Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Survey for Bicycle Route Map for Kuala Lumpur - Cheras 13 July '13

An event was created for a survey to assist in drafting out a bicycle route map for Kuala Lumpur and the man behind all this is Jeffery Lim. 
6.15am I rode from my house to Cheras which was about less than 10km away. Everything was still in the dark.
10minutes before 7.00am I was at this coffee shop to meet two friends for breakfast.
They were Anne & Jer Ping

Eight something we started the survey with Jeff briefing us as what we will be doing.
We went through underpass at Cheras LRT station,
We cycled up bridges across highways and bye ways.
We also cycled along shady road reserves used for river maintenance.
We even rode on dirt tracks and through construction sites.
We hit dead ends and get to know the place better.
Most importantly we enjoyed what we were doing.
River can be diverted and re-aligned to suit the current development.
What we have surveyed were immediately marked and will be properly documented.
We checked for new linkages and identify from where and to where.
We visited places of our interest during the course of our work.
At times we have to carry our bicycles up high bridges to cross busy roads.
Pudu Ulu Park is one of the interesting places found in Cheras. 
Scaling on the pedestrian of a bridge linking Taman Shamelin and Taman Maluri.

Chan & Farred went looking for a short cut for home run.
And the good news was it is linkable and a good short cut.
Farred introduced to us an interesting spot where bicycle can be used to move from point A to B.
Nice graffiti seen on the wall at the river side.
The Klang River with elevated expressway on both sides of Ampang Highway.
We found an exciting escape route even though it is a mere small opening but it saved our day.....
We were in a search for a light that will give hope for good cycling in Cheras.
The total distant clocked was 50km for a day's work & ride.


jeffrey lim said...

super reportage

rivern said...

Pudu Ulu park is nice.

AMG Cares said...

Any map that you can share from all that effort? Thanks.