Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sausage and Ribs Shack, Taman Midah Cheras

Well it's my birthday my lovely wife insisted that we eat out and have a small celebration among ourselves. Thank you my dear and we were somehow at Sausage and Ribs Shack for a wonderful dinner. Please leave your shoes outside before you step in.
Sausage and Ribs Shack is popular for their home made sausages and their pork ribs. It is located somewhere at a funny corner of Taman Midah in Cheras.
It was 7.30pm and it was already crowded fortunately we have made a reservation and the table was ready for us. We forgot to bring our wine.
We have only pre-booked the spare ribs and the rest of the dishes were ordered on the spot.
Coral salad with roasted sesame dressing to start with and a good start indeed.
Since it was a dinner to celebrate my birthday, I ordered a Weihenstephen, a dark light beer to go with my porky meal. The wine we supposed to bring along would be better.
Soup of the day was Pumpkin soup with garlic bread, sweet and tasty.
Here is the BBQ Spanish pork spare ribs - full rack, it was obviously looking very enticing and everyone was waiting to mouth it as soon as the camera was kept away.
The mum did the cutting before anyone can lay their hands on it.
A plate of mixed home made sausages platter, another great dish and most of us preferred the one of the darkest colour it must be the beef sausage.
Then came the spaghetti Aglio Olio with bacon and  mushroom, we shared and like it too.
Two servings of this Portobello mushrooms were placed on the table, another yummy taste of  a well cooked mushrooms.
Our second plate of spaghetti was Aglio Olio with tiger prawns, it tasted the same as the previous one except it came with 2 prawns.
I am 58 going 59 next year, there is no stopping the figure will continue to go up and all I wish is that my body will stay healthy so that I can continue to do the things I like to do.
Sausage and Ribs Shack
9 Jalan 2/105, Taman Midah, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone: +603-91743866 / +6016-2292168
GPS : 3.089674, 101.726550

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Ride from Hulu Langat Batu 18 to Sg. Tekala Recreational Park

In less than a month time we would to going for a long haul cycling in a foreign land and certain stretches of the routes are anticipated to be hilly therefore we have to practise and get ourselves ready for the trip. Sunday, 8th May we headed to Hulu Langat Batu 18 to join a group for a ride to Semenyih Dam.
The ride was initiated by Johnny and the roll off time was 7.30am most of the bikes were either road bikes or MTB, there was only a handful of folding bikes.
The weather was excellent misty in the early morning, the traffic was fairly quiet and a beautiful kampong atmosphere.
After rolling gradually upward for 10km we reached the famous T junction to regroup and to decide where to turn Right or Left. And we ended up going to the right for Sg. Tekala.
Going towards Sg. Tekala is always more scenic that the "left" direction comparing to thev route to Genting Peras, there are beautiful scenes of the dam and its surrounding.
After about 12km of rolling along the beautiful dam of Semenyih we reached Tekala Recreational Park, rested for a while Jo had a packet of nasi lemak before we made our return ride.
I was sitting on the roadside contemplating whether to roll up to the "left" for Genting Peras after reaching back to the T Junction. I told Jo we will slowly pedal up if it's too taxing then we will just make a U turn.
After scaling up for more than 2km the sight of road resurfacing triggered us to give up the idea of going up to Genting Peras coupled with the noisy super bikes vrooming passed us. There will be a next time. Well done for some of my buddies they have managed to reach Genting Peres and there were 4 even more terror, they went even farther clocking a distance nearly 100km. Well done indeed. For the record we have completed only 49km on this day. 
A video of the ride.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 12 - South Thailand Tour 2016 - Phuket - Kuala Lumpur

Today was the final day of our 12 Days in Thailand, the entire tour was another good experience of my cycling adventure. We were blessed with a safe completion of the tour and I like to say thank you to all my travelling mates for a successful trip especially Andrew for all the meticulous planning and hope that we will do it again.
I woke up early in the morning and decided to cycle one more time in Phuket before we leave the hotel which I have another 2 more hours to kill.
I shall cherish my 2 nights stay in Phuket and hopefully I shall come back to explore further.
Meanwhile Kit & Roger were on a rented motorbike hunting for their breakfast.
A day before I have managed to salvage some card boards for my bike packing. These boards will be served as protective linings for my folding bicycle in a storage bag.
I cut the boards into 6 pieces and my used Dimpa storage bag is now ready to be padded with these boards. 
Just before 9.00am our transport arrived and we were ready to load our stuffs and bicycles.
The time taken from the hotel to the airport was nearly an hour, well the traffic was quite bad as bad as Kuala Lumpur on a peak hour.
As usual Roger would box his bicycle after it was scanned by the security.
We were early and had the luxury of time for a meal at the Airport.
Two folding bikes in Dimpa bags were ready to be checked in.
My bike including my helmet, basic tools, spare tubes and clothing weighted only 18.2kg, I have over purchased which I brought for a 30kg allowance.
Bye bye Phuket Sawasdee Krab till then we shall meet again.
That's it we were on our way back home after 12 days in Thailand.
Air Asia airlines landed at KLIA2, we had no problem whatsoever going through the custom nor the immigration. I headed for a KLIA Transit train.
To my surprise I was entitled for a senior citizen fare, ages more than 55 years old are considered senior citizen by ERL. I love it.
These were the only bags I used for my travel an IKEA Dimpa bag & my Brompton "T" bag and it has proven that these are sufficient.
I un-bagged my Dimpa and discarded all the boards at a nearby bin.
I was mobile again with my wheels.
Since it was peak hour I decided to cycle back home from the station. And I have to say sawasdee krab one more time and till then we shall meet again for another cycling adventure with my small wheels.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Day 11 - South Thailand Tour 2016 Old Town Phuket

 Good morning Phuket the sun was fiercely rising from a distance making a reddish old Phuket Town, every morning we could see monks everywhere offering blessing to the locals during our tour.

A lovely morning scene of the facade of Old Phuket Town. I was taking a brief solo round before the guys decide what to do for the day.
I managed to strike a market place called Downtown Plaza and I love visiting markets wherever I go.
I like this capture the mural and the walking nun.
Another shot at the opposite of the walking lady with her goods trolley.
One of the many Chinese temples seen in Phuket and I can tell you there are really lots of them indeed.
Moving back to the hotel at Queen Sirikit Park there stands a golden sea dragon known as Hai Leng Ong, yhe protector of Phuket.
Come noon Andrew & myself went out to explore other parts of Phuket. Our target was to check Phuket Jetty and my Oregon just came in handy.
As we drew closer to the jetty we saw many boat related places. 
Hand made boat seen on our way to the jetty.
Phuket Rassada Pier, we found you and it is about less than 5km from Old Town Phuket. A jetty where you could ferry to other islands like Phi Phi, Lanta and Krabi.
This was seen at the wall at the pier indicating the schedule & fares to the various destinations.
We then cycled toward western south of Phuket where we passed by this roundabout a Seahorse circle known as Nimit Circle.
Saphan Hin seaside park a popular leisure spot among the local Thais where many celebrations are held here like the Vegetarian Festival in the month of October, Loy  Kratong and Red Cross Fair.
After visiting the seafront of Saphan Hin we came to Soi Bang Yai, a road that runs along this canal with many boats parked at both sides. There are some paths and amenities that are old and seems forgotten.
Then we slowly moved towards north and back to the hotel I decided to show Andrew Downtown Plaza, the morning market with some street arts. Most of the retailers have already closed for business. Anyway we were not there to market but just to see the place.
I really like this mural.
I got electrocuted with this piece and one for the album.
A secret passage out of the market that I used it in the morning and again in the afternoon.
A visit to Kim's Massage & Spa which was near and a mere walking distance from our hotel. We spent 2 hour relaxing time here.
My lunch at a Muslim stall at Trick Eye Museum for an economy rice with kengsom fish cutlet and a fried egg, it was simple yet delicious.
A prawn noodle after our massage was surprisingly delicious, a shop behind the Trick Eye Museum and how I wish I could have another bowl this now, I am drooling as I am writing this......