Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lion & Dragon Dance on the 6th Day of CNY @ Work Place.

It's time to bring the lions and dragons to our HQ on the 6th Day of Chinese New Year.
Everyone had a good reunion gathering back home with their loved ones and were gearing up to start work again.
The staff would gather together with their family to witness this auspicious occasion.
And a simple buffet lunch for everyone.
My immediate colleagues 
A Happy Chinese New Year to my associates, colleagues and all our business comrades. May the Dragon Year be a good year for everyone.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My CNY Day 3 From Sg Petani to Kuala Lumpur

Good morning Sg. Petani and it was the third day of Chinese New Year.
Before all were awake from their sleep, the grandmother and others were already in Yong Lim's house to gather them for another day.
Ho Lin & family.
After failing to visit a Dim Sum shop due to overwhelming crowd we went for alternative place, i.e. Restoran Fu Gui.
Here we were in Sg. Petani @ Restoran Fu Gui for Dim Sum.
Restoran Fu Gui serves good Dim Sum in Sg. Petani.

After our breakfast we visited a newly found archaeological site at Sg. Batu near Sg. Petani.
This archaelogical site was discovered in 2009 and had been verified as the earliest civilisation of South East Asia.
Interestingly Sg Batu was discovered to be an iron smelting hub with several bricks funeral found. The process of of finding is still on going and hopefully more to be discovered.
Looks like Merbok has the richest record of early civilisation in this country, already Bujang Valley was discovered and more to come.
A flow chart of study at Sg. Batu.
No everyone is interested in such findings cos not everyone is Indiana Jones.....
On our way back to KL we detoured to Ipoh to buy salt baked chicken & duck at this shop.
We gave up the idea of eating everywhere was sardine packed.......
Even for a simple Tau Foo Fah, there was a long queue .... really ridiculous.....

Most of us were back to KL and decided to meet at our house instead of going out for dinner. We packed some food for the night. 
The Tay's family....
Khek Yang & Charlene with Mr. Teoh Ah Geok.
Teng, Evelyn & Ah Ngiu
Jo and her favourite white.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My CNY Day 2 - Hatyai 2012

This is probably one of the longest day for me. We left Penang Island at 5.00am and reached Bukit Kayu Hitam @ 7.00am.
We were here to change some Thai Bahts, buy car insurances and some travel documentation for our drive across the border.
7.30am and all documents were intact and ready to cross the border.
The excitement was mounting as we approaches the Immigration Complex at the border unfortunately the traffic was bad and the queue to clear the travelling document took us a while too. It's holiday leh.... and bus loads of tourists just keep on coming ...
It was already 10.00am we were still at the Immigration Complex but minutes later all was done and we were able to proceed with our journey.
We were hungry and Yong Lim took us here which is near Daiichi Hotel, Hatyai.

At last we got to eat and that was our brunch on the second day of Chinese New Year.
Thai Chicken rice with braised trotter, roast pork & Char Siu. And some selection of Thai mini Dim Sum.
A plate of roast pork & Char Siu...nice but nothing spectacular.
Thai fragrant rice with doses of golden fried garlic.
Steamed chicken meat with some gizzard so good that we ordered another plate but this time without any gizzard.
Tempting braised trotters enticing you at the severy counter.
Our share of the braised, nicely de-boned braised trotter and cut into right sizes for us.
We decided not to drive in Hatyai City but to move around with the famous Tuk Tuk.
I was amazed that the Tuk Tuk can accommodate 10 of us and the charge was 200bahts.

These two seems to enjoy very much on the Tuk Tuk ride.

That's it, we arrived at a shopping area.
Hatyai is very vibrant during Chinese New Year and who says it's already quiet here.... maybe it's CNY.
We went to the market (pasar) & many bazaars and did some shopping.
Hatyai got Bak kut Teh leh.....but we did not try. Just wondering whether it can beat Klang's.
Jo was fascinated with the waffle and could not resist trying it.
They love it.
Amazing petty trader on wheels.
This is incredibly delicious pineapple from Chiangrai and incredibly sweet though it's small in size.
After all the walking we were gamed for food and tried a popular fried koay teow, something like Cantonese Fried Noodle.
The place was packed and we have to wait a while to be seated.
The cooking area is right in front of the shop.
Sugar cane juice is available like everywhere in Hatyai, super sweet and refreshing.

The wet version (Malaysian Cantonese fried) but no seafood found in it.
As usual the chilli pickle that goes with the noodle.
Majority prefers the wet version.
I wanted to rest after all the food & walking and needed a massage badly, 4 of us went for a 2 hours Thai massage, the kids went to a nearby internet centre and I had a good series of snoring which I was told at the end of the session. It was a good revitalisation just like a newly charged battery.
Next we drove to the fringe of the city for some sight seeing.
Took some photos to shown proof that they have visited these places.....
The younger ones were exhausted and were still sleeping in the cars while we took a brief sight seeing.
One for the album @ Hatyai Hill.
At the Golden Buddha of Hatyai Hill.

It was time for dinner as we were travelling back to Malaysia and we stopped at Sadao. A town before Danok at this Thai Muslim shop for BBQ and magnificent Thai foods.

A simple set up and highly recommended for authentic Thai food at the Southern part of Thailand.
Salad (Ulam) with sambal belacan and the sambal was awesome.
My no.1 pick of the night I ate so much that I had to limped for the next couple of days.....suspected gout attack....
BBQ fish in aluminium foil was awesome.
The salad which came with the BBQ fish.
Stir fried mix veggie.
The seafood tomyam was spicy hot but so delicious that you can resist.
Glass noodle with prawns in a hot metal pot.
Fried Tilapia fish with soy sauce & cut chilli.
And the food was really good and the price was very reasonable.
And lastly a plate of Thai fried rice for everyone to sample before we leave this place at Sadao. I will come back here if I have another chance.
Fried bone less chicken.
By the time we finished our dinner it was about 10.00pm, we still have to clear the immigration and drive back to my brother's house in Sg. Petani. We reached SP 11 plus and time to rest ourselves for tomorrow.