Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cycle Malaysia - Day 38 Pontian to Batu Pahat

Good morning Pontian and good bye The Corner House. We were ready to roll, the weather was fine and good.
Feeling jubilant and fresh to start off the day, Johor flags seen flying everywhere in the state.
A stop at this warung at Kampung Ayer Baloi, GPS : 1.592348, 103.330497 for breakfast.
Baki showed me his mum's relative house as we were riding on Jalan Pontian.
We stopped by this coffee shop for a drink and I ended up with a bowl of porridge after being enticed by the food at the counter. The name of the coffee shop is Restaurant Gao Feng at Rengit GPS : 1.679485, 103.158046
Welcome to Rengit  (龙引). This small town is in between Batu Pahat & Pontian Kecil.
Tin Leong Keng Temple of Rengit is popular with their celebration of 9 Emperor Gods festival.
Never before I have seen so many shops dealing with second hand goods even used bicycles are sold here, you just name it I bet you can find it here. In fact the whole road is Pasar Karat Rengit. I understand that most of these goods are recycled from Singapore.
Still on the road at Kg. Parit Amat Rengit Laut.
The river beside Kg. Parit Amat Rengit Laut.
My dear friend had to stopped the ride at Rengit and rushed back to JB for work. Thank you so much Baki for your encouragement and effort to accompany me. See you again in Melaka.
From Route 5 Jalan Tanjung Labuh I took a turning on the right to Jalan Sungai Suloh with a propose to visit a Chinese temple at the western side of Batu Pahat. The route at Jalan Sg. Suloh is rather undulating with a series of dragon backs to tackle.
After 9km on Jalan Sg. Suloh I reached a "T" Junction at Jalan Minyak Beku where I spotted a coffee shop at the junction I went straight in for a couple of cold drinks. It was very hot indeed and this stop was very much desired and appreciated. I had a good conversation with a gentleman in the coffee shop he was having his beer. Thank you Mr. Gentleman for some good information of the area.
Kedai Kopi Hai Chuan Wee the coffee shop where I took a good rest and had a good chat with a local.
The edge of Batu Pahat Chong Long Gong Temple 柔佛峇株海口石文丁崇龙宫 at Kg. Segenting located about 8km away from Batu Pahat town centre. 
Huge statue bearing the God of Prosperity arriving and arising from the sea is one of the prominent features seen at the temple.

A peep at the statue of Ma Zu, the Goddess of the Sea
Segenting (石文丁) is in the west zone of Batu Pahat is a small fishing village. Chong Long Gong Temple 柔佛峇株海口石文丁崇龙宫 has attracted many tourists to flock to this corner of BP.
Minyak Beku is a seaside village lying on the west coast of Johor, Malaysia. Kampung Minyak Beku is where the famous chiseled rock is located, a big rock about ten feet in size. The big rock was chiselled by the Siamese (Ayudhya) to contain fresh water. It was said the Siamese soldiers came here by boat to attack Malacca but was defeated by Tun Perak back in the 15th century. The chiselled rock became famous where it later replaced the name of Bandar Penggaram to Batu Pahat.
From Segenting I rode down using Jalan Pantai and arriving at Jalan Shahbandar.  I saw this attractive 3 storey old shop houses opposite the Customs Office.
At Jalan Enggan I patronised this cendol shop and I told myself I must try it especially on a hot sunny day. 

Akbar Cendol
12, Jalan Engan can be located at GPS : 1.848929, 102.926239 for a refreshing cold dessert.
While I was searching for a hotel I accidentally stumbled into this hawker selling Char Kuay Teow at a road side. I took a seat and order a plate.
In deed the Char Kuay Teow was delicious with an added fried egg on top.
Fully satisfied with the CKT and drink is F.O.C. It is sited at Jalan Pengkai GPS : 1.854646, 102.927699. It was easy to find a hotel in Batu Pahat, I checked into Hotel The Silver Inn.
It was laundry time. In the evening I took a walk to a food court near HSBC for dinner. Good night and Muar is my next target.

Day 38 from Pontian to Batu Pahat covering a distance of nearly 90km with a detour to Kg. Segenting.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 37 Pekan Nenas to Pontian

It was time to say goodbye to Platform Coffee cum Homestay in a Chinese village at Pekan Nanas. Thank you again to Hui Peng & Chee Leong. This is at the front entrance of Platform comprising of a bar counter, a raised resting platform and a swing. 
A map of Pekan Nenas at the living hall, the hall is well furnished and conducive.
The buffer zone at the front with a small fish pond and an old bicycle. When I asked how much I have to pay for the night and Chee Leong told it has already been taken care by my good friend Baki and thank you so much my dear friend.
Baki took time off to join me from here where he arrived around 8 in the morning and off we went to a mosque opposite the main road (Skudai - Pontian Highway) of Pekan Nenas for breakfast. Warung Anjung Masjid GPS : 1.509602, 103.507096
These are traditional kueh mueh from Johor, I had a carbohydrate loading with a pack of nasi lemak and a piece of sambal fried fish.
Despite his busy schedule Baki took the liberty to accompany me and I was really honoured by his gesture. Terima kasih banyak banyak Adik Baki.
Both of us are passionate with our cycling and enjoyed every moment of it with nothing bothering us while we are on our bikes. It is only the breeze and the road ahead.
The route we took to Tanjung Piai was through shaded plantation road and it was absolutely lovely to cycle on. Welcome to Tanjung Piai. My first time here but it's never too late.
Walking through the pathway through the mangrove swamp we reached the southern tip of Mainland Asia. This tour has stretched from various corners of Peninsula and this is one of the most crucial points to achieved and I was so happy about it.
A view of the mangrove swamp at low tide and the pathway for visitors to use. Certain part of the pathway has been damaged by the sea wave but it's still accessible.
It's now towards northbound and Kukup will be our next stop.
Baki is familiar with this southern route he lead me to this seafood restaurant at the end of the road next to the Kukup Ferry Terminal. The name of the restaurant is New Kukup Seafood Restaurant 龜咯食堂海鮮樓 located at GPS : 1.324915, 103.441147
Fresh prawns in a thick coconut milk curry.
Delicious fried beehoon.
Poached squids in kelabu version.
Lunch was all nice and yummy. We had a good rest at New Kukup Seafood Restaurant before we proceeded.
Selamat datang ke Pontian, we have arrived at our destination on a hot day.
Let's look for a place to stay and a glass of cold drink would be idea.
We decided to stay at this nice homestay, The Corner House. It's relatively new and comfortable.
Baki took me to a food court where we tried Mei Gui (玫瑰海鲜园) ikan bakar and some satay.

CM Day 37 taking a toll of 78km into the southern most tip of mainland Asia Tanjung Piai, detour to Kukup and finally Pontian.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 36 Johor Bahru - Pekan Nenas

It has been a good 2 nights stay at Meldrum Hotel I like the proximity of the food outlets and the surrounding of the old JB city. If there is a chance to come back I will stay here again. Adios and I shall continue my journey.
It started with a wet morning, the rain has stopped and after 4km I detoured and stopped Dataran Bandaraya for a brief visit. I love the crown on the stage.
Also at Dataran Bandaraya is the famous football club of Johor, Kelab Bola Sepak Johor Darul Ta'zim.
Further up the route along Jalan Datin Halimah is the Merdeka Park with attracting water landscape and green.
A public park ideal for a morning jog with 9 lawns each depicting the various historical stages of the struggle for Independence.
I was amazed by route I took which was comfortable and safe to cycle avoiding major roads and using secondary roads via residential areas like Taman Tasek, Taman Skudai Kanan and arriving at Tampoi through Bandar Baru UDA. KIP Mart is one of the places I like to visit for a certain reason.
Stretching the vicinity of Tampoi from one end to another I was at Taman Sutera Utama passing by a mall called Sutera Mall
Not too far away another mall was seen Tasek Central 皇后 广场 at the junction of Jalan Tun Aminah and Jalan Tun Fatimah.
After cycling for 32km I reached a place called Lima Kedai a tiny town between Skudai and Gelang Patah. The name was derived probably it had only 5 shops originally (just a guess).

My Oregon kept on asking me to turn back but I know my destination is just not too far away from it. Stubbornly I went against Oregon passing through an industrial scheme TamanPerindustrian Dato Yunus Sulaiman.
At the fringe of Taman Perindustrian Dato Yunus Sulaiman I could see a crossing over Route E3 (North South Highway / Second Link) but it was covered with earth.
I followed a dump truck the road was muddy and slippery. I told myself by hook or crook I shall find my way with the bicycle to the other end.
Apparently this road was used by lorries for dumping rubbish, I asked an Indian man whether there is any linkage to Gelang Patah. He said "yes" but with some turning here and there, half understood what he mentioned I just went on with it.
Trying to recalled what the Indian had said about the turning I found myself in a secluded access and was shocked by a group of monkeys swinging across the path. Feeling a bit eerie I continued to move on hoping for a quick solution out of this vegetation.
The path got narrower and narrower, it was uneven. I could only see transmission lines and the vegetation.
I took a selfie the minute I could hear traffic sound but still no sign of the traffic.
The push continued until I could see a row landscaped hedges and confidently knowing that I will be soon on safe ground.
At last I was out of the undeveloped piece of land and was very happy to be back to civilisation.
I then realised that I was at Setia Eco Garden in the vicinity of Gelang Patah.

Hitting into more earth road as I was approaching Pekan Nenas.
The neighbourhood of Pekan Nenas
At last I found Platform Cafe where my good friend Baki Zainal had reserved a room for me. It is located at Lorong A4, Pekan Nenas with Shimano Factory nearby.
I love this classic village cafe run by a lovely couple and are very passionate with their work. It was nice meeting Hui Peng & Chee Leong of platform Cafe.
Chee Leong recommended a makan place where I rode out to check it. Meanwhile at the icon of Pekan Nenas for remembrance.
This aunty has been preparing this curry noodle since she was a young lady now she is already in the 80's and still going strong with her business. I was surprised that the noodle was so spicy, all the while I thought the Southern folks are not the spicy type.
Mrs.Lee started serving the curry noodle at the age of 31 and at that time it only cost 10sen per bowl. Long live Mrs. Lee and her curry laksa has been around for nearly 50 years in Pekan Nenas.
Her shop is actually in a soft drink supplier operated by her late husband Mr. Lee Guo Qi at Jalan Sawah.
After a satisfied meal of curry laksa I did a brief look around of Pekan Nenas.
CM Day 36 was a wet affair defying my GPS device and going through a secluded vegetation to get to my destination.