Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beef Noodle 牛肉面 - 5th Miles Ipoh Road @ Argyle Restaurant

The moment I walked into the coffee shop I saw this pot steaming furiously and I fell for it...
The closer I get to the pot the more anxious I became to savour the stock.
Here came my mixed beef koay teow soup.
Simply delicious for RM8.00 a bowl with very generous ingredients and I enjoyed the soup very much..... finished it till dry dry....
Restaurant Argyle
Jalan Batu Ambar
Off 5th Miles Ipoh Road
Taman Kok Lian
GPS : 3.202381,101.674456

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Survey for Bicycle Route Map - North Titiwangsa / Sentul

This is another interesting survey work carried out by a few volunteers to mark missing links onto a working map and identifying roads that are friendly for bicycles.
Jeff always come well prepared and briefed us as what we will be be expecting to look for.
Our meeting place was at a scenic park called Lake Titiwangsa.
Let's go and check it out.
At fringe of Titiwangsa we went into some old abandoned quarters with thick vegetation, it was kind of a wasted land but interesting to visit. 

A place is good potential for new re-development and very prime part of Kuala Lumpur City.
A road leading to Bernama building and its beyond is another interesting place, totally undeveloped in a fast growing city.
A short cut that you can not cycle on it and that can link you to Jalan Semarak from Bernama HQ.
All kind of flavours for cycling in a survey work of such.....
Underpass at Pekeliling round about - obviously not friendly to bicycles but usable.
A visit to a Siam temple near the roundabout.
The empty pigeon holes that supposed to be torn down, two down these still standing...
Good find on this bridge, it shall be shown on the map.
Good exercise pedaling and lifting weights.
The cowboys and cowgirls from Kuala Lumpur.
The fun of discovering routes that is nice and interesting to cycle.
Seksan enjoying the morning ride.
The Black Hill of Sentul.
I am obviously enjoying it.....trying to climb as high as possible.
An old bridge still going strong.
One of the several bridges we crossed for the day but this one requires to climb up and down.
We visited this bicycle shop at Jalan Pahang opened since 1963.

A hide out for lunch and all these volunteers love the place.
Bye....see you again for another survey.
This is the draft and is getting better and better as time goes by.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

absolute thai @ Sunway Giza Kota Damansara

"Let's have Thai foods" said my colleagues and here we were at absolute thai @ Sunway Giza Kota Damansara
What shall we order from the menu...
Papaya salad Som Tam is my favourite Thai food...always a good and appetising dish to start the meal.
Green Chicken Curry with thick milky gravy was delicious and I just could not resist taking more rice with it...
Seafood Tomyam was another great dish and it was explosive with nice aroma and spiciness....olala... My colleagues just could not stand the spiciness but yet they love it.
Thai steamed siakap was another great dish with distinguish taste of lime & chilli and one has to be careful of the chilli padi when eating.
I like this dessert very much, Tub Tim Krob with awesome taste of iced coconut milk with water chestnut and thin stripes of jack fruits.

absolute thai
Sunway Giza
2, Jalan PJU 5/14
Kota Damansara 
tel : 03-6148-2708

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Repeat of Durian Loop Ride but No eating Durian

This man by the name of Norman subtly convinced me into it, initially I told him that I will only do half the loop as I will be cycling to SS2 from home like some of my Sundays. But I ended completing the whole loop.
 These two loops are identical except the blue one did not include Lovers' Hill of University Malaya and some other longer routes we took in Kepong area in our first ride.

I left home at 7.00am and met these two buddies at Keramat LRT Station at 7.15am
7:40am - It was nice to see new faces in rides that I am leading. As normal a good breakfast is a must and we had it at Jalan Maran.
8:20am - All ready, energetic and just couldn't wait to roll at the junction of Pekeliling & Ipoh Road.
8:40am - At the end of Ipoh Road and standing by for Kepong.
9:20am - at a congestion in Kepong Baru Market.
9:30am - I said "Hello & Good Morning" to this elderly cyclist at a bridge flying over to Bandar Menjalara.
9:31am - We took about a 25 minutes stop at this stall for a rest & refreshment just immediately after the bridge.
9:55am - Over to Bandar Menjalara.
10:20am - at the border between Desa Park City and Kg. Sg. Penchala.
One for the ablum at Desa Park City.
10:26am - We were in another setting of another world at Kg. Sg. Penchala.
10:40am - One of the bicycles encountered a puncture, there were no spare tube for that wheel and the patching work did not work. Nothing more that we can do to help.
10:49am - The rider has to hitched a ride to the nearest repair shop in the kampong.
11:06am - A substantial time was idled waiting for the fate of the bicycle and it was decided that the group to proceed as the bicycle cannot be repaired immediately. So we continued with one rider less.
11:15am - we met another group of friends mostly foldies at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
11:30am - the reinforcement of two group comprising of 30 cyclists taking a group photo at a pedestrian bridge linking Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Damansara Kim.
The bridge that is ideal for cyclists to cross at this busy road of Jalan Damansara.
11:45am - we had a good fun invading the car park of Tropicana City.
12:30pm - we left SS2 Petaling Jaya a good lunch.
12:50pm - at the neighbourhood of Section 16 Petaling Jaya
1:18pm we were scaling Lovers' Hill of Univerisity Malaya.
And all graduated with flying colours!!!
1:55pm - we were in Bollywood world Brickfields.
2:07pm - we reached the city centre.
2:09pm - Yeahhhh .....free for all.... the entire road is closed...let's spin.
2:20pm - Be careful when crossing busy street like Sultan Ismail.
Finally the ride ended at 2:35pm. All safe and well. Congratulation everyone and I hope to see you again!!!
By the time I reached home from Titiwangsa it was 3:20pm and a total distant covered for the day 80.07km with calves aching.....I love it.