Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vive Green Market @ KLPAC Sentul

Good Morning Kuala Lumpur, it's a beautiful Sunday morning.
Vive Green Market is co-founded by several independent and essential snack foods’ brand in Malaysia, led by Vie Verte and hopefully it will encourage more Malaysians to jump on the bandwagon. Let's go green.
It was after a car free morning I decided to invite some friends to visit KLPAC for a green indulgence. And 4 lovely ladies came along.
Let's us enjoy Kuala Lumpur with fun and healthy living, go cycling whenever you can especially on a car free morning. So no more excuses of road safety on an event of such.
The car free morning ended at 9.00am and we were off to Sentul via Raja Laut Road and Ipoh Road.
There are about 60 different stalls comprising of local agriculture’s products, local independent food and beverages products, local independent handcraft, NGO and etc etc making the event an interesting one.
I was hungry and wasted no time looking for food. Of course the foods were green and healthy I had this brown rice with sambal. Yummy leh....
smile, donate and pass it around ...... 
it is surely contagious.....
 There were many stalls that go with "grow local", "buy local" and "eat local". It is surely a better future. 
These youngsters getting prepared for their live performance on the park.
I could see the kids enjoying themselves with so many activities for them to take part.
We had a good fun time too at the market and hopefully more of such activities to come by in the near future.
After the food and shopping everyone of us had to buy a bag each before we leave the park.
I was glad that these ladies enjoyed their marketing, be happy and continue cycling.
A clip of these ladies cycling to a green market.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Yong Peng Fish Ball, Melaka Raya

There was one day I went up to Melaka recently for an appointment with a client from JB where I took the chance to meet up a cyclist friend for a makan together before the appointment. Kong took me to this popular Fish Balls shop at Melaka Raya.
Apart from the usual noodles you can add on more ingredients to your noodle. I had a few pieces of Yong Tau Foo.
Looks like our Ringgit is shrinking so is the fish balls, one of us was taking dry mee while the other was savouring its curry noodle. Besides these there are also noodles like red wine mee sua and Fu Chew noodle. 
I quite enjoy the curry taste with fish balls beside the usual cockles, bean sprouts and taupok. The curry is rich and delicious.
Kong's dry mee with minced meat together with his selected fish balls.
Yong Peng Fish Ball
Melaka Raya
GPS : 2.186625, 102.257821

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Anggun City Fun Ride 2016

Anggun City is located at Bandar Anggun, Rawang a development by Hong Bee Land Development. This was my first time visiting this township and I guess this is part of the huge land bank owned by Hong Bee Land which was initially started with a joint effort with Hong Leong Group.
Thanks to Kiki Yong, Cikgu SC Chin & Cikgu Liliana Lee for organising this lovely event.
It was successfully handled despite a big turnout with an estimated of 250 cyclists.
It was not actually a leisure fun ride as it started off with a climb followed by a few more covering a distance of approximately 46km into areas like Bandar Country Homes, Kundang and Tasik Puteri. I would consider it as a good workout rather than a fun ride. Anyway I enjoyed it very much.
As usual SC Chin and Liliana Lee would meticulously plan the event with a group of volunteers whom were roped in to take care of the safety including with the assistance from the Police and St John Ambulance.
The weather was perfect except of a burning which was noted obviously during the ride.
Batu Arang was a coal mining town and also popular for its brick manufacturing, unfortunately all these are history now.
I took a detour and visited the morning market and it was such a busy market. I noted that there were also tourists at the market.
Some of the cyclists were seen having their breakfast in the village area.
I took this opportunity to meet some cycling friends whom I have not seen them for a while. It is undeniable that our cycling community is growing bigger and these days there are more events to choose to suit one's timing.
The first 100 participants were given free tee shirt coupled with free lunch and not forgetting a medal too. It's was simply awesome and a sure way to promote both cycling and Anggun City.
Bihun goreng with fried chicken was good and delicious.
The man on the motor bike was Cikgu SC Chin who is known for his good planning skill for event of such nature especially in the neighbour of Rawang. Well done Cik Gu!
I enjoyed visiting this heritage town of Batu Arang, it was a pity I could not find my way into the old brick factory. Batu Arang is such a vibrant town and colourful on a Sunday morning.
A picture with the cycling buddies.
There were so other activities held on that day suach as a blood donation drive.

A clip of the fun ride for easy viewing.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hong Kee Bamboo Noodle 鴻記(廣式)竹昇雲吞面

During our recent visit to Penang for a cycling event where most of us were staying at Ryokan Muntri and I overheard a friend saying how delicious a Wan Tan Mee was discovered at Campbell Street. So on the following day after CFAL 8 me and Jo took a walk to locate for it and it's known as Hong Mee Wan Thun Mee at the shop front.
The handmade bamboo is super springy and surely a big thumb up for this discovery. You must try!
The wantan is fresh and delicious with thin soothing skin and meaty taste.
A plate of poached veggie added on on our table.
You see a glazed compartment showing how they made the bamboo noodle.
Don't miss this shop the next time if you are in Penang. MUST try!!!

A clip of the noodle making.

Hong Kee Bamboo Noodle (Wan Thun Mee)
37, Campbell Street
Tel: 012-2319875, 016-5209875
GPS : 5.417248, 100.335194

Sunday, September 04, 2016

CFAL8 - Cycle Round Penang Island for the Fifth Time

7.30am - we were flagged off by Ahbee. I thought I would not be able to take part in the event as my right foot was hurting the night before and has actually given up. Thanks to Kuan Sum for rescuing me with 2 small magical black pills, Ahbee called them the bowling balls. Initially I was skeptical about it but it really works the following morning, The pain has disappeared and I can cycle. I then told Jo to go for the ride. 
7:55am - Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway. We did not start from the official starting point at Youth Park instead we started from our hostel at Muntri Street. We joined the crowd at Penang Road.
8:10am - We were at Hammer Bay roundabout.
The weather was excellent and as usual there were lots of cyclists in this prestigious event clad with red jersey.
8:50am - Meetup with the group from Kuching at Teluk Kumbar Petron petrol station (GPS : 5.283029, 100.257437) after having cycled 22km.
9:10am - Still along at Jalan Teluk Kumbar getting prepared mentally for the first ascend.
9:30am - Jo experiencing the first climb with two stops. The first climb is less than 3km on an elevated highway Route 6.
9:56am - Kg. Genting with a lovely kampong setting, fresh air and birds chirping.
10:00am - Drink station at Sekolah Menengah Tan Sri Awang Had Salleh, Pulau Betong (GPS : 5.307538, 100.202804) after a distance of 37km.
Outside the school Jo had an iced pack from the St John Ambulance to ease her leg muscle.
10:38am - 42km we were at the neighbourhood of  Sg. Rusa. 50% of the ride completed.
10:50am - we stopped at a small town for noodle, most of the food were sold out we had to take instant noodle Wan Tan Mee. We met Johnny here.
A photo with friends from Kuala Lumpur.

11:09am - After the meal we continued the ride with an immediate climb and the most difficult one. Met more friends from KL as we moved on. 
11:19am - Jo did pretty well climbing this 5km stretch though with a few brief stops.
11:30am - Slow and steady we seemed to be able to conquer it.
Thanks to MH Chye for this photo during this climb.
11:36am - I quite like this climb with big shading trees, lively atmosphere with fruit stalls and a good place to rest too. 
We stopped at this corner to have a good panoramic from the top.
12:00 noon - we were at Teluk Bahang Dam having covered a distance of 57km.
1:17pm - High 5 - Campaign for a lane at Jalan Tanjung Bungah @ 72km distance.
1:44pm - We got ourselves a bit wet and stopped twice because of the rain.
1:52pm - at 79km we were at the vicinity of Youth park and heading for our medals & tee shirts.
Finally arriving at the finishing line.
1:56pm - One for the record and a great achievement indeed. I am glad to be her sweeper.
As we rode out off Youth Park a sweeper truck was seen still busy ferrying cyclists back to the finishing line. But our finishing line wasn't here, we have to continue and complete it at Muntri Street which we eventually did it.
The design for 2016.
We took more than 6 hours to complete the route, I am sure Jo will remember this day and I am proud that she was managed to do it.
A clip of our ride on a beautiful Sunday.