Monday, July 15, 2019

Explore Hokkaido - Sapporo Here We Come Again - Day 6

Back to Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal to catch the coach to Sapporo where we have made a reservation for two seats to Sapporo and as advised by the staff a day earlier to make such booking to avoid any disappointment.
Day 6 started with a morning leisure ride around Toya where we visited a hot hand bath located at GPS : 42.565355, 140.821101
Back to Daiwa Ryokan to pack our stuff checking out at 10.00am (which seems to be the case in most places in Japan)
It's goodbye to Daiwa Ryokan for two nights in a family run hotel and it would be good if the owner could refurbish the rooms for a better place to stay. 
We still have ample time to spend as our bus to Sapporo was scheduled at 12:10pm, so we went cruising the surrounding looking for interesting spots and came across an observatory park.
Jo went for a stroll along a trail to check out some of the abandoned apartments that were damaged by a volcanic eruption in 2000. The weather was ideal for a walk. I could also see a sheet piled wall structure constructed to prevent any possible flow of volcanic mud/ashes.
We simply love the food here and were back again for another meal before we leave Lake Toya.
 The yummy lunch at the same restaurant for the second visit.
The new era - The abdication of Emperor Akihito on April 30 2019 and the enthronement of his eldest son Naruhito the following day as the 126th emperor of Japan, was a landmark event.
I love eggs and these eggs sold at the Bus Ternimal were boiled with natural hot spring water at a temperature of 92°C. I had of 2 of them.
The fare was 2,780¥ which is about RM100.00 each. Time to bade goodbye to Lake Toya and it was indeed a good visit to this part of the world.
The next 2 hours plus in a comfort of Donan Bus setting to Sapporo with couple of stops at resorts which are mostly ski resorts.
The bus journey was rather interesting with lovely scenery and a chance to see the places covered with snow especially at the stretches passing by the mountainous area in the vicinity of Mount Sapporo. A  stop for toilet break where I had the opportunity to take a close snap of the surrounding.
The distance from Toyako to Sapporro is slight more 100km and we arrived safely at Sapporo Bus Terminal which is just next to the main Train Station.
The Bromptons were back on the streets of Sapporo and I set my Oregon device to find our accommodation which is estimated to be 3km from Sapporo Terminal.
We were two days earlier from our original schedule and had pre-booked this family run accommodation at Almaz Place. The owner is Masashi San staying in the upper most floor with his family. Masashi San mentioned that he has visited Kuala Lumpur before and had enjoyed very much in Malaysia. I love Almaz Place it is cosy and well equipped. Our bicycles were kept at a store underneath the staircase.
 The cosy studio room of Almaz Place.
Food & drink for the evening.

After having checked into Almaz Place we visited a supermarket to get some food and drinks. I was glad to use his box to carry our purchase. Boxes are available at the supermarket and given free for those who need them. That's is all for Day 6 and we were ready to further explore the city of Sapporo.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Explore Hokkaido - Cycle Around Lake Toya - Day 5

The plan for Day 5 was to cycle round the entire lake of Lake Toya following the route as recommended by Hokkaido Cycling Tourism.
Seicomart together its popular Hot Chef has been one of our regular visits at convenience stores in Hokkaido with its reasonable pricing and tasty food. Day 5 breakfast was at this store. 
Toyakoguruttochokoku Park with swan boats for rent for those who want to do boating at the lake.  We were ready to start the ride for the day.
Toyakeonchi one of the popular sculpture parks in Lake Toya. This sculpture is the revelation for Noah's Ark.
Taking our time off to capture images of the so many sculptures in the park.
Sculpture of humans linking to form rings connecting rings and nicely sited at of the lake edge..
The weather was prefect there was no threat of rain, dark cloud or whatsoever,  all was well and good.
Sculpture after sculpture there are so many of them around the lake.
Another interesting one at the area of Toyamachizukuri.
Along the lake edge that was an easy cycling and hardly anyone doing the same. We just saw one or two groups passing by during our ride.
Cherry blossom seen starting to blossom at its initial stage.
We then reached Nakatoya Campsite with a public bath (Onsen) nearby. The Japanese really love their outdoor activities. I was impressed as how equipped the facilities were provided and the campsite is well maintained and clean.
Periodically hitting small clusters of simple dwellings and many recreational parks along the way.
A sculpture in front of a museum in the location of Toyamachi, a small and slightly happening community to visit.
Toyako Museum of Art
It was time to leave Toyamachi comunity and continue to complete the loop back where we started.
At the gateway of Ukimido Park with an interesting stones stacked arch to welcome us.
We could see the iconic shrine from a distance and made our way walking on the boulders to the small island where a shrine is sited.
One for the album at the iconic shrine of  Ukimido Park serene and beautiful indeed.
We could see the hot spot commercial area getting bigger and bigger at the other end of the lake as we were slowly approaching to the position.
We have finally completed the loop and it's back to the town of Lake Toya with an easy ride for the day.
Visited this lovely restaurant with no English name but only in Japanese 岡田屋 . Thumb up for the food here.   
The food was delicious and we completed the meal with an awesome dessert. It is located at GPS : 42.565274, 140.818390
Our ride around the lake on a beautiful day with a distance of 38km.
And in the evening we ventured out for its fireworks at the lake edge. Till then we see you for Day 6.