Saturday, August 23, 2014

Let's Go to Penang for another Round-Island Ride - CFAL6 2014

Me and my wife left Kuala Lumpur early in the morning with a plan to have Dim Sum in Ipoh and were able to fixed up with Norman & Co at Foh San for a lovely breakfast. 
By noon we have reached the island and headed straight to Tanjung Tokong. Slowly but surely I am getting another candidate into the cycling craze.
The crowd wasn't big and it was an easy registration cum collection of jerseys at Straits Quay Mall.
Some of the members of the hApPy Cycling group.
Wherever and whenever we go for events we would normally go for a group pre-ride to see exciting places of attraction and this time we have friends from Penang to show us around.
Special thanks to Larry, Jimmy, Winnie and Aliya for their excellent hospitality.
Meeting new friends in the cycling circle is indeed a wonderful thing.
Briefing by the Yellow Man, Larry.
So, the fun gets started....
Joon from Kuching Sarawak was with the ride too.
Our first stop was at Kimberley Street for the famous Teochew Cendol.
We rode towards Sg. Pinang and it was a bit tricky as the traffic at that hour was pretty heavy, nevertheless with our extra attention and caution we were safe.
"Auto World of Penang"
A group shot at the autocity!!
Time to invade Kapal Singh Drive.
Hooray!!! so this is Kapal Singh Drive. We salute to you Mr. Kapal Singh.
It is a nice seaside promenade and the people in Penang has named it with a street name in honour of the Tiger of Jelutong. You shall be remembered Mr. Kapal Singh.

And it's back to the city.
Another street mural for the cyclists to pose and shoot.
So we are back to the city centre and it is dinner time
That's all folks, have a good sleep and get ready for CFAL 6. Ribuan terima kasih to Larry & Co.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CFAL 6 Here I Come Again - 82km Round-Island Ride 2014

This is another CFAL (Campaign for a lane) and it is the sixth time G Club Cyclists Penang is organising it. As usual among our friends mostly on folding bicycles would gather together and have fun on this awaited day. In fact we had a pre ride a day before CFAL 6. Thanks to our brothers and sisters from Penang for taking care of us you are such a great host.
Below is the chronological order of my ride for the day
6.30am - Arrived at Esplanade. This is my third time taking part in CFAL I cycled from my mother's house in Air Itam. 
7.10am We were still waiting at the back position and have yet to pass the starting line. A total of 4,200 registered cyclists for this mega event excluding many ghost riders probably another 2,000 and that was a lot of riders going round the island on one day.
7.16am - At Weld Quay with Larry & Winnie.
7.20am - Yong Lim appeared from behind with Norman.
7.30am - A photographer on a motorcycle from Attaque Bike at Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway
8.02am - Jalan Batu Maung with FS Yee.
Also meeting a rider friend from Gusto Bike Malaysia, Kai Nie with Julian the little rider from Ampang.
8.30am - Ascending Jalan Teluk Kumbar the first major climb of an elevated road.
The climbing was tough but it gets moving on well.
9.18am - At a coffee shop at Jalan Sg Rusa for a bottle of 100 Plus.
A popular rest place for food & drinks too.
9.24am - The ride continued and this time it was ascending Jalan Teluk Bahang, the second major climb.
This climb has many bends and the scenery is awesome.
9.35am - Titi Kerawang
10.06am - Descending towards Teluk Bahang Dam with Harry & Eddie (the Dahon riders)
10.42am - John Ong overtaking me at his leisure ride at Fettes' traffic light nearing Gurney Drive.
11.00am I did it at the the finishing line....yaahooooo...
Thanks to Yong Lim for this memorable picture.
Friends from Attaque Bike were at the finishing point. Thanks to Well for a refreshing and cool ice cream.
12.10pm - Adjourned to New World Park for a lunch with Gusto Bike Malaysia.
My first CFAL was CFAL4 in 2012 with a finishing time of 4hrs 57mins.

Second attempt at CFAL5 I fared slightly better with a time of 4hrs 21mins.

A report card of my last 3 years' performance which I am very happy with it. Hopefully next year I can maintain it (if there is another CFAL).
This year's medal is of a shape of a bicycle bell.
The CFAL 6 route is same like the past years. Bravo! See you again CFAL7!

Sabah Kampung Beef Noodle is in Town - 家乡牛什 Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap Kota Damansara

From Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to Kota Damansara here comes the beef noodle under the popular flagship of Kah Hiong. Another branch in Klang Valley. I have first tried this beef soup in KK back in 2011. Today we can eat it at Petaling Jaya or at Puteri Puchong.
The "Nga Chup" soup which is a mixed beef soup with a combination of beef meat and its spare parts. The soup is truly awesome coupled with a strong flavour soothing to the taste buds.
You can eat it with this yellow noodle or Beehoon and this is the dry version "Kon Loh".
Some like it with soup like this one which is a Beehoon noodle.

Kah Hiong's new dish - Beef Pau two for RM5.00.
Delicious steamed beef dumpling
The chilli is super duper power hot and interesting, I love it when it's really hot ooh lala!

家乡牛什 Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap
2-1 , Jalan PJU5/7.
DataraN Sunway, 
Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya

GPS :3.152776, 101.594338