Friday, October 31, 2008

2nd Day Foods in Chiangmai

Before we proceeded for our second round of golf we had to refuel our tummies as we needed the fuel for walking another 18 holes. We went to the food court of Central Airport Plaza for some Thai local foods. Stewed pork and egg with rice “Kao Kha Moo” with additional pork trotter,the lady preparing our Kao Kha Moo, spicy papaya salad called “Som Thum”, curry mee or “Kao Soi”. Not in picture were mango with glutinous rice and the wonderful passion fruit shake.

Our urge for food began after the tired game @ Royal Chiangmai Golf Resort and looking forward for free foods at the club house.
We were told by a pleasant lady that Mr. Varin (the owner of the golf course) celebrates his birthday every October 31 and if you want to enjoy golf at Royal Chiangmai and have free food and drinks come exactly on this date of the year. The nice lady also told us that the food stalls at the function were the best and famous operators found in Chiangmai. BBQ pork.The chicken rice corner. The fish ball noodle corner. There were also Thai satay, Thai PohPiah and the PohPiah stand. Coconut Ice cream. The flower arrangement of “Happy” with candles was awaiting to be officiated by Mr. Varin. We left without witnessing the event as it was getting late.

Royal Chaingmai Golf

A new and rather unique buggy seen at the porch of the Club House. A view within the club house. Ready to roll for action at Tee Box No. 1. Distance markers of 150 yards is of this kind 2 layered shrubs and 100 yard of a Casuarina tree.
This course is not as well maintained as Chiangmai Highland the fairway appears more like rough than it should be and the green fee is expensive compare to others in Chiangmai, guess it carries a strong brand name of Royal Chiangmai and also it's long established. At hole No.17 Par 3, a very scenic view and has to across a huge water before the green. Slightly jam up at the putting green, time to rest the leg muscles.Today we were playing with an additional mate from Kuala Lumpur of a 24 handicapper whom was enjoying all the way.
My game today is not as good as yesterday, 46 & 50 strokes on the respective nines. There was a game match play with CC Lee from Day 1. Today's game I was down to him, therefore all square as todate. We will see how it goes tomorrow. We were told by our caddies that there will be free food and drinks at 5.30pm as it's the birthday of the owner, Mr. Varin Pulsirivong. We took the opportunity to attend the function and had a good time from the free food.This fruit found at this Hole 17 as I can remembered was introduced by a caddy during my last visit here and this the plant that bears this fruit. At last, we reched the last hole and it's time to rest.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Day Foods at Chiangmai

Thai Chicken Rice "cow mun guy" at this Old Chiangmai Square at this corner shop somwhere near this street.Then we proceed to try the Thai favourite fish ball noodle at the next door. After the golf we went over to Alan a Malaysian friend's massage shop and had simple Thai foods with him at a corner shop just a few doors away from his. Thai fried Kuey Teow, a bowl of pork soup and wanton. A plate of Lakna which I forget to snap it. Of course the best was the bottle of Gold Label Johnny Walker 18 years old...

Chiangmai Highlands Golf & Spa

This is the first golf course we played out of the 3 courses and I would rate this course as the best among the 3. It’s surrounded by mountains and located away from Chiangmai of a driving time of approximately 30 minutes. A view at the rear of the Club House.Upon starting at the first tee box we were greeted with a sudden Chiangmai shower and a bit scary for a start of a golfing trip. Unfortunately it was a short one which lasted only 10 minutes. Anyway this golf course is beautiful, a landscape of carefully manicured plants, trees, bunkers and fairways. There are a lot of lateral waters making your game interesting. I had a good game and very happy with my final score of 91 from 47 and 44 on the respective nines. Walking in this beautiful golf course is a tiring affair with the hilly terrain but it’s worth the walk. Even the tee boxes are in perfect condition just like a putting green. This is a typical distance marker of Highlands. Difficulty at a beautiful sand bunker. A unique house under construction next to the golf course of a glazed housed covered with weaving bamboos. Would you want your house to be like this one??

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Delicious Char Siew @ Overseas Restaurant Imbi

This is another visit to Overseas Restaurant at Imbi Road for lunch with my office colleague and a common friend cum classmate. Judging from the number of patrons at the restaurant you can tell how bad the economy of the country is or rather the world economy. We always use the patronage of restaurants as a yardstick for the economy situation especially during downturn.
So much talk of the dollar and cents, let us get back to delicious char siew found in Overseas Restaurant. Well it is really delicious and other dishes are rather standard as found at other places.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Over Indulgence of Food in Penang

Half way to Penang we took Ipoh Hor Hun at the Old Ipoh Town, a shop next to the famous one as it was packed with people. But the Ipoh Hor Fun at the least people shop one was equally good and we were really satisfied with the breakfast. Yummy yummy…

We arrived at Penang around 1.00pm. We wanted to visit the Beef Noodle shop opposite Bomba Station along Chulia Street but it was closed, guess it closes on Sunday. Still wanting to try beef noodle or soup,
we ended at this shop 2828, it was a good beef soup despite the long wait. That was supposed to be our lunch but we were still game for more foods and ended up ourselves in Island Glade, Genting Coffee Shop for Chay Kuey Teow with duck egg, Char Hor Fun and Chee Cheong Fun. All were nice foods and excellent choices. That was daytime meals for us…. Wedding dinner at CRC awaits us, a truly makan, makan and makan trip. My Jo & Xiangyi were ready for the wedding dinner.
The following morning, we had hotel food, a buffet breakfast which comes together with the stay.
Zuyi started with cornflake and milk. Such a pleasant atmosphere for meals found at Holiday Inn Resort, Batu Ferringhi.
As planned, we wanted more hawker foods before we go back to Kuala Lumpur. We went hunting for the best Chay Kuey Teow in MALAYSIA as claimed by Fly FM. RM8.00 a plate with big prawns. We think that the Kuey Teow was over rated we felt that the one in Genting Coffee shop is still the best.While waiting, we also try the Hokkien Mee or also known as Prawn Mee elsewhere at this coffee shop Khoon Hiang Café, Datuk Keramat Road (Opposite the old Feredal Cinema) and discovered that it was delicious lah. After feeling guilty of over indulgence of foods we visited Mother before we return to KL and said to ourselves no more food until we reach home.