Thursday, November 27, 2014

Restoran Sin Kee at Seri Gombak 新记海鲜饭店

It was a Wednesday evening where a group of regular foldies went for a hill climb at Seri Gombak just to steal a glimpse of Kuala Lumpur night scene. 
Fortunately we pained ourselves first by cycling at this hilly residential area of Gombak or else we could not have gone up the hill after a heavy meal. Yes, we had a heavy meal at Restoran Sin Kee and our dinner was super satisfyingly and thanks to Ric Kee for the food recommendation.
The highlight of the evening was this special steamboat simply with its fresh mackerel fish, fish paste "yee wat"and lots of green veg.
A closer look at the the main ingredients for the steamboat, it is probably my first time eating fresh mackerel fish for a steamboat. The soup was super delicious I just couldn't stop refilling it the whole night through. The fish paste was fresh and chewy everyone of us seem to love it so much that we order a second round of this wonderful cuisine. A must not miss kind of choice at Restoran Sin Kee.

The char siu was kinda a starter, it was gone very fast not because it's tasty but we were hungry....
The in-house made noodle is simple but yummy especially with its minced meat sambal ... another must try noodle. It was so delicious that we could not resist to control ourselves from ordering for more .... after all we have burnt lot of calories from our scaling of Seri Gombak hills .... hahaha...
It looks like a chin cai steamed fish by Laomazis and as delicious as Laomazis ... meaty and good!
Happy Cyclists were all geared to wallop the food immediately after the cameras stop clicking. What an enjoyable evening where we started our ride from Lake Titiwangsa to Batu Caves and up the hills of Seri Gombak. Cheers! we shall endorse more interesting eating places via our food hunt by bicycles in Kuala Lumpur.
Restoran Sin Kee
Lot 8, Jalan SG 1/10,
Pusat Penjaja,
Taman Industri Bolton
68100 Batu Caves
Tel: (03) 6189 7972 / 8972
GPS : 3.239076, 101.697159

Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Awesome Ride From Rawang (TESCO) to Serendah Waterfall

I have not fully recovered from my lower back pain and I could deny myself from not going to this event. Initially I thought I would just start from Serendah town and follow the group to the waterfall but I will miss the stretch at Rawang-Serendah highway which I do not want to ..... hence I decided to start from Tesco Rawang just like the rest of the people. This group of friends are really fun and easy going and here we were at the highest point of the entire ride taking another beautiful group picture.
The usual Cikgu Chin's starting point at this Mamak restaurant opposite Tesco where we could fill up our stomach before we ride.
There were 46 of us in this ride what a tremendous response from the cycling community and many could have missed it but not to worry Cikgu will be back again for it. So watch out for the next spectacular time my dear leisure riders!
We started moving across the busy Jalan Rawang (the old trunk road to north) into the Chinese village and Industrial area of Rawang which is approximately on the Eastern side of  the town.
Somewhere near an Indian Temple @ Lorong 7 we turned towards the right closing to Rawang Perdana where the climb starts.
Slowly but surely we ascended the elevation of Jalan RP (Rawang Perdana) and turned right into Jalan RP5 comprising of mild climbs and some drastic ones.
It was at the mid-span of Jalan RP5 we turned right into a construction access road where many of us had to dismount our bikes and push to reach the peak.
Even the young and strong ones has to push ... hehehe we got you bro!!!
A highway project by the Public Works Department with a highway linking Serendah to Templer's Park for LATAR highway which leads to the coastal regions of Selangor like for instance Kuala Selangor. This highway will bypass Rawang town and will help to ease traffic congestion in Rawang town.
So before all the fast moving vehicles take over the highway in the near future we were there taking possession of the site.
We had a good and enjoyable downhill roll of about 4 kilometres before we reached the trunk road (Route E1). We had a couple of stops and many photos were shot with lots of fun and sightseeing.
A contraflow ride towards Serendah of less than 2 km that was unavoidable. Carefully, in single file we made it safe and sound to the town.
That is it ... the town of Serendah facing Route E1. At right of these prewar houses you will see a livelier side of this cowboy town.
A stop over at the town to pack some food for our picnic at the waterfall. There were variety of foods for us to choose. Some tapao Chee Cheong Fun, noodles, roast chicken, kueh mueh, cakes, iced tea, kopi "o" and etc etc....
A quick glance at the old Serendah before we moved on.
An educational visit to the Seven Wells of Serendah which is located at the fringe of the town and definitely it's a worthy visit.
We were fortunate to have 3 teachers with us who have given us valuable knowledge of the history of Serendah. Terima Kasih Cikgu Cikgu .. we love it because there is no examination after that... great and we want more.
It was time for the waterfall, over here we were passing by the first fall where we headed straight to the second one which is about another 600 metres away.
Without wasting much time the water fun started immediately and we enjoyed finishing all the food we brought for the picnic. Then finally came the whistle from Cikgu Chin calling everyone out off the water for the next itinerary.
The attempt to visit Sekeping Serendah did not materialised as it was closed due to a full house occupancy.
Another must stop place for a refreshing Leng Chee Kang before we leave the town. Some even indulged in some Thai Tomyam Seafood Beehoon prepared by the Siamese sisters of Serendah. Their tilapia fish and fried chicken are also very popular.
Look out for this structure when you are Serendah, ask for the Siamese sisters & their Leng Chee Kang, you will never fail to find the place.
All feeling afresh and rejuvenated after a good rest at the Sisters' Place we were ready to roll back to Rawang.
But before that a strenuous journey started from here, it was pay back time as we have earlier enjoyed ourselves the 4km downhill roll and now we have to go up and by hook or by crook we have to go back using this same route in the name for a safer journey instead of using the busy E1 trunk road.
The painful push and ascending a distance of 4 km up to the peak before a relief ride back to the base. Photo credit from Anne Cheong.
Some of us did not cross this pedestrian bridge for another food adventure at Kampung Dato Lee Kim Sai for Tilapia Wan Ton Mee.
We covered a distance of 35km which was not far but it was painful due to the severe climb at the Rawang-Serendah Highway but we have enjoyed it and it going to be a memorable one for most of us. I am glad that Jo managed to complete this ride and I hope she will continue to enjoy such rides. 
Thanks to the organisers and everyone who have help to made this event possible. Cheers!!!
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Private Kitchen @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

Private Kitchen has shifted from Damansara Uptown since the last Chinese New Year to SS2/10. It is not easy to survive in a business for instance Restoran Shanky used to be operating at this shop lot but have already ceased its business whereas Private Kitchen has shifted to this place due to the ever rising rental cost at the previous premises. This new location houses a couple of good eatery shops which is on the same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar at one end to Okay Kopitiam on the other end.
Salt & pepper fried Tofu cubes with crispy fried skin and Tofu soft in the internal. The cubes are small in size hardly seen such cubes in any other places but these are cute and ideal for an easy bite.
XO sauced pork neck meat with celery, mushroom, onion and red pepper, pork neck is my favourite part of the meat and Private Kitchen did it well with its XO sauce, yes it's yummy leh.
I was expecting the gravy to be salty but to my surprise it was not and the chicken meat was tender and juicy. It came with a saucer of ginger & chopped spring onions sauce which went very well with my plain rice.
Braised eggplant cooked with minced meat and salted fish, served in a clay pot was gorgeous too.
Hong Kong Nai Bak (baby Pok Choy) with dry shrimps and vermicelli soup. I like the crunchiness and succulency from these stunted white and green veggie. 
The soup would be better if it were to be served a bit warmer, it's always nice to sip hot and steaming soup.
The space at the ground floor is rather limited just like in Hong Kong, I guessed it's meant for quick meals but it is good for old folks who can avoid climbing the staircase to a bigger and conducive dining area at the first floor.
Overall the pricing is found to be reasonable and affordable for a meal that can be different from our normal Tai Chow.
Quick meals are also available like steamed rices popularly served for lunches. I want to try their Ding Ding grilled fish steamboat and it is already in my list. Generally the food is delicious and it's worth coming back again. Till then I will see you again Private Kitchen.
Restoran Private Kitchen
20 Jalan SS 2/10
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+603) 7874 8399
GPS :3.116104, 101.617243

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Invitation for a Food Review at Bari-Uma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Centre

I was excited to be invited by Xavier Mah for a food tasting at Bari-Uma Ramen, the first of its kind in Malaysia originated from Hiroshima.  It is located at the new Jaya Shopping Centre, Section 14, Petaling Jaya. Apparently there are 40 over outlets in Japan and a few in Singapore. Welcome to Malaysia.
Ramen is the main story in this restaurant and the ramen is made in the restaurant itself and the noodle machine can be seen at the shop. Besides the specially in-house made ramen, the broth is actually the most important and unique factor in Bari-Uma. The tasty broth is a concentrated and creamy boiled out from pork bone for over 10 hours, it's obviously time consuming and a tedious process. We were told that the broth in Petaling Jaya had to be diluted so as to suit our local taste.
We started with Yakitori Combo served in Tare Sauce - Five different sticks of different combination comprising of chicken breast, chicken thigh and pork belly with leek. These skewered meats were well grilled and very enticing. I enjoyed the pork belly the most it was tender and juicy....mama mia.
Negi-Mayo Gyoza - Dumplings that were not dry and oily on the skin but rather soft and easy to bite and in the inside with generous filling which was juicy and delicious. The chilli sauce and mayonnaise on top made it appealling to indulge.
Ishiyaki Chaofan Chashu - in hot stone bowl that was rich with its generous ingredients of meat and egg pieces and the smell of it was so attempting . I bet my sons would love this dish.
Kara-Uma - spicy pork flavoured shoyu broth ramen with thick cut smoky grilled pork and three slices bamboo shoot. This imported delicious pork is grilled to perfection and cut to a size perfectly to suit your bite. If you want more of this chashu you can have a side order for more slices of this porky wonder.
I just cannot imagine the broth in Japan which I find it already so concentrated and creamy for any noodle soup never the less it's really unique and by the way this is the signature dish of  Bari-Uma Ramen. I chose Ajita-Uma as it comes with an egg that is hard on the egg white but half cooked in the york. One has to be really skillful to make such egg for this dish. There are choices of how you want the ramen texture to be....soft to springy... I like it springy and chewy.
 Ice cream for dessert a choice between green tea or sesame flavour.
A simple decor yet conducive place to dine at Bari-Uma Ramen Petaling Jaya.
 It was another opportunity to meet new friends in this food industry. And once again "terima kasih" to Xavier for the invitation and not forgetting Wong Cui Yin from Xavier Mah Consultancy.  
Bari means "super" and Uma means "tasty" so this is a super tasty ramen joint. Thanks to Aldred for his great hospitality, I will definitely bring my family and friends here for a Bari-Uma experience soon. Cheers!!!!
Bari-Uma Ramen
Jaya Shopping Centre
L3-11, Level 3,
Jalan Semangat,
46100 Petaling Jaya.
Tel :  03-7932 2958
GPS : 3.109236, 101.636982