Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Golfing at Medan 2012 - Day 1

This is my first time going to Medan and used to hear people visiting Lake Toba but we are not going to any lakes but purely playing 3 solid rounds of golf.
We checked into Danau Toba International Hotel the minute we landed in Medan.
It's seems that whenevcer you go to Medan you must try the Nasi Padang, Ibrahim, our tansport provider for the 3 days recommended us to Restoran Gaurada.
I like the friendly staff here and the restaurant is clean and cosy.

Gurame Goreng Special
Ayam Pop Garuda - My Favourite pick especially eaten with sambal.
Ayam Goreng Bumbu
Poached Taipocal leaves with super duper sambal.
Juice Martabe - Passion fruit & terong Belanda (Dutch eggplant)
Ayam Gulai - another delicious chicken choice.
Our first meal in Medan at Restoran Garuda was awesome, so many dishes I almost wanted every single dish of them.....drooling and truly in a "Tham Chiak" mode.
Initially we were supposed to play at Bukit Barisan GC but due to the uncertainty of the weather we changed plan to play at the second course i.e. Graha Metropolitan GC which was nearer to where we were and the weather was improving.
Though the ground was still wet but the condition was getting better.... somehow or rather we must play.
Cat....why there are so many cats in the golf courses in Medan, in Hatyai it was dogs. Just trying to figure why?
Lovely golf course.
Friendly caddies with good local knowledge especially when we needed them to read the line of putt. Mostly importantly the sky was getting brighter.
I enjoyed walking the 18 holes and the weather was perfect after a morning rain.
The drink hut of Graha Metropolitan GC and there was one special food I like most.
Fried Tofu stuffed with mixed veggies, just out from the wok it was warm and magnificent.
After the break it was time for the second half of the game. There were couple of bets tied up in our games in Medan and they were all for meals...so I shall relax, shot and swing in the golf courses. 
Out of the 3 courses we played in Medan I rate this one No.2

We shall return to Graha Metropolitan!!!

Ruko Graha Metropolitan 88-90, JL Kapten Soemarsono, 1-A, Medan, Indonesia
Telefon: (0)6 1848 4023

We were glad to be able to finish the golf game with a result generated, which will determine several issues like who will be paying for the dinner?
 Restoran Asia Seafood, everyone can eat and the place is halal. 
Located at Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Medan. 
GPS : 3.592868,98.668363
At the boat we picked our choice of seafood and others.
I want these prawns will be on our table.
One of them is eating free tonight and the other is paying, guess who?
The prawns you saw earlier steamed with egg white, the only concern is cholesterol when looking at the richness of the prawns' heads.
This fried petai and it was our first time eating fried petai, it tasted good despite it's oily.
Egg omellette with local oysters.
Stir fried Kangkong with chopped garlic.
A fresh grouper fish steamed in Teowchew version.
BBQ brinjal with sambal belacan.
Chicken cubes fried with sliced ginger for our continuous indulgence of food & drinks.
Oue bottle of Singleton whiskie was not enough for the night, fortunately there were others to supplement us. 
Good night see you at Bukit Barisan tomorrow for Battle No.2.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kiara Rider 23 - via Hills, Villages & Modern Dwellings

We did not expect the response to be so good, a total of 23 cyclists turned up for this event organised by fresh enthusiasts.
The meeting point was at Royal Selangor Club Bukit Kiara and there were two cyclists who went to Dataran Merdeka and did not make it to this ride. Our apology if there is a confusion of the meeting venue.
All of them came to the club in time and before we start the ride there was a briefing given by Jotaro.
We started the ride by going through the private road of KLGCC, it was quiet with minimal cars on the road.
A distance of 2.8km covered to reach Kiara Hills, there were too many cars scrambling for parking and causing a slow down as we ascend the hills.
This was the first pit stop we had at the first guard house of Kiara Hills. The place was crowded with morning joggers and also cyclists and definitely a popular spot for exercise.  
The first 1.0km climb to a junction was tough and over here we were at a dead end of another stretch of track and going back to the junction is another climb ....oosh.. Prior to that we have already completed an interesting loop of up hills and down hills. Overall the ride at Kiara Hills was one of the most challenging rides of the day. We will be back!!!
We rolled down the hill breeze-fully and assisted a lady with a deflated tyre, she was so fortunate to have so many of us to help her.
It was time for a breakfast at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, the kopitiam at Yong Len Coffee shop could cannot cater everyone of us, we have split and eat at other shops nearby and half an hour was allocated.
The weather was fine, we can even eat at the road pavement and also keeping an eye of the bicycles.
From Tun Dr Ismail we headed to Kg. Sg. Penchala.
This kampong is so serene and cool with big trees and road nicely canopied for us. We love this kampong some said it's like in Bali.
After passing through the green paradise of Sg. Penchala we reached to the tip of  Damansara Country Heights where an elevated highway is right in front of us.
A short cross of dirt road where construction work was in progress and we were actually trespassing. Luckily no one said anything.
By taking the short cut under neath the highway of NKVE we ended ourselves at Desa Park City.
We met two cyclist friends (Lai Peng & Kai Nie) at Waterfront and joined us for a photograph session.
This young Korean boy wanted to join us for the ride unfortunately he could only make it for a  
30 metres spin and had to follow his parent back.
Our last sting at Desa Park City was to cycle up to the water storage tank at the highest point. It was painful and any further climb I could just drop dead, the climb was awesome and I was glad that we make it to the top.
Top of the world, the feeling was great and just look at the all the happy faces.
That was a Limbo Rock contest at the last point of Desa Park City.
We passed by places like Taman Sri Sinar and Kg Segambut Dalam before we made ourselves here at Mont Kiara.
Minutes later we found ourselves at Desa Hartamas at a shop for some beefy meal. This was truly a "makan" ride.
I have surely made the lady boss of Restoran Gyuniku very happy, a day when twenty over cyclists invaded her shop and she was pleased to make extra tables at the five foot way for us.
My favourite beef soup Kuay Teow.
The stock is so tasty which I would dry it up.
Popiah was a good starter.

A few of us took porridge instead of noodle and some added extras of beef tendon.
Andrew opted for a clay pot of herb beef soup and rice.
Satisfying faces indulging in a delicious meal of beef delicacy.
And one of the desserts, cendol, before we finished off from here.
At last we have safely completed the ride and hope that all the cyclists have enjoyed the event.
After a hard day ride, we had Guinness Draft.
Cheers, we hope we can come up with another event for you in the near future and see you people again.