Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Short Stint at Sg. Udang, Province Wellesley by Bicycles

It was a journey back to Penang from Kuala Lumpur with my buddy Joseph as usual we like to take detour to steal a short ride from our monotonous travel to see bits and pieces of beautiful Malaysia. This time we picked Nibong Tebal 高淵 with a plan to cycle towards to sea.
Our destination was set for Sg. Udang a small fishing village and as soon as we arrived at Nibong Tebal we took out our 2 wheels and started with a straight ride along Jalan Atas for the discovery.
Nibong Tebal is the largest town in South Province Wellesley (now known as Seberang Prai) with interesting places of attraction such as firefly sanctuary, nice and relaxing kampong homestay and good Teochew foods like crab porridge. Over the years many prewar shops have left been dilapidated and many have vanished if we do not take preservation of these priceless buildings we could only see them in photographs in the future and that will be a pitiful case.

Still along Jalan Atas and not too far away from the town we began to see Malay houses as we moved towards the coast.
Sign of fishing boats started to excite us and there were many whenever we were close to the river.
We took off our direction to check the inner community the people were very friendly and easy going I just wish we could stay a bit longer to share more with them.
The atmosphere is awesome so green, quiet and pure.
And we were out of the inner kampong and back to the route for the fishing village.
Surprisingly we found this cycle path by the State Government but we did not venture into it maybe the next time.
So this is Sg. Udang fishing village, looks like the houses have transformed from timber to concrete. This road leads to a dead end and one of many platforms to harbour the fishing boats.
The dead end awaiting for boats with fishes.
View from the edge as boats returning home with their catch.
The locals moving around in the town mostly with motorbikes and bicycles.
Irrigation canals for oil palm plantations and paddy fields running parallel with the road we were using. Time was going against us we had to return to our car and head for Penang island. This lovely short stint took a ride of 21km and I hope we can come back again for more of this place. Bye bye Sg Udang we might come back again!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Ais Krim Pulut @ Kg. Baru Kuala Lumpur

I was excited didn't know there is such a dessert called Ais Krim Pulut. It was Farid, a local Kg. Baru boy and a friend who took us to try this homemade glutinous rice ice cream.
Pak Cik must be glad to see us (17 cyclists) patronising his stall after a brief sightseeing at the surrounding of this Malay Village within the city of Kuala Lumpur. The exact location of this ice cream stall is at the junction of Jalan Raja Uda and Jalan Raja Daud in front of a Thai seafood restaurant, Mr. Johan Seafood. 
The homemade ice cream is a mixture of durian and vanilla and that is the only flavour by Pak Cik. Apparently he came from Thailand and has been in this trade in Kg. Baru for a donkey's years. The ice cream is either served in paper cups or in buns. The price of the cup ice cream is currently selling at RM2.00
The cup glutinous rice ice cream coated with groundnut chips and condensed milk. My cyclists buddies find it unique and yummy.
These days it is quite difficult to find a homemade ice cream in the market especially those with a long record of operation. My salute to this long lasting trade.
The cold ice cream in a stainless bucket ready to serve you.
Despite there were so many customers waiting Pak Cik could easily handle the situation it must the experience of selling the same thing over the years.
The glutinous rice.
I guess this is a rare scene of a lively patronisation at Pak Cik's stall surrounded with aliens and small bicycles.
Pak Cik was a sport to take a group picture with us. You must try it before our man ceases his operation. Hidup Pak Cik!!!
Ais Krim Pulut
Jalan Raja / Jalan Raja Uda Junction
Kg. Baru
GPS : 3.165466, 101.702837

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nasi Padang @ Cathay Cafe Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

If you want to see Malay, Chinese and Indian eating together everyday where racial differences is totally never an issue then you should visit Capital Cafe located opposite Sogo Shopping Complex at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. I like the Minang Nasi Padang and love the nasi campur whenever I am there.
My choice of mixed rice with 2 different fishes (a tenggiri cutlet and a catfish), taugeh (bean spout), slightly flooded with a super yummy fish curry and of course, the lovely Indonesian sambal. It was simply appetising and delicious.
I wish I could try all the dishes and I am sure they are all delicious but... anyhow there is always another visit...drooling leh.
The crowd during lunch hours is always full to the brim, kongsi (share) table with strangers is very common and has become part of Malaysian culture in the public.
Capital Cafe have been in business since 1956 that's a long long time, the Nasi Padang stall is equally as long as the kopitiam what's a amazing salute to them!
Fried noodles such as Mee Hailam by this Ah Pek is also popular among the patrons.
A rojak and mee rebus stall at the center front of the shop. The Mamak is also enjoying good business. The gravy for the rojak seems to be plainer in colour something different from others. I would like to try it and hopefully soon. 
This is wall menu is priceless and classic, simply authentic I like the old spelling and Jawi words. Besides there are other old items like old cameras, photos in the shop taking you back to the old colonial days in Malaya.
Capital Cafe (Kedai Makanan Capital) 
(Opposite Sogo Shopping Complex)
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.156067, 101.696165

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kg. Baru Rumah Kak Muna's Super Duper Bakso

I have been showing friends this little hideout at Kg. Baru whenever I pass by and thanks to Hans for the lead. Eventually I managed to savour this Indonesian beef meatballs and it was awesome. People called Gerai Mak Muna but I called it Rumah Mak Muna you actually eat it at her living area.
Students from a nearby school seems to like this incredible hideout for a good food and hangout.
What an unique way to serve cold drinks.
My share of Kak Muna's Bakso on one hot afternoon. The chilli sauce is explosive and burning (ABC ass burning chilli)....kinda having swollen lips after finishing this bowl but it was really satisflying.
Besides a standard bakso there are add-ons such as tendon and tulang.
A standard bowl of Mak Muna's Bakso.
Baki said it's original and awesome on our earlier visit.
Well now we know where to get a good and delicious Indonesian noodle delicacy called Bakso.

Bakso Gerai Kak Muna
Off Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman (near Kelab Sultan Sulaiman)
Tel : 016-3141062
GPS : 3.160918,101.701504

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Revisit to Restoran Kolam Ikan Bukit Tinggi June 2014 有间饭店

After a strenuous adventure riding from Genting Sempah to Janda Baik and finally making our way to Bukit Tinggi Village for a lunch. I recommended an eating place at the fringe of the village Restoran Kolam Ikan to the group, it's conducive and not crowded if you compare it to the others at the main street. My previous visit could be good enough to warrant this recommendation for this group of cycling buddies, confidently I brought them to this quiet corner and hoping that they will enjoy the food.
Bukit Tinggi has been well known for its good food catering for patrons from all over the nearby resorts such as Bukit Tinggi, Janda Baik, Genting Highlands and some on their way back to Kuala Lumpur from East Coast.
The four heavenly kings mixed vegetables stir fried with sambal belacan was really crunchy & delicious. Most of the vegetables are grown at Bukit Tinggi itself and are good and fresh ..... we simply love biting & chewing these awesome greens.
A hot clay pot of thinly sliced pork belly with salted fish was so powerful  that it doubled up our appetite ... more plain rice please (kar fun!)...
We started off with a home made Tofu topped with minced meat but this plate was not enough to go around for everyone hence a second plate was requested .... it was either we were too hungry or the tofu must be good. I think it was both.

Minced meat omelette to ensure sufficient food were on the table for 18 super hungry tummies and not wanting to spend too much on the meal.
Nyonya steamed tilapia was gorgeous nothing was left behind from this dish. The fish, vegetables and pineapples were fresh and yummy.... what a great dish.
Steamed kampong chicken served with grated local Bentong ginger.
The most expensive dish among those on the table a simple soya sauce steamed Patin fish. Not too bad but I think everyone of us preferred the earlier Nyonya's ....
Steam egg with minced meat was a bit too wet, I would prefer it a drier with a red salted yoke poking out just like a home cooked type by mum.
The satisfied faces after a happy meal
It was time for us be back on our saddles again to Genting Sempah. Most of us had to push our bikes on the super steep road from the village to the old Bentong road before we could actually cycle and it was a hot day indeed. Fortunately it was a short ride and the road was mostly covered with many canopy trees. All ended up well and safe till then we shall meet again for new exploration.

Restoran Yu Kan / Kolam Ikan 有间饭店
Batu 17 1/2, Bukit Tinggi,
28750 Bentong, Pahang
Tel : 012-263 1029

GPS : Opposite BHP Petrol Station