Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Canadian Trip Day 10 - What's Calgary Stampede

First and foremost you have to look like cowboy and cowgirl as close as possible ... yeehaaaa!!!
Margaret brought to Chinatown for Dim Sum at Silver Dragon Restaurant.
The Dim Sum was good and delicious, I like most of the dishes....yeehaaa!!!
Everything downtown is about Stampede....the decors at the office blocks, shopping malls, parks and almost all the surroundings in Calgary.
We parked the car at Margaret's work place and took a train to Erlton Stampede station where the stampede site is situated next to it.
At the entrance of Erlton.
Indian Village was the first place we visited, I always like seeing Red Indians in cowboy movies and now I have a chance to see their real stuffs.
The inside of a Red Indian home.
Cowboy hats are everywhere for you to grab...
It's party time with lots of food stall, drinks, concerts, exhibition and shows and we were gonna spend the whole day here....yeeehaaaa.
Lovely cheesy chips to start with ... it was eat and eat time ....

Barbecue is a must besides the pancakes.
It's a 10 days event with million of people visiting the place every year. So Calgary Stampede 2014 I was there .... Yeeeehaaaa!!!
The site got crowded towards the evenings especially after the working hours, they simply love this party.
I was surprised  to see a Chinese lion dance in a cowboy festival.
Military exhibits were there too.
A lively show by the Calgary Stampede Showband, it was so entertaining and members of the band were such fun people. I really like their performance.

Horses for sale in a kind of auction proceeding.
Viewing from our seats.
The National anthem to start with the event.
The all time popular Chuckwagon race is held in Calgary Stampede every year and the prize money is in terms of million of dollars.
After all the excitement of the Chuckwagon races as the sky started to get dark then it was showtime time.
The grand finale was the fireworks and that ended the evening of a wonderful time and experience of what actually a Stampede celebration is all about.
That's all folks and the millions that came for Calgary Stampede 2014 for the 10 days.
Good night we were back to the city centre for the car. Most probably we might go for an experience of a free stampede breakfast. Thanks again to Margaret for taking us through this wonderful festival.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Canada Trip Day 9 - Let's Go to Crossiron Mills, Calgary

The ladies wanted to shop and wanted to go to a shopping mall. I told them I will see them in the mall as I will be going there with the bicycle. After checking with Margaret the directions I headed first toward Crossiron Mills using non-highway roads. My to and fro ride took me a distance of 31 kilometres generally it's was a monotonous ride unlike back home there are always variation in the scenery .... over here it was almost prairies after prairies ..and no shade at all for a rest.
I did not see any other cyclist on this hot summer road except myself. The yellow patch of field is rapeseed or Canola fields.
After a long straight ride at the junction of Centre Street /Road 566 I was glad to see more than prairie lands there were cows and old horse carriages on a corner plot of land.

And it was back to the same setting of prairies.....
And finally the break came I have reached a gas station (Balzac Store) at a traffic light of Road 566 and 24 Street, the atmosphere of a cowboy stopover was strong and I could smell it.
This cowboy from Malaysia came with an iron horse and do not have a rope to tie it to the orange rail.
Inside the store by the name of Balzac Store.
The sight of the shopping mall was visible while I was crossing the busy road of Street 24.
There you are the big shopping mall, Crossiron Mills located at Crossiron Bolevard and I was on time. In fact, I was early and went to a huge home improvement store called Lowe's for a look see before going over to the next store.
The cowboy shopping mall big and interesting.
While the iron horse was chained outside the mall at a designated area near the entrance door.
The journey back to Panatella was hot and boring but I did it. Cheers!!! What's next......

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Canada Trip Day 8 - Lake Louise to Calgary

Lake Louise is such a scenic place the weather was lovely, the air was fresh and I was not going to waste time in the hotel room. Let's go wandering in the small settlement of Lake Louise and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere before the coach take us away.
A hostel which is just across where we were staying with Rocky Mountains standing beautifully behind it.
Lake Louise Inn I hope I can come back to stay again and for a longer period as I like it here.
The last stage of the journey was handled by another coach with more passengers on board. The distance from Lake Louise to Calgary is 180km. I am impressed that the coach has a wifi facility on board but unfortunately it was not strong enough most of the time. At last we completed the Western Trail at Calgary for 3 nights 4 days it was an interesting tour and I enjoyed it even though we had too much of lakes, rivers, mountains and glaciers for the last 4 days.
Margaret, a friend of Sook Ying & Jo was waiting for us at Westing Hotel at Downtown Calgary, we took a short walk to her car at her office building and off we went to her house where we will be staying there for the next 8 days.
On our way to Margaret's house we stopped by at T & T Supermarket to buy some foods, this supermarket is big and very much of an Asian market. It makes you feel that you are not in a Western Country.....
We had a dinner arrangement with Margaret's family at Harvest Hills the same place where T & T Supermarket is located. I was excited to know that Margaret has a bicycle that I could use during the stay. Do you know that you have to pay one Loonie (one Canadian Dollar) for pumping air even it's a bicycle.
Having an opportunity to cycle oversea makes one very excited where one can see places in depth and learn its cycling culture. I told them at the house that I will find my way to T-Pot Restaurant and it wasn't difficult.
A typical bicycle & pedestrian lane of Calgary.
A group picture with family of Margaret's at T.Pot Restaurant.
T.Pot is just opposite T & T Supermarkert and I managed to reach there in time for the makan.

The route that I took going to Harvest Hills.
And the route and places I went after the dinner at T.Pot Restaurant. 
Till then watch out for the next posting on Day 9.