanks to cycling that brings me here to know more about Sungai Besar.
A group of cyclist friends was exploring the seaside and paddy fields of the area and our organiser KT recommended this restaurant for our lunch. Xin Hai San Restaurant located towards the coastal side a community called Pekan Bagan.
Majority of the peoples are fishermen and farmers. Sungai Besar is the adminstrative centre of Sabak Bernam.
First came a hot claypot of Bak Kut Teh just like the one in Klang Valley.
Then a fish with soy sauce gravy, nothing really special but it was fresh and good.
Deep fried sole fish coated with a tasty sauce made from preserved brown beans, preserved veggie, shredded ginger, chilli and leek onions. I like this dish the most.
Mixed veggie stir fried with lean meat & shrimps was also simple yet so delicious.
Brinjal fried with egg, eggs, chilli and dried shrimp, another simple home cooked kind of dish that was also gorgeous.
The damage per head was RM14.00 for a simple lunch yet awesomely delicious from a local shop of Bagan, Sungai Besar.
Xin Hai San Restaurant
No.37 Jalan 4
Bagan Sungai Besar
Tel: 016-259-6248 (Amei) or 016-996-8949 (Akai)
GPS : 3.670033,100.982041

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 - My Third Participation in OCBC Cycle

 Click here for .... My share of 2013 OCBC Cycle Malaysia,


this year's OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2014 was held at Dataran Merdeka. Last year it was at KLCC. I love it here at this historical Padang of Kuala Lumpur.
These were the professional tricycle riders taking their rest after their race on a beautiful Saturday morning.
 The Junior Challenge with escorts on the track.
A folding bicycle race named as "The Ultimate Foldies Challenge" was also held on Saturday where the riders will dash to their folded bikes, unfold and cycle around Sultan Abdul Samad Building & others as many laps as possible for 20 minutes .
 An opportunity to meet friends from the cycling fraternity.
This was the route of 24km going around interesting sites of Kuala Lumpur. I registered myself a few months back for "The Challenge" category, covering a distance of 48km which means 4 laps of this route.
By 5.15 in the morning I was already in Dataran Merdeka.
Met up with Yong Lim & his colleagues from Paramount Berhad taking part in the Corporate Charity Challenge.
The flag off time was supposed to be 6.30am ... somehow somebody came late and thousands of riders have to wait. I was disappointed that there were no pom pom girls to cheer us up at the starting line. Come on OCBC you could do better than this.
At last the siren blasted and off we went .... into Jalan Parlimen.
@ Jalan Sultan Salahudin.
 "The Challenge" category is not a racing event, finishing time is not the essence of the ride.... I really pity those young newbies being frightened by groups of fast riding cyclists as if they were racing at Tour de France. True enough the newbies should learn to keep left while riding but you need not have to scream at them.
Met Wai Fatt @ Jalan Tun Ismail
@ Jalan Dang Wangi formerly known as Campbell Road.
I missed the drink station on my previous 3 laps and I was not going to miss it again at the last lap..... the bottle of 100 plus I had tasted so bloody good....
What a relief after a good quench.
Rolling up @ Jalan P. Ramlee
finally approaching the finishing line for "The Challenge".
yaa... my good old neighbour was there too accompanying me to the line.
All jammed up to collect the medals.
@ the medal presentation. 
Most of the participants have dispersed after the ride making the Padang looks a bit bare. 
Nothing really interesting that warrants a longer stay at the Padang. A mini concert would be fun. 
I had a chance to meet somebody important in our Malaysian frontline.
As usual we will be looking for places to eat especially after a hard day's ride ...... heading to Chinatown.
so it was the food court at Madras Lane.

We managed to secure tables despite it was crowded on a Sunday morning and we met some of our fellow cyclists friends having their brunch too.
Curry Laksa is among the popular food found in this eating war zone. There are others like Yong Tau Foo, Chee Cheong Fun, pork noodles etc etc etc.....
Our bicycles were safely detained at a corner of a nearby car park.
I was glad that I could finish the entire ride despite both my ankles were not in a good shape. I guess I was born to cycle and not to walk...... hehehe. 
See you next year!
My result from OCBC ... looks like an old engine.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mee Bandung Udang King at Batu 23 Sg. Nibong, Sg. Besar Selangor

They called it Mee Bandung Udang and it was truly awesome. This plate of Mee Udang Special with 3 big fresh prawns, sweet and juicy for RM17.00. If you love prawns, this is heaven then.
A group of cyclists checking out this King Original where Mak Cik at the stall have been cooking this delicious dishes for the past 24 years.
For a normal plate (biasa) Mee Udang it's RM5.00 equally delicious except with smaller prawns. I love the gravy.
Mee Bandung Poktek is a seafood noodle with a mix of seafood like fish, squids, prawns, crabs & eggs. None of us tried it, I bet it must be good and maybe I will try it in my next trip here.
Look out for this attractive signboard as you travel towards the seaside from the main road.
They used to be at the seaside but have moved to this new place.
Nasi Lemak bungkus were all gone before some of us could even laid eye on it. Simple yet delicious. The sambal was mouthwatering and the smell was enticing. Nothing beats a kampong nasi lemak bungkus.
Absolutely satisfying with a Mee Udang Special!!!

Mee Udang King Original
Batu 23, Sg. Nibong
Sg. Besar